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Jul 16, 2012
Jun 11, 2010
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Jul 16, 2012
    1. danilo
    2. Raseri
      come back =(
    3. Limi
      lol, i hope everything's fine!
      and it is for me; i'm still as lazy as ever but what can you do!
    4. Limi
      long time no talk
      we should hang out more
    5. blarajan
      You too =).
    6. blarajan
      Jah jah jah.
    7. panamaxis
      thanks a lot, i definitely enjoyed them you're a cool dude :)
    8. panamaxis
      hey you ready to play?
    9. panamaxis
      oh so you pretty much have to leave now? I could do friday morning at 11am / thursday night at 9pm for you then? friday / saturday night im busy.
    10. panamaxis
      sorry for all the messages but i just forgot that I have to go out to lunch for my grandads birthday so I can't do 11am. I have to leave at 9.45am so I can do 8am? That would be 6pm for you.

      Forget the last message, if you could be on at 6pm that'd be great.
    11. panamaxis
      oh dude, EST is GMT-4 (because of Daylight Savings Time atm) not +5 so 8.30pm for me will be 6.30am for you...

      you get home at 2.30pm your time right? So that is 4.30am for me. Friday onwards is looking pretty packed for me so in light of this our best bet is to probably play thursday morning for me / wednesday night for you.

      11am for me is 14 hours ahead of you which is 9pm.

      9pm Wednesday night for you / 11am thursday morning for me: does this time work for you? At the time of posting this message it is 6.26pm. I'll wake up tomorrow morning under the assumption that we'll be playing at this time because I don't know if you'll get this message before I go to sleep.

      basically, please try and be on at around 9pm wednesday night for you if possible
    12. panamaxis
      oh, when i posted tomorrow i meant today as in wednesday, but sure I'll be available at the same time tomorrow (thursday) anyway so that should be fine.
    13. panamaxis
      hey so you said you get home at around 7.30pm my time so do you want to schedule for 8.30pm (my time tomorrow)? I'll be on pretty much all day anyway so just shoot me a PM whenever you get on and we can play.
    14. panamaxis
      lol you should be more confident! Anyway, i've got 2/3 teams finished and im just finishing up the third so do you want to schedule for wednesday evening my time? Let me know if that doesn't work for you.
    15. Keiran
      Cradily used Fuck You!

      +1 Defence, +1 Attack and -1 Speed.
    16. Lesser Smaug
      Lesser Smaug
      Hallo Methnemite ^_^
    17. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      How about now?
    18. blarajan
      I apologize for the huge hiatus in lessons. I'll be able to start up again by Monday. I'm really sorry it's been so long. Otherwise, if we're both on server before Monday, we'll have a lesson, for sure.
    19. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Hey, y did you go offline just before we were schelduled to battle. Please stay online for longer tomorow so we can battle.
    20. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Hey, just saying that blara hasn't confirmed that I've PM him my team, I have though. But do you want to battle anyway because I have. The other option would be to postpone this battle to 24 hours from now. What do you think we should?
    21. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Are you GMT? Cause I'm GMT+12. However if you wee talking about my 9am that 's sweet.
    22. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      9 PM may be a little too late for me. How about somewhere between my 9am-7pm would be great. However I'm unsure if I'll be free for all of that time.
    23. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Hey Methmite, I'm battling you in Blara's sideboard tourney. My timezone is GMT +12 (new zealand time). I'm free to battle on the 3rd and 4th of december between 9 and 11am. Pleasee get back to me ASAP.

      PS: If you need a timezone converter, I find this one to be quiet good.
    24. panamaxis
      yeah im fine with playing in my evenings, why don't you give me a VM on monday/tuesdayish and let me know where you're at team-wise and we can set up a date then?
    25. panamaxis
      hey im GMT+10. Weekends aren't the greatest for me but I'm very flexible throughout the week as I'm on holidays. If it's cool with you i'd like to wait until tuesday (for me) at least since I have to make 3 teams (don't have any atm). I can pretty much do any reasonable time after and including tuesday throughout the week except friday night. If you can't do week days we can probably work something out for the weekends if needed (but if possible i'd prefer week days), anyway just let me know.
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