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Dec 12, 2013
Apr 6, 2010
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Mississippi, USA


from Mississippi, USA

moe1216 was last seen:
Dec 12, 2013
    1. Echosofchaoz
      Oh goody!
      Glad it worked :P
    2. Echosofchaoz
      The coolest guy on smogon
      like that?!
      Easy Peasy
      Just type what you want linked then copy and paste the url of where you want it to go then high lite the words and click the little earth with a chain where the fonts are and enter the url.....make sense?

      Step 1 - write out whatever Example:Coolest guy on smogon
      Step 2 copy link of where you want it to go----------------^
      Step 3 highlite whatever and click little earth with chains and paste url
      ...I really hope this made sense..I suck at explaining things lol
    3. Granstafer
      Yeah, I would imagine so, but I haven't got any challengers yet, and I have the gym currently closed because I'm focusing on writing Electivire's Gen V analysis...
      This does, however, give me a chance to use pokemon I wouldn't think of using otherwise though!
    4. Granstafer
      ah, sorry about that, Its just that the official thread still says JRank for some reason.
      anyway, glad to have you on board, and Good Luck!
    5. Echosofchaoz
      Of course.
      go for it!
    6. Echosofchaoz
      Your not bothering!
      and..Dragon has opened up!
    7. Delko
      Grats ^^
    8. Delko
      AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR !! ^^
    9. joker120
      Merry Christmas to you too. sorry for the late reply. i havent been on smogon
    10. Echosofchaoz
      Thats good
      You got your work cut out for you picking Normal :P
    11. Echosofchaoz
      Nothing really just some OU to pass the time
    12. ray423
      either later on tonight or tomorrow I think. He was on alot earlier and it is 7 hours later where he is as well.
    13. Echosofchaoz
      Your not bothering its ok!
      Nope in fact no Ubers period prevents fighting etc
    14. Echosofchaoz
      If your cool with Normal then go ahead and join and post in TP Gym Leaders with your type etc look at other peoples if you need assistance!
      Naw you did very well against me so your good!
    15. Echosofchaoz
      WELL my Uber team needs work :P
      I can give you Poison and Normal Type for now!
      A few more types may open up if you dont mind waiting!
    16. Echosofchaoz
      I shoulda used an OU team!
      Things wold have been fair lol
      Also I heard you on the mic we shoudal talked!
    17. Echosofchaoz
      K Uber see you in!
    18. Echosofchaoz
      So which tier?
      and let me know when your all set!
    19. Echosofchaoz
      Oh!..alright if you say so lol
      I have and Uber team if thats easier
    20. Echosofchaoz
      I meant wifi...lol
      SORRY I always forget to mention that
    21. Echosofchaoz
      Yea non-mono
      Alright just let me know when
    22. Echosofchaoz
      You choose how many you are gonna use in the battle, if its single or double, which clauses etc but you have to run them to me first so I can make sure its legit!
      Also do you have an OU team? I need to test my new one out if you dont mind unless you dont have one then its ok (:
    23. Echosofchaoz
      No Prob!
      If you need anything dont hesitate to ask!
      Ill try and get you a type ASAP so you can start working on it.
    24. Echosofchaoz
      Hello there! Your not bothering!
      Were still in the process of making it and promoting it but I think I can fit you in there every type is taken but few people are no shows so you may take there spot I just have to figure out what types are avliable tho so Ill keeep in touch with you and let you know ok!
      And thank you!
    25. Delko
      Okay, I'll take a look as soon as I have time ^^
      If you can provide a link that would be helpful ^^
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    Come one come all and challenge the Team Plasma Gym Leaders! We're ready for some strong trainers to test their merit and see if they can beat us!​


    Mississippi, USA
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    5070 6479 9148
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