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Mr Omgness
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Aug 11, 2014
Dec 22, 2011
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Mr Omgness

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Aug 11, 2014
    1. EV
      Are we not friends anymore? srsly i.i
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      2. Snaquaza
        Basically someone said other OMs were terrible to teambuild in and then Eevee got a little mad (which is good imo n.n)
        Apr 1, 2015
      3. SpartanMalice
        other Other Metagames ? but srsly, if anything OMs teach you to teambuild more effectively :p
        Apr 1, 2015
      4. Josh
        popping in to say eevee is bad. that is all.
        Feb 9, 2016
    2. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      Remove me from tourney, I don't have time because of school.
    3. shartruce
      hi, I can battle over the weekend as I still have to prepare teams, gmt -8 btw, kinda big timezone difference :/
    4. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      Hey, go the the round one thread. I made a "special" post
    5. Shiny Sparks
      Shiny Sparks
      Can post activity for the win, end of vacation is too complicated for me and I will not have as to play. Sorry again.
    6. Shiny Sparks
      Shiny Sparks
      Sorry dude, I was without internet these days.
    7. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      Hey, what server do you guys play on now? I used to arrange meetings at Pokecommunity, but it seems no one goes there anymore. And every time I check Joims Lab there are no STABmon players there either.
    8. EV
      Oh, well I wasn't trying to be a jerk. I was serious. I like your posts in the thread. I'm glad you're not letting us get away with being too lazy... even if I'm included in that.
      My push for the musketeer stems from the emergence of Sawsbuck in the beginnings, as I saw it as a nice counter with SE priority STAB, excellent typing (at least defensively), and superb Speed. But I welcome all opinions, criticisms, and such. I wouldn't want that thread to be a big love fest anyway.
    9. EV
      You are so poignant. RE STABmon post
    10. EV
      inner circle
    11. Bluewind
      I'll be on all weekend
    12. Robert.
      this saturday at the time of the tour
    13. Robert.
      We need to fight for the Omaha Tournament. When can you battle? im gtm-6
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