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Jan 29, 2015
Jun 15, 2010
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    1. EpicTurtle
      The new PMD looks cool, but they better make it have an awesome story like the first 2!
    2. EpicTurtle
      I see! I might get one, but might just wait for the third version to come out before joining in.
    3. EpicTurtle
      Happy new year as well! Ain't got much going on either. Ya excited for 6th Gen (getting a 3ds)?
    4. dragonboy52
      same here dude. School's super busy though

      Happy new year! :)
    5. EpicTurtle
      Doing good! Yeah it has been a looooong time. What have you been up to?
    6. dragonboy52
      Hey man :> It has been a long time; 2 years actually!
      How's life dude?
    7. EpicTurtle
    8. Buckert
      Yeah tell me bout it. Doing fine, busy as usual. How are you?
    9. (makeup)
      I've been on irc like every day :o
    10. MMX
      I've been good. Not trading anymore since I can RNG just about anything I want.
    11. Treadshot A1
      Treadshot A1
      Yeah, VGC's even faster. To be honest, though, I'm just not into Pokemon that much anymore. I know I'll come back later, but I think a few months downtime will do me good. The game's just became rather stale. Maybe it's due to a lack of online play time, but seeing the 4 moveslots just doesn't fill me with as much excitement as it used to.
    12. Treadshot A1
      Treadshot A1
      Doubles...wow that's a fast metagame. I remember when I first experienced Double Battles, everything seemed to just...die.... I mean, in Singles I'm used to seeing pokemon in the red who manage to survive a few turns. Doubles, I don't even recall a red health pokemon.

      Can't say I still have the same pokemon interest as I used to, though. Been holding off finishing Black 2's story for too long (though it doesn't help that I'm trying to get through with rather shoddy pokemon, like a Marill without Huge Power...). Just need to find the time to get into the pokemon spirit again.
    13. Treadshot A1
      Treadshot A1
      Mmm. I'm stuck in that unfortunate section where my favourite pokemon are all OU, but I don't wanna play OU much anymore. Kinda lost hope when Game Freak made Mienshao's defenses about as useful as a Ninetales without Drought. That said, I get more fun beating the Battle Subway. That thing is just addictive...though being rather horrible at pokemon, Ingo's Crustle...argh...
    14. Treadshot A1
      Treadshot A1
      Alright, thanks. It has been a long time. I don't frequent Smogon much anymore. I dunno, never really got the hang of BW's metagame. Too much Politoed if you ask me!
    15. MMX
    16. Treadshot A1
      Treadshot A1
    17. Buckert
    18. -Lux-
      Hai guys C:
    19. Shining Kestral
    20. Shining Kestral
    21. Treadshot A1
      Treadshot A1
      As lazy and sadistic as usual. The Scramble thread patrons still fear me. :)
    22. Treadshot A1
      Treadshot A1
      Hey. Yeah, I've been off Smogon for a while. Mainly just harassing people in the scramble thread. Haven't been in the Wifi forum in...well, forever... By the way, neat gif. :)
    23. Buckert
      Yo dude, so you're back alive as well hehe
    24. (makeup)

      and oh god please ignore my VMs from way back
      i'm just gonna delete the really bad ones lol
      come to #pokemon (im currently Ledyba) and i'll pm you from there I guess!
    25. (makeup)
      are you gonna be on smogon and stuff more often now?
      Damn thinking of how we've grown......all those days in DL
      it's so different now
      I heard from a lot of people that you just dropped off the face of the earth lol
      btw come on smogon irc!
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