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Apr 21, 2017
Jun 6, 2007
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Apr 21, 2017
    1. Shinobi
      Hi. We're playing for the vgc tournament. I'll be free around monday through friday. I'm in the pst timezone.
    2. Rosenkreutz
      Hey Metabou, I'm your opponent fot the VGC tournament.
      Mine is GMT+9, when do you want battle?
    3. Jorijn
      Hi, we battle in the VGC tournament.

      Timezone: UTC+1; it's 8:33 pm for me right now

      I can battle between:
      - 5 pm and 6 pm on Monday, Thursday and Friday
      - 8 pm and 11 pm every day of the week except Tuesday
      - 11 am and 5 pm on Saturday afaik now
      - 2 pm and 5 pm on Sunday afaik now

      I can make other times work, but these times are the easiest for me
      1. Jorijn
        Since scheduling seems to be a bit hard (very early for you), I will tell some of the times that are less convenient for me, but still doable. On every day of the week I can play until midnight and on Saturday and Sunday I can play from midnight to 1 am as well, but preferably not past midnight.
        Feb 10, 2017
    4. reklaw_vahn
      Hey dude, I have your SV and I am hoping you can hop online and help me hatch it! Please let me know.
    5. Kikuichimonji
      Congrats on getting top 2 at regionals!
    6. GreySong
      Hey metabou!!! I had fun meeting up with you this year and I can't wait to see you again next year!! :)
    7. Mizuhime
      Hey Metabou, Congrats on your streak , Goodluck at worlds for vgc, Ill see you on skarmbliss in the near future
    8. Victory Star
      Victory Star
      Hi! It was nice seeing you at Nats this year! I hope you do well at the Worlds LCQ! I'm not planning on going to Worlds this year, so I'll have to cheer for you through the Internet. ;)
    9. FrenzyB3ar
      I'm only doing non- c gear, so using the c-gear I'm not sure?
      I didn't know it was released as I just kept checking the 1st post. Thanks for informing me.
    10. FrenzyB3ar
      non - C gear seeds are really easy to do, just abit time consuming in finding seeds. Once RNG reporter 9 is released it will be a lot easier.
    11. FrenzyB3ar
      It happens, I'ts good to learn what works etc. Tailwind & Trick Room are very effective.
    12. FrenzyB3ar
      GG, we finally got there in the end.
    13. FrenzyB3ar
      0432 6979 3513 my new FC that's why you don't see me
    14. FrenzyB3ar
      I'm okay with seeing the other team. I play alot of PBR, so it's not a problem.
    15. FrenzyB3ar
      I'm only bringing 4 too, my FC is 0432 6979 3513
      i'll double check and add you again
    16. FrenzyB3ar
      Cool your online, doubles restricted to level 50 so only bring 4 pokemon as my pokemon are all different levels
    17. FrenzyB3ar
      No worries. Saturday at 5pm my time is cool. However if you would like it later like 9pm my time let me know as I can do that.
    18. FrenzyB3ar
      Im online, we'll have do do a doubles restricted to level 50 so only bring 4 pokemon
    19. FrenzyB3ar
      I'll catch you at 3.30 :)
      Sorry for missing you, look forward to the battle.
    20. FrenzyB3ar
      Keep missing you, I'll be on for most of tonight. On and Off.
    21. FrenzyB3ar
      Yeah I'm sometimes on #smogonwifi and use PO, was busy yesterday.
    22. FrenzyB3ar
      So were playing vgc 11, ill catch you tomorrow (Monday) if not today
    23. FrenzyB3ar
      Hi - could you give me a url to the thread of tournament. I seem to have forgotten, been busy recently so havn't been on top of things.
    24. dfe
      Happy birthday man!
    25. chocolate-kipp
      Happy birthday :>
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