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Apr 6, 2015
Jul 8, 2012
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Apr 6, 2015
    1. Zebraiken
    2. Zebraiken
      i got caught up in helping my grandparents move, as they're really in debt and can't currently afford the home they're living in

      i tried to inform you but smogon was down / incredibly lagging all day :(
    3. Zebraiken
      Monday night should be fine. :)
    4. Zebraiken
      not weekends, i meant weekdays and on but i'm assuming you already caught that

      annnd yup it should be, although i'll be on a bit later because the nebraska vs michigan game is on at 7 pm tonight. also keep in mind that my dad set a restriction on me (well intentioned, i might add) for my internet to cut at 2 am, just so you know!
    5. Zebraiken
      When's a good time for you? I've got quite a bit on my plate for today and tomorrow but I should be free starting on the weekends.
    6. Zebraiken
      we need to arrange a meetup on MSN sometime soon :(
    7. Zebraiken
      I haven't been very good at being on MSN at all lately, either. :(

      I'm trying, but there are more important things than the internet for me to focus on right now. Hopefully I can find my groove again~
    8. Zebraiken
    9. Zebraiken
      hola senor

      sorry, i've been on irc tutoring! i'll hop on msn
    10. Zebraiken
      That's fine!
    11. Zebraiken
      Sean says (11:55 AM)
      Jake . said (11:55 AM)
      did you get rolling working??
      Jake . said (11:57 AM)
      oh god that's amazing

      apparently msn doesn't want me to send messages to you
    12. Zebraiken
      I won't be here for a lot of the day, sadly. :(
    13. Zebraiken
      oh hello!! i was watching something with my mom :(
    14. Zebraiken
      I don't even know if I have the iMessage thing. :(

      And I'm on MSN atm!
    15. Zebraiken
      Not doing much of anything, sadly... but I know you hate when I say stuff like that. :( Uhm, I've mostly been trying to piece together a bunch of Smog stuff I'm due to keep in order and also maintain a decent working out schedule. Also have been watching a ton of YouTube and finding music, since I've been rather sick the last week or so. Was just about to jump into bed for the night though!
    16. Zebraiken
      Here, definitely. I only check PC once in a blue moon.
    17. Zebraiken
      Alrighty, I certainly will... although I have absolutely no idea atm. XD

      Even if I were to work super hard on it, it's definitely something I'd enjoy doing and definitely worth doing. It'd be just the same as this: a present for me and you. And... at least I'm not a terrible demonic human being who would actually try to ravage your filesystem. :(
    18. Zebraiken
      Well honestly, I've never really been a movie person soooo hmm... I feel like all of these would be good selections depending on my mood at the time. :( And holy hell I would love to be in your roommate's position right now. x___x

      ALSO: I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing for yours. Whether or not I can get anything significant done in a month is what's questionable, though... I might have to sift through quite a few old MSN logs too, if I can find any. :x
    19. Zebraiken
      Honestly, I haven't seen 99% of them and really have no preference right now, at least. Maybe just whichever you'd recommend, for now? :D

      I wish I knew how to do any sort of programming. I'm in envy right now, to be honest. :(
    20. Zebraiken
      I feel special now. And thank you. :3

      Yup, I have been. It's been going for ~ 17 mins, and is very nearly halfway there which is pretty awesome imo.
    21. Zebraiken
      Yeah!! :D

      I'm thinking I'll be watching Blues Brothers later tonight or maybe tomorrow since it's 1 AM. :(
    22. Zebraiken
      Mother of god this is absolutely fantastic

      I don't even know where to begin
    23. Zebraiken
      Alright, I'll check my e-mail. x)
    24. Zebraiken
      You must vaguely guess until it's confirmed.
    25. Zebraiken
      Unless I'm thinking of something different entirely, yes, pretty sure I do.
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