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Aug 16, 2010
Dec 28, 2009
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Aug 16, 2010
    1. Mulligan
      I apologize if it came off that way. I didn't mean to. I didn't think it was my end because my wifi connection has been and still is solid. Every other game, I didn't have that problem. But again I apologize if it looked like I was accusing you
    2. Mulligan
      mermaster, what happened to the connection? :(
    3. zapzap29
      Sorry, someone else got to me first. I'll play you later though
    4. zapzap29
      I'm on wifi now. Good luck and have fun
    5. takeru1
      Well, would it have ended in you favor then?
    6. Renosaur
    7. GREEN00
      I apolgize for the crit against Hypno, however Hypno was at a legitimate disadvantage. You couldn't both protect Hypno and damage Donphan simultaneously, you either misclicked or miscounted Reflect's duration (I write it down), Hypnosis is dangerously inaccurate, and letting me attack repeatedly gives me multiple chances to crit.

      I applaud your unusual choices, I was happy to see a Regirock lead as opposed to an Uxie/Ambipom.

      I certainly hope to battle you in the future, hopefully we can have a hax free battle.
    8. DawnHikari
      ok cool just send me a pm
    9. Mermaster
    10. LORY993
      Today is the 2nd
    11. LORY993
      Good game I have to fix my weakness to trick room teams
    12. Alphabet123
      "Mawage.Mawage is what bwings us togevvah..tooday."
      So ironic that you have that in your sig and it was on yesterday don't ya think?

      "And wove, truee wovee.."
    13. Deschain
      i love Rhyperior. <3

      mine was Choice Band.
    14. Hotrod93
      Meet you on.
    15. Deschain
      hmm, i guess not. don't know why i was thinking that. Cloyster is pretty good for Spike support, which is the only real draw to use him. getting Stealth Rock up with Sandslash is probably the more reliable of the two though. there are LOTS of pokemon in UU that HATE SR.
    16. Deschain
      that crit on your Rhyperior was unfortunate, but so was the crit on my Toxicroak. ;) and then the crit on my Rhyperior was just uncalled for. xP

      hope you keep playing the lower tiers, they're fun as shit and not enough people do. try NU out sometime, it's awesome.
    17. Deschain
      gg man. i thought for sure your lead was sash'd.
    18. Deschain
      Wish Chansey mainly. legit ones are few and far between, and GOOD legit ones are even more rare. i just don't think it's fair to hack a perfect one. same with the others i mentioned. :]
    19. FlygonRuler
      Its fine haha.
    20. FlygonRuler
      Really? Whatever, GG. Thank god your Blissey didnt know Encore
    21. FlygonRuler
      Yeah, I'm online
    22. mamaral
      nice set, i sure had big trouble with it. GG
    23. geassmyass
      wow i had no idea what to do against your team
    24. geassmyass
      sorry that might be the reason?
    25. geassmyass
      are u there?
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    Mawage.Mawage is what bwings us togevvah..tooday.
    FC: 0260-4039-4532 Wifi Record: 30-22
    And because some silly people still seem to need this clarified, Salamence is Uber now! I use sav.
    Standard rules apply. I play traditional (no BL) UU.
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