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Last Activity:
Apr 30, 2016
Feb 20, 2011
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LolcakesxD was last seen:
Apr 30, 2016
    1. sophies
      still intresed in our pending if you ever come back
    2. sophies
      would you like to do our pending ?
    3. Rugaji
      Oh... my God.. I finally got Timid, sorry for the long wait but Timid was hell to get. The first time I went for it it only took me 4-5 attempts and I got it. This one just took me more than 3-4 days. I also have Naive (MixSet,) and Modest. I'm so beast. Let me know when you want to trade, if you're still interested. Gonna update my thread in the meantime. :)
    4. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Happy birthday!
    5. Nickscor
      Would you like nicknames on either of them? P:
    6. Rugaji
      Sorry if I was a little hard on the decision :(

      I just want to make sure before any trade occurs so you won't change your mind. Let me know if you change your mind, in the mean time I'll go ahead and get started on the 3 natures.
    7. Rugaji
      Wait, are you sure? I'm going for Timid right now, and same for Naive / Hasty? You sure you want Modest, or do you want to wait for Timid? Sorry, just asking because I feel Timid is the best nature lol
    8. Rugaji
      Hey, LolcakesxD, the last Thundurus was traded without me knowing that I didn't clone it. I PMd the last guy 5 days ago, but no response. So I decided to reRNG it. I just caught one with Modest, not sure if you want it. I am still going for Timid as we speak, same as Naive / Hasty for Mix Set. If you want the Modest, then we can trade tomorrow. If you want Timid, then I hope I get it by tomorrow at best so we can get the trade going. Let me know what's up.
    9. labarith
      Saw your reply - looks good. I'd like the deerling.

      VM me when you can trade!
    10. sophies
      left you a cmt ^^
    11. Buckert
      Why on earth would you want a Jolly Druddigon?! xD He's the slowest Dragon type evah :P (Gible doesn't count)
    12. Giorgosss
      So you don't want to give you the file?
    13. Giorgosss
      Ok just send me your e-mail to send the sav again.Also you remember the information and the details how to play it right?
    14. Giorgosss
      Hey dude i want my sav back immediately
    15. Shiny Mew2
    16. Giorgosss
      Hey why are you didn't respond?
    17. Giorgosss
      Did you finished the Sav i send you?
    18. Vilderm
      Do you still want cubchoo Lolcakes?
    19. Vilderm
      Ok I'm ready to trade if you are. I can also talk on IRC.
    20. Giorgosss
      Sav sented.Inform me if something goes wrong :)
    21. Giorgosss
      Ok but be careful play all the Trainers that you will find in the way so the pokedex will be filling during the adventure.Also don't forget to pick #15 Poketch application.
      Thank you i will send the sav in some minutes :) When you be infront of Giratina VM xD
    22. Giorgosss
      Yes they had good shiny spread :P.So just one.Can you finish it in 3 days?(When i say finished i want it infront of giratina :P , so 7 budges only :P)?
    23. Giorgosss
      Nice would you like to play both or just the one?
    24. Vilderm
      I saw that you got klink, would you trade me a copy for a copy of the cubchoo?
    25. Rugaji
      It's ok then. I'll just have to rebreed all the Pokemon in HGSS. I don't want the Togekiss because then the name of Togekiss in BW would be TOGEKISS, not Togekiss. :( TOGEKISS looks ugly in BW. lol
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