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Feb 18, 2012
Aug 1, 2008
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from Texas.

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Feb 18, 2012
    1. KS2
      golly you have a lot of posts
    2. Jio
      Hey it's grezt to see that you're back (even though not really). We have alot of catching up to do. I don't really use Shoddy anymore I started using Pokemon Online since it supports 5th gen. I have to study, but it's great to see you again
    3. Jio
      Hey when are you coming back? You've been out for soooo long
    4. Angelus
      i'll reconnect thanks again
    5. Angelus
      evd version, i'll see you on in a minute
    6. Angelus
      shiny thanks, can you clone my Tangrowth and Gible when we trade?
    7. Angelus
      Hey we have a pending trade, let me know if you would like to do it now.
    8. Zystral
      Tangrowth as a counter for CAP10 are you serious.
      First of all no Tangrowth runs Max SpD/+SpD Nature. it's almost always +Def Nature, 252 HP / some Def / Some SpA.
      And Modest Max SpA Life Orb CAP10 does 85.64% - 100.99% to the above Tangrowth with Ice Beam. Let's also not forget that CAP10 (4 HP / 252 Def, neutral nature) outspeeds and only takes 51.92% - 61.4% from standard Tangrowth.
    9. zach the great
    10. zach the great
      zach the great
      Also, which FC should I add?
    11. zach the great
      zach the great
      You wanna trade so you can distribute?
    12. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      No, it's not, it can be a Flail/Volt Tackle one.
    13. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      I was told that it doesn't matter, but I have to confirm this. BTW, don't bother catching a Pikachu unless it shows up on a !! or a !!! patch, it won't be surfing/flying otherwise.
    14. Jio
      Hello Lightsabre I just managed to breed both a Jolly Tyranitar and an Adamant Nincada (evolve into Shedinja) just today or yesterday by the time your reading this. They both have 31 attack ivs and 31 Speed Ivs =). Thing is I need a place to hatch Nincada. I was thinking Eterna Forest or TurnBack Cave. I cloned the egg so I might do both, but where do you think is a good place to hatch Shedinja, Eterna Forest or Turnback Cave?
    15. Angelus
      Now it says your offline, I guess I'll catch you later this week then.
    16. Angelus
      I just got on if you're available right now.
    17. Angelus
      I am online now if you are available to trade, can you clone my pokemon?
    18. Angelus
      Hey, we have a pending trade: Tangrowth and Gible for Lucario, let me know when you are available thanks.
    19. Jio
      I'm in a slump LightSabre. I did the Ev reducing berries you mentioned but then I noticed that Latias is already at level 100. =/ So I dont even think you can Ev train pokemon at level 100, I heard you can somewhere but I dont think it has been confirmed.
    20. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      Probably "Your childhood friend" Lyra, but I've only found them by chance.
    21. Jio
      Ah ok thanks
    22. Jio
      Ah thanks it worked. How many Ev are dropped each time these are used though?
    23. Jio
      Hey since you're online I need to ask you for a huge favor. Can you possibly trade another Latias for me. I went and hacked the Evs on the other one you gave me and I now I dont think its legit. I feel kinda bad dropping this on you so I can offer you that Naive Jirachi I told you about before
    24. Jio

      I can also take the other Salamence I cloned and train that into a CB Mence with Max attack and max speed. Right now I'm about to rebreed Jumpluff.
    25. Jio
      Hey Lightsabre, good news I finished Ev training the Salamence. =), One proble I overdid the Defense just a little, so the speed is lower. I checked on Team builder and Salamence is just 1 point behind the speed I wanted it to hit. =/ yeah that sucks but Dragon Dance makes up for that.
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