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Me So Shiny
Last Activity:
Dec 26, 2012
Aug 14, 2012
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Me So Shiny

Me So Shiny was last seen:
Dec 26, 2012
    1. Helias
      It's 3:00 pm GMT-7. I'm on PS as drakon136.
    2. Helias
      Hey, do you happen to go on IRC often?
    3. Helias
      You realize that the deadline is midnight tomorrow, right? Also, I should be on about 3 pm GMT-7 tomorrow.
    4. Helias
      Hey. I'm your opponent for the OU mini-tournament. Any idea on when we can play? I'm at GMT-7 and won't be on for all of tomorrow and most of Monday.
    5. alkinesthetase
      hey shiny, wanted to let you know: molk like JUST made hall of fame with weavile, so he's stolen away your dark horse. if you want to make hall of fame this month, you'll have to pick someone else, but you have the rest of the month to do so, of course =] just update your registration post when you've made a new choice and i'll update as soon as i notice the change
    6. -Rockstar-
      rckstar, I cant battle today though
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