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Jan 5, 2017
Mar 18, 2011
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    1. Xerneas
      How did the tournament go?
      No I dont need that anymore, but thanks anyway :)
    2. Xerneas
      can you do me a favor? I wont ask you for another again ;)
      Can I give you my Cobalion from w1, so that you transfer it to my w2?
    3. Xerneas
      That sounds cool, but I currently dont have time for that, I have so much shit going on at the moment.
    4. Xerneas
      Ill participate as well. did you do the last tournament? i was disqualified for no reason, so i didnt get the custap berry -.-
    5. Xerneas
      no, they are on fifth... im in but i cant see u
    6. Xerneas
      yes, i can give it to you on fifth, i though fourth gen wouldnt be a problem for you. ill be there in two mintes
    7. Xerneas
      the cynda is on fourth gen
    8. KTVX
      Ok I'll go with my SS, then you give me the cynda on gen V
    9. Xerneas
      i dont think i did. ill be there in five minutes
    10. Xerneas
      Yes i can
    11. Xerneas
      i cant transfer it to fifth gen... :(
    12. Xerneas
      its on fourth gen -.-
    13. Xerneas
      ill hit the club now
    14. CrownEntei
      Listen to ys cry, it TOTALLY sounds like the cry from a bird and so not from a dragon, meaning hes a flying type. then also look at his back, it has fur like a bird and its dark all over the place, so i think its also a dark type
    15. CrownEntei
      Sounds good, youll get a free one.
    16. CrownEntei
      i know how you feel, you might think a bigger screen doesnt make a big difference, but it actually does. I dont think nintendo is that stupid that they make the graphics look that bad. I really dont see a difference graphic wise when i use my w2 on a 3ds xl, but maybe i just got used to it.
    17. CrownEntei
      I dont need that infernape, but thx for offering it anyway.
      I want these PKMN:
      Ninetales (drought) - Modest 136 HP/252 SPA/120 SPD 31/29/5/31/25/31
      Zoroark - Timid 4/252/252 13/4/22/31/27/31 Memento (egg move)
      Manectric - Timid 4/252/252 31 in SPA and SPD (too lazy to calculate) HP Dragon 64
    18. CrownEntei
      id buy a 3ds xl if i were you, it makes a VERY BIG difference. My friend has a 3ds and he is selling it for a 3ds xl.
      if i were u, id just pay 8 dollars per month for a 3ds xl. thats what i do.
    19. CrownEntei
      i agree with you on th stats.
      my friend and i, we both think that the y is dragon or flying for sure. since the x is blue, it could be water/steel maybe part grass (just cause its in the woods, so not very likely) or psychic.
      the thing is that y is red, so its either part dragon or part fire. if its fire, it woul dhave to be fire and flying. if its dragon it could be also fire/psychic/dark
    20. CrownEntei
      Lol, I fell in love with x legend, its even my background now :)
      i always disliked most pkmn from a new generation, until i got used to them.
      the dragon era doesnt have to be finished, I mean that y legend looks like dragon. the male character just has longer hair. do you own a 3ds?
    21. CrownEntei
      ah ok, did you see that trailer?
      of course you did. how do you like the legendary that is in the woods? do you have a 3ds?
    22. CrownEntei
      Wait a second, you have a skarmory? Did you use that Ditto? I got a new Victini :)
    23. CrownEntei
      yeah the second one was way better, cause 28 equals the second best possible stat at lv50.
    24. CrownEntei
      What do you have in which list to send?
      Yeah, just take your time of course
    25. Blaze123
      Thanks for the Gastrodon can I keep you FC though?
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