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Jul 29, 2014 at 2:15 PM
Feb 19, 2010
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Jul 7, 1990 (Age: 24)


Male, 24, from France

-Manu- was last seen:
Viewing member profile Sapientia, Jul 29, 2014 at 2:15 PM
    1. Lasagne
      fite for sunset colosseum
      im gmt +12 available 8-10pm my time weekdays, also the next 7 hours if you come on
      1. -Manu-
        I'm GMT+2 and always in French Time server here :

        I have to build and I'm avaible to play I think Tuesday or Wednesday sound cool for playing.
        Jul 27, 2014 at 10:01 AM
    2. Genesis7
      We're paired for Fuk Fairies r1. I'm GMT -4 you?
    3. red97
      Paired for sunset colosseum tour. i'm GMT+1 let me know when you want to play
    4. Navy
      yo we gotta battle for NO JOHNS. I'm GMT-5 lets get this done quick
    5. Alter
      yo. we're opponents for ost r3. im gmt+11 and it's probably easiest for us to play sometime on a weekend or at my late night time.
      1. Alter
        are you going to be able to play?
        Feb 25, 2014
    6. Myzozoa
      im your opponent for ost r2, im gmt-8, let me know when you want to battle. monday at 3 PM is a good time for me.
    7. Kojes
      Hey, we are paired for farm league. When are you available to battle?

      I'm in GMT-5.
    8. Lasagne
      Sup we're paired for the xy walkthrough tour. I'm GMT +13, when are you free?
    9. D4RR3N
      Hi, when do you wanna play for Bo3 Tournament?
    10. FastFlygon
      Hi, we're paired up for the Apocalypse mini-tournament. My timezone is GMT+1 and i'm usually free after about 4:30pm but may be able to do slightly earlier some days. Let me know what time is best for you!
    11. Cinco Diablo
      Cinco Diablo
      Alright, that sounds good to me.
    12. Cinco Diablo
      Cinco Diablo
      Hey, we're paired up for the Apocalypse Mini-Tour, when can you play? I'm pretty flexible all this week, but University classes may interfere with that. I'm GMT -5.
    13. New Breed
      New Breed
      yeah 3pm your time works for me, i'll be on wednesday at that time in #genvuu on irc
    14. New Breed
      New Breed
      Yeah I know I can't play at 12am your time, this time. I am free between 2pm-12am my time so anytime inbetween that is good just let me know what suits you. You can find me on irc in #genvuu
    15. New Breed
      New Breed
      I mean as I said I would prefer to play in the afternoon/night between like 2pm-12am which would be between 6am-4pm, but you said you wanted to play like last time in which the earliest I could possibly play for you is 3am.
    16. New Breed
      New Breed
      um the earliest I can play would be like 3am your time, Tuesday works for me
    17. New Breed
      New Breed
      hi we gotta play again for uu open r4, GMT +10, I would prefer to play late afternoon/night this time how does that suit you?
    18. Ace Emerald
      Ace Emerald
      chandelure had already been suspected. RT deleted your post saying "I agree but its irrelevant" because it was already deemed UU
    19. New Breed
      New Breed
      okay im online now on irc in #ubers as newbreed
    20. New Breed
      New Breed
      yeah sure i'll be on around 8-9am my time which would be around 12-1am for you, you can find me on irc in #ubers
    21. New Breed
      New Breed
      its probably gonna be the middle of the night for you, what times are you available to play
    22. New Breed
      New Breed
      were paired up for Ubers open r1, im +10 GMT and would prefer to play in the morning, let me know what times you're available
    23. Raichy
      Si, hablo español, bueno me parece bien. Intentaré encontrarte por esa hora el sábado o el domingo
    24. Raichy
      Man, we have to play for UU Grand Slam, I'm GMT -3 when can you play?
    25. Icicle Fissh
      Icicle Fissh
      So you can't play in an hour from now? I'm up for it :)
      If not, same time Monday? :)
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    Jul 7, 1990 (Age: 24)
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