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Last Activity:
Dec 11, 2012
May 13, 2010
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KingOldBoy was last seen:
Dec 11, 2012
    1. dela_Cruz
      Can you change the EVs please and if you do, you got yourself a deal!
    2. izzy28
      max speed calm i didnt know if ur crow was faster n didnt feel like checking
    3. izzy28
      thats what i was thinking i thought tbolt was coming i knew u could have heat wave i didnt think u would use it but yea it was ape n good shit for the hp ground i never saw that
    4. izzy28
      gg man i thought i was done after i thought ur nidoking was special in the begining
    5. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      yeah I was fine with the crit, It just hurt to get a miss right after. okay I won't sub (never said that before :P)
    6. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      yeah I felt the same when my metgross got crited then missed >.< Yeah if you subscribe then I will do the same, definite thanks for promoting my channel as I don't have many subscribers
    7. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      gg there was hax on both sides. I will get our last battle up today and this one in a few days
    8. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      sure I am in the room actulally
    9. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      sure I'll battle after you finish your battle, I didn't see the post because I was playing through platinum, so many galactic goons lol
    10. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      not sure, I have the battle recorded, just need to narrate edit and upload.
    11. Wildfire
      thanks for the pokes
    12. Wildfire
    13. Wildfire
      Sure, I use my hg fc.
    14. Umbral
      GG man, I got real lucky with all the confusion.
    15. ankyfdarkness
      Sure. See you on.
    16. Metalex
      I didnt know you were in a rush to do them. The reason is because its midnight here and im not going to stay up late lol. Sorry then.
    17. Metalex
      I should be finished them tomorrow.
    18. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      Yes I haven't gotten to it but i probably will within 1 hour or so
    19. Metalex
      Okay then, How long are you going to be on for? Cause I can pick them up in like 45 minutes im just heading out to buy a new Xbox live membership.
    20. Metalex
      Hmm I guess I can, My labtop battery is crap so I can RNG anything, What do you need? I can give them movesets though...my Action Replay broke so I can't clone shards and do any RNGing till I get an new AR and Labtop battery lol, Stuck using my phone.
    21. ooh_shiny
      Ah that was so close
    22. Metalex
      Did you have credits? I don't really remember since I went inactive before you left. All I know is that I EV trained for you and you didn't charge me credits for those BPs.
    23. Umbral
    24. KingOldBoy
      Ok. So flygon would have outsped my scarfed togekiss. I was surprised crobat took less than half from cloyster, who is adamant and max attack i believe.
    25. raystorm
      The Flygon was scarfed. I did have one with a firemove but I replaced it for the one I used in this battle. For the Crobat iirc I gave it max attack and split the rest of the ev's in hp and speed.
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    Working way through Pokemon XD SRing Pokes.
    Newest: Modest Charm Numel Target: Charm Vulpix
    Come See My Breeds! FC: 1419 9807 7096
    56 BPs done to date.
    Newest Catch: Timid HP Fighting 70 Zapdos
    Newest Breed: Calm Mirror Coat and Light Screen Feebas


    DP Friend Code:
    3309 7663 9477
    HGSS Friend Code:
    1419 9807 7096
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