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  • ya i think so but riski knows ALOT more than i do, so that's about as good info as i can give you :P
    So you're getting 527 most often or is it 493? If it's 527, adjust Pikatimer down by exactly 1 delay (put 526 in the other delay box and hit update). Sometimes adjusting by 2 is too much. If you're often getting 493, I'd put that into the other delay box and try again.
    just keep trying and trying the first one is always the hardest but make sure your updating pikatimer with the adjacent delays your hitting and eventually you will get it! but Good Luck!
    Look at RNG Reporter while you do the guides. If you don't see an option for plus or minus seconds on the window you are using, then chances are you're not on the right option. Usually, you find plus and minus seconds when looking for adjacent delays. This is either generated by a right click on the seed you got in Time Finder, or you find it in Seeds to Time in the lower section.

    I'll go fix the guide so it says +/-. That may help.
    I'm glad things are fly girl ^__^
    pretty boring around here for me right now, waiting to start uni once I get back from vacation but I'm chill =)
    You need to use to follow the calibration guide steps, but when you get to the time for starting your game, you should be on the AR game start screen. At the right time (usually at the top of the minute), pres start on the AR game start button and start pressing A to get into the game as fast as you can. Follow the guide instructions for the rest.
    Leona girl!! it has been forever since I've seen you o(
    hope uni & stuff's going well =)
    yeah, the pokemon look kinda disappointing :( i still have to get my learners license! my dad was on my case about it the other day
    ohh that's chill!! i'm not too bad, i turned 18 the other day lmao :(

    are you gonna get one of the new games?? and makiri is zerowing, i dunno if you know him
    Hi. If you can do it now, you should go to the basement of the Pokecentre for trading over wifi. Use my HG FC. I already added your FC yesterday. If you can't do it now, tell me right away. I've only had a few hours sleep and I'll probably log off the forum soon to go back to bed.
    Well, you seem too busy just now. I'll be on line again later. I may look signed into the forum, but I'm outside in the yard getting rasberries. Let me know if you still want that ditto later.
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