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Jul 26, 2016 at 4:48 PM
Oct 25, 2009
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LightningLord2 was last seen:
Viewing thread Pokémon Go (mobile game based off of Ingress), Jul 26, 2016 at 4:48 PM
    1. The Dutch Plumberjack
      The Dutch Plumberjack
      ty for contributing to the small fixes thread, but can you provide a link next time please? makes things a lot easier on all of us :<
    2. lucariomaster2
      Our names are really similar. :P
    3. DHR-107
      Re-vote and read the OP
    4. Fluke
      Your signature made my day. Thank you :)
    5. Gabidou99
      100 Base Speed isn't slow.
      1. LightningLord2
        I'd love to know what you're replying to - however, while 100 Base is by no means slow, it's rather... average.
        Oct 13, 2015
    6. TotalAsteroid
      Just a note
      Huge/Pure Power Adamant +6 Base 230 Atk (Power Swap) Atk Walrein STAB Critical Hit 10th Metronome 5 Defense Curl Ice Ball Final Hit with 2x Helping Hand Cherrim in Sun vs Forrest Curse 5 Def (Guard Swap) Lonely -6 Def Noibat does more due to 8x SE :)
      1. LightningLord2
        Only if Ice Ball is learned by Shuckle via Mimic Glitch and gets help turning into an ice type via Color Change.
        Sep 13, 2015
      2. TotalAsteroid
        Yeah, I thought Power Swap did stats, not stat boosts.
        Sep 13, 2015
      3. TotalAsteroid
        Actually, Shuckle learns Mimic and there's Protean. ~722 million if I didn't mess up.
        Sep 14, 2015
    7. Ransei
      You need to find evidence or proof that you have achieved the No Exception achievement, like a replay.
      1. LightningLord2
        I made a suggestion for an achievement to be added to the list - I didn't mean to claim I actually achieved it.
        Sep 8, 2015
    8. Professor Shroomish
    9. Mari
      According to your signature:

      You missed Skill Swapped Huge/Pure Power for Shuckle and critical hit.
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    Level 100 Impish Shuckle (Power Trick) +6 Attack 5 Defense Curl Rollout with 10th Round of Metronome receiving helping hand from Cherrim in Sunlight vs. level 1 Lonely Ledyba with -6 Defense deals

    90905824 - 106948032 damage (757548533.3% - 891233600%)


    Favorite Pokémon:
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