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Marty D
Mar 3, 2012
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    1. Pocket
      Marty D thanks for the clarification about the pledge combo mechanics. May you still confirm whether the typing determination of this combo is bugged on PS! or not? As I posted on the bugs thread:

      Fire + Grass -> Fire-type
      Fire + Water -> Water-type
      Grass + Water -> Grass-type

      the order in which it happens is irrelevant. Is this true / Is PS bugged, or is this all just misinformation?
      1. Marty D
        Marty D
        Yeah, that's true. Also the combo is used by the second Pokemon to move and always has STAB no matter what the user's type is (even if neither Pokemon has one of the combo types). The tests done on Pledge moves in BW were misleading and led to that implementation, but they do actually have the same mechanics as in XY. The more you know!
        Jan 4, 2014
      2. Pocket
        wow okay - thanks for the clarification! Is it also true that these pledge combos ignore defensive boosts and resistances? Does this mean that they ignore offensive boosts (including item boosts) and super effective damage, too? What about immunities from Flash Fire, Storm Drain, Sap Sipper?
        Jan 4, 2014
      3. Marty D
        Marty D
        Nope, the combos don't ignore any of that stuff. For the most part they act like any standard move (besides the STAB thing). However, Water Pledge can't be redirected by Storm Drain, comboed or not (the Storm Drain Pokemon will still be immune and get the boost if you did target it though).
        Jan 4, 2014
    2. Arcticblast
      Are you still planning on exploring the whole "airborne" thing? You mentioned it when I brought up Spikes in Inverse. I'll have WiFi for the next three weeks so if you do I'd love to help out~ also I need to redeem myself for my screwup ._.
      1. Marty D
        Marty D
        That was pretty much the extent of it, actually. Being airborne and being immune to Ground are related but different; you can negate the Ground immunity without actually being grounded, but you can't be grounded and immune to Ground.
        Dec 16, 2013
      2. Marty D
        Marty D
        This really only applies to Flying-types anyway (Ring Target, and now Inverse Battles) because you can't negate Ground immunity from Levitate or other such effects without fully grounding the Pokemon (Mold Breaker doesn't count).
        Dec 16, 2013
    3. Kitsunine
      I friended you from the Safari google doc. Mind adding back? 0361 6922 2776
    4. GaviGator
      Did you leave Pokemon Showdown for good?
    5. cbt
      who will fill the big role?
      1. Marty D
        Marty D
        Probably no one! ;)
        Aug 10, 2013
    6. Hollywood
      1. Marty D
        Marty D
        Congrats on the promotion! :)
        Aug 10, 2013
      2. Hollywood
        thanks! if only you would come back. =[
        Aug 10, 2013
    7. Gym Leader Duck
      Gym Leader Duck
      Nevermind that, oarpheus made a simple tab mistake and it has been fixed thanks!
    8. Gym Leader Duck
      Gym Leader Duck
      Marty i need help i was on showdown and i got banned by someone saying "doesn't seem like a good user" all i said was can anyone challenge my CAP team i need to test, i really enjoy showdown and would never purposly do anything wrong please help, you was only admin online who saw it ill apply to but i just need to ask
    9. cbt
    10. wierdowill
      can you direct me to wherever i go to get unmuted for pokemonshowdown.
    11. ThisMysteriousGuy
    12. Generic Alias
      Generic Alias
      It's me, "Marty is the best" by the way.
    13. Generic Alias
      Generic Alias
      Hey Marty, how long am I banned for?
    14. phoopes
      Bug catcher.

    15. LightBlueMist
      Did you notice that "Marty D" rhymes??? :O
    16. shnen
    17. DTC
      big marty D
    18. Furai
      well done, grats!
    19. NatGeo
    20. Birkal
      You make me so happy =)
    21. Omicron
    22. V4Victini
      DAMN YOU BMELTS!!!!!!!
    23. bmelts
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