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Metal x Soldier
Last Activity:
Feb 28, 2015
Aug 6, 2010
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Metal x Soldier

Metal x Soldier was last seen:
Feb 28, 2015
    1. Negator
      sandy teams are annoying, I wish I had leftie on Uxie instead of LO :( GG!
    2. Negator
    3. Negator
      lol, where were you going? xD
    4. aoki
      See you on.
    5. aoki
      Um okay I didn't know we were battling.
    6. Freddi Guntair
      Freddi Guntair
      of all the teams to face with a Sunny day team, i face someone with a hippo lol
    7. xVTKx
      good game
    8. xVTKx
      still wanna battle?
    9. xVTKx
    10. SakuraStrife
      Uhm, did you d/c? o.o All my bars were full & green. Unless it was Nintendo's servers acting up.
    11. SakuraStrife
      I'm free now if ya want
    12. xrubenx
      good luck and have fun ;) i'm in 2min ON ;D
    13. sichi
      we cant connect to each other.. =(
    14. tyen
      good game :)
    15. TheeNOOB
      gg sorry for the stall war. i couldnt help it
    16. SiZZirP
      Yeah I know what you mean homey!!! Haha I was an avid halo 3 player with a 50 in mlg! Haha so scrubs that get there way totally make me mad!!! My xbl gt is sizzirp! But at the end of the day it's just a game and to play competitively separates us from the average gamer...you just need to control that temper and that "winning is teaching, losing is learning!!!" haha
    17. SiZZirP
      hey arent you on the blacklist homey? if you dont mind me asking, WHY?
    18. ezequiel6566
      hahaha yea well charizard should only be bl and higher if you're using the belly zard set

      i dont use bellyzard unless it's an Ou battle cus it's just so easy to pull off and win with it.

      i've been wanting a porygon z for a while cus i wanted to give it hyper beam for lulz. LOL

      and i've been looking all over for an adamant honchkrow with brave bird but i can't find any good ones so i'll have to make my own i guess

      gallade is really goooood too! it cna run so many sets. i never used in UU as well cus it's too good
    19. ezequiel6566
      hahaha yea when i kept missing on gliscor i kept saying to myself "why doesnt that happen to my gliscor!!!!"

      yea you have a lot of fire weaknesses. i only use yanmega cus nobody uses it. i never used in UU cus it was too cheap for that tier so taht's why i use it in OU lol
    20. ezequiel6566
      oh baton pass

      i figured all you had left was another steel type (most likely scizor) that's y i was saying i shuld've used hp fire insted of shadow ball
    21. ezequiel6566
      dang i knew u were gonna bp to skarmory. im dumb for using shadow ball lol

      GG. first one to defeat me tonight lol
    22. ezequiel6566
      shiT! shiT! shiT! shiT! shiT! shiT! shiT! shiT!

      sorry i really did forget i put that thing to sleep! sorry for breaking sleep clause. i really am
    23. ezequiel6566
      oo all right let's go then
    24. ezequiel6566
      wats up? you wanna battle different teams??
    25. Renosaur
      Maybe I'll get 3DS but I use a flashcart to play heartgold so I won't be able to play it on the 3DS D:
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