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Jun 19, 2014
Jun 25, 2008
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Jun 19, 2014
    1. VoiceOfReason
      Think it's about time you finished your 2010 Medicham analysis mate! ;)
    2. Fiction.
      yeah i was at uni freshers week and had very limited internet access, so sorry about that. as for my availability, i should be on all day today, saturday night has opened up for me and i'll be on sunday until about 6pm my time.
    3. Fiction.
      hi, just letting you know that i only have friday and sunday to get our NU matches done. i'll try and be on as much as i can then and be on ps under the name pedrophile.
    4. Fiction.
      hey, i can play now if you want. i'll be on ps under the name pedrophile if so.
    5. Fiction.
      hey we're paired up for the NU open. i'm in GMT+2 and i should be available all day tomorrow. if not then next friday/next weekend would be ideal with uni starting up this week.
    6. religiousjedi
      Hey, are you still gonna do the NU Altaria write-up?
    7. Unholy Confessions
      Unholy Confessions
      If I complained to a mod about the tiers I fear it might take 10 months for them to process the thought and take action.
    8. Zacchaeus
      Your avatar reminds me very much of Zapmolcuno:
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