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Oct 1, 2015
Aug 29, 2010
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    1. shadow zoroark
    2. Delko
      Well for non-weather teams the Skarmory + Gastrodon + Heatran core is pretty solid. Each of these pokemon do exceptionally well against each of the weather teams, so that's a good core to build your team around.
    3. Delko
      So you want to make a weatherless team with Reuniclus?
    4. Delko
      Lol, why don't you use that team then?
    5. Delko
      Lol okay, what kind of team were you thinking about?
    6. Delko
      Sure, but if you want real help join #ratemyteam on IRC.
    7. shadow zoroark
      shadow zoroark
      awesome avvy *runs away*
    8. StealthX
      Um, welllll..... Something has been going crazy in my game, and a lot of stuff seems to be messed up, but I sort of got it;

      Eevee -Timid (I can evolve it after it learns Bpass)
      31/13/30/30/31/31 HP GRASS 68
      Hatched: ChargeStone Cave

      (it's non shiny) You know how I said it was kind of messed up? Well, I've done this spread half a dozen times before, but for some reason, though the atk always used to be 31 (which gave 70 power hidden power with this spread), it's 13 instead =[

      I hope this still works though, and if those 2 base power points are that much of an issue, I could charge 3 credits instead =/ (hopefully, however, it's not much of a big deal)
    9. StealthX
      do you want it Non shiny?
    10. StealthX
      As a BP, I'd be HAPPY to do the Jolteon you want. PM me if you're interested
    11. dela_Cruz
    12. Zoap
      Hey lanced, are able to receive the 5 BP's I did for you? And how do you want to work the 16 credits(since you only have 16 pokemon in your thread)?

      My Gen 4 FC is: 0088 8061 3635
    13. lanced99
    14. lanced99
    15. dela_Cruz
      Cool descriptions for your RMT! :D Instead of blaziken, use infernape. Blaziken is banned, and Infernape is the best one to replace him! Plus, he's red!
    16. Zoap
      We keep missing each other! I have really weird hours but how bout we set a time for Friday? How does 2:00pm(PST I don't know what timezone you're on) work for you? Let me know I should be around all day Friday as its my day off.
    17. Victini
      Are you still interested in our trade? your shiny hp fire shaymin for my DW poliwag.
    18. dela_Cruz
      Here's the scizor+jolteon fusion you wanted: [IMG]
    19. goodluck03
      hey lance u ask on my thread for my shiny seedot in a nest ball and my shiny magnezone in dive ball, i ask u for ur shiny dragonite quiet u have available for 4 gen?
    20. lanced99
    21. Zoap
      Yea you can pick them up monday, I thought you disappeared glad to see ya back
    22. jirachii
      What is the iv's of snorlax And is beartic is evd or ut...?
    23. pokeman42
      Sorry bro I have a soccer game mind waiting 2 hours?and it's 1764-2007-1661
    24. dela_Cruz
      Lance, go check Zoap's profile. He left a message for you and other people including me.
      VM me when you saw what Zoap said and tell me what he said.
    25. pokeman42
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