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Jul 22, 2014
Jan 22, 2011
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Jul 22, 2014
    1. xtr3m3
      Hahaha yeah it's been a while since I've been here as well. It's still good to see you from time to time. I finished school in June, went on vacation throughout Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria) and came back a week ago starting a new job at a clothing store so I'm looking forward to that. Also joined a Muay Thai gym to get conditioned, gonna be crazy! What about you, what's up?
    2. xtr3m3
      Heeeey. Can't believe its been 2 years since I last spoke to you; how is it going? Remember me? :p
    3. Mackenzie
      hi loukas, i'd like to ask you how do you abuse your sid on fr/lg? i think the way i follow is somehow based more on luck than more on preparation. =/
    4. Eppie
      Thanks :)
      Do you think you have some spare time the upcoming weekend?
    5. Eppie
      It should be easy to get on IRC via www.mibbit.com
      Just search for #Smogonwifi, connect, enter a name and tadaa, you're in :).
      I don't think I have that program you are talking about btw..
      And as for ID/SID abuse, I don't remember much of it either =(,
    6. Eppie
      Could you help me the upcoming weekend on IRC with this perhaps?
      I have little time right now =/.

      I know this shouldn't be that hard at all as I've done 3th Gen RNG alot, I just forgot most of it but once I get some explanation how everything works again I should be good to go.
    7. Eppie
      Which tool from Wichu are you reffering to?
      You found those frames using PokéRNG. I don't get the generate seed part !
    8. Eppie
      Hey Loukas, I managed to ID/SID abuse myself now so that is not needed anymore.
      But if you have some spare time sometime, could you help me with the FR Safari Zone RNG?
      I did what you PM't me, but once I try to search for the spread in RNG Reporter it gives me a message that the frames it'll find might be hundreds off, and then it kinda gives me nothing =/.

      I can give you anything from my thread in return for the information.
    9. KarlMee1234
      No worries :) , I just hatched them, tutored and nicknamed them now :). Do you have an email address that you would like me to send them to? Also I made it so that you will need to load them into party slot 2 of Pokemon emerald, the memory address is 2024550 if you need to remember it :P.
    10. KarlMee1234
      Do you know how to use dmp files? If so can I send you them as dmp files? I don't mind migrating them but it would make it a lot easier for me to send them as dmp files. Let me know if this is ok :)

      EDIT: By the way, do you want them nicknamed Aerodactyl or just left as capital letters?
    11. Buckert
      Yeah I'm doing fine! How are you? And if I remember correctly, it was 6? Anyway, I cannot use the Platinum file so I deleted it.. 19k advancements is way too much lol
    12. KarlMee1234
      Hey dude. I'm good how are you? That's no problem at all but I think I'll have to re migrate them to 4th gen because I only migrated the shiny ones :P. Do you still have your safari ball chansey and safari ball tauros form 3rd gen? If so would I be able to get those from you. Thanks :)
    13. Mackenzie
      Thanks. alright, see you around.
    14. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      didi that ok thanks
    15. Im not lOlpO
    16. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      how do i import the pokes to emerald? or change it from 3gpkm to .pkm ?
      im using pokecheck and enciclopedia even the ram editor on the vba and no one is working :s halpp
    17. Mackenzie
      i mean in my country. xD im going to school again after my 2 month vacation.
    18. Mackenzie
      interesting, i'm going to start classes in here tho xD. I hope i can save my allowance to get one as well.
    19. Mackenzie
      oh i see. xD same here, i want 3ds so bad.
    20. Mackenzie
      same, i've been inactive for QUITE sometime n_n. Well I'm actually playing through pokemon crystal at the moment. I can't get enough nostalgia lol. I'll probably rng again when pokemon x, y comes out
    21. Mackenzie
    22. Im not lOlpO
    23. Canelo351
      Are you still interested in the BCC pinsir?
      I haven't rngd in a while but I think I have a spread that could get it
      My computers being fixed so it'll be a while until I could check if I can catch it
      If you do want the pinsir let me know and I'll see what I can do. (:
    24. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
    25. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      do you got the scizor? :3?
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