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  • DANG, I'VE been logged out way too long. I'm sure you have your question answered by now, and I don't even remember too well anyway, ha. Nature is hard to control, but I think you can influence it with a synchronizer. <-- don't quote me on that though.
    1. Breeding is pretty much the same except the PIDRNG affects inheritance. Once you load it up in PPRNG, I think you'll figure it out.

    2. Not to my knowledge

    3. If PPRNG doesn't have it, I don't know where you'll get that list.
    Dust cloud are super hard to control. What you're best off doing is finding a routine that makes the dust cloud appear and then adjusting. You'll have to think on your feet. It will not advance the RNG to my knowledge. However, I've never done it because quite frankly, it's a rather idiotic task when you can breed.
    Yes, it saves your game at the exact moment you press the button. Everything down to the seed you're on.
    You need a flashcart. You can't do it with a retail cart. R4 is the most popular, but I use CycloDS.
    Yea, just verify your seed the normal way and save the state after you know you hit it correctly and advanced to the correct frame.
    I use a flash cart that supports save states. Makes wondercard abuse really easy because you only have to hit your seed once. Just save the state before talking to the man in green and check if it's the nature you want. If it is, trade it to another game and just reload the state and talk to the man in green again. Rinse, lather, repeat.
    You'll definitely need a wider delay range, although PikaTimer is a little buggy on some computers. You may need to use emloop
    I don't think I'll be trading for a while since I've been busy with college applications. As much as I would like that chimchar, I think I'll pass for now. Maybe when I'm done with this process. Thanks anyway
    I wouldn't know, but I did run your spread on PokeRNG, and apparently, the spread has a ridiculously high frame (in the thousands). Though they may not be perfect, I did find 27/31/26/30/31/30 with seed 01140227 (frame 573 with a synchronizer) and also 26/30/27/30/27/30 works with seed a60602cc (frame 42 with a synchronizer).
    The seed finder in rng reporter is kinda annoying. I would suggest using pokerng for good a spread and then you can use the seed that you get for the seed to tie.
    Hey, do you still have my zadpos ut? I just realized I don't have any more. Could you send it back to me so I can clone it, than i can give it back. thanks
    Okay, the I have extras for explosion. As for the chimchar, what is its natures / ivs (for the HP ice). I'm interested in it (maybe for the zapdos)
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