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Mar 27, 2014
Jul 14, 2012
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Miles Tails

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Mar 27, 2014
    1. Dragonforce
      parou com pocé? .-.
    2. Dragonforce
      Da pra perceber que vocĂȘ posta bastante rmt miles :0
    3. Dragonforce
    4. Jirachee
    5. Jirachee
      Is that you in your avatar
    6. Electrolyte
      yeah, I'll rate your team, sure :D
      can you give me your nidoquen set? From the looks of it, it seems as if it's the weak link to your team.
    7. tml
    8. Superpowerdude
      Hi Miles Tails i will rate your rmt when i get the chance either today or tommorow
    9. Electrolyte
      Hey Miles,
      I know you're a great battler, and a great teambuilder as well, so can I ask you a favor?
      Recently, I've been working on a team- and though it's a bit unorthodox (unusual) it's still really solid. I was wondering if you could test it for me please, and then maybe tell me what you think about it?
      Here's a link
      I wanted to make sure that it was solid before I made an RMT. Thanks for your input! :D
    10. Electrolyte
      hey man :)
      sorry I had to go so quickly and I wasn't able to help much. We should definitely talk more in the future!
    11. Harsha
      yo, just saying, you can only post an RMT every two weeks or so (you've posted 4 this month)
    12. Glory Blaze
      Glory Blaze
      thanks :D I'm looking for awesome dudes to be friends with and I saw your profile, so I thought you'd be the person i was looking for. I also saw your many posts on RMTs and your RMTs as well which shows that your a pretty good battler. Hope we can become good friends :D
    13. tml
      Ok I looked at it, its really cool and a nice theme aswell. I can see that others have addressed the teams problems and I have nothing left to add except that I suggest you go with Chimpakt's suggestion of Rotom-W becuase Rotom-W is definitely one of the best counters to Mamoswine. Hope this was helpful.
    14. tml
      Hey I cannot find it :x could you give me a Link?
    15. tml
      I will give it a go
    16. Bloo
      Sure thing, done!
    17. Jobriq
      VM 1 Get
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