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Oct 24, 2013
Jul 12, 2011
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Oct 24, 2013
    1. Meepsterplex
      subpetaya simisear with blaze. Jus sayin. And Hp grass for dem quagsires
    2. Kumiho
    3. Meepsterplex
      Journal part 2

      Entered battle vs roxanne with alder at 1hp, pwned everything with STAB overgrow bullet seed. :D
    4. Meepsterplex
      (Objective list in other post)
      List of gym leaders, rivals and misc bosses beaten, evolutions, events, ect:
      Saved an old guy from a level 2 zigzagoon, despite him having 3 level 5 pokemon
      Alder seems happy to ditch the old creepy man. Yay, 1st pokemon.
      Old guy forced me to beat up his daughter. She seems to like me now...creepy.
      Old women gave me a magical purple liquid that heals people. Seems legit.
      Think im done with the mockery now. Had to get that out of my system.
      Caught Paparazo the lotad. Yay!
      Wally just walks in and finds the ONLY FRIGGIN RALTS IN HOEN.
      Oh good. Ralts. Caught you. Sneaky bastard.
      Im searching for skilled trainers, sorry to waste your time. Well screw you Scott.
      All dese marril got thick fat. bleh.
      Caught marril, but this one is broken. can i have a new one? no? awww...
      Found a slakoth fighting with a shroomish. So i caught both of em. >:D
      Level 5 shroomish pwns a level 10 >:D.
    5. Meepsterplex
      Scramble Challenge Progress

      Bold solos mean its done.

      Alder the Treeko
      Can only use STAB moves with full PP or when overgrow is active.
      Solos: Roxanne, Juan, 2 E4 pokemon.

      Idiotic the Marill
      Cannot attack pokemon with yellow health.
      Must never fight pokemon who have SE STAB against him.*

      Lonely the Slakoth
      Cannot switch vs fighting
      Solo all breloom
      After final evo, no switching
      Solos: Brawly-Failed,Flannery, Norman,Archie,Maxie, and 1 E4 member.
      (Espeon65, I'm not sure if I love or hate you for this...XD)

      Offensive the Shroomish
      I loose 200p worth of items any time he goes into combat or is healed.
      Solos: 3/10 Gym trainers

      Cloudy the Ralts
      Psychic/Normal moves only.
      Limited item use.
      Solos: Wattson, Wally's Altaria, Glacias Walrein.

      Paparazo the Lotad
      Must take pictures of/use flash on: Wattson's last pokemon, all of brawley's pokemon, all of winnona's pokemon, all of tate's/liza's pokemon, most of the elite four's pokemon.
      Catch a feebas..........Crap.
    6. Meepsterplex
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    Running: Diamond Scramble
    Running and Tracking: Emerald Scramble
    Planned: Platinum Scramble
    Completed: Dante's Inferno (A Platinum Monotype Monopokemon Nuzlocke No Item Scramble Gauntlet Challenge mixed into one.)


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