1. Calloflochie
      Paired for UUPL, gmt +9.5, can play afternoons/weekends, lemme know when ur free
    2. Shiny Sparks
      Shiny Sparks
      Hey, we have to play by Smogon Tournament, may play monday 16 hours (GMT-3)? If not, says a good time.
    3. tehy
      you seem to be vs me in OST

      Pm back your time zone and such

      I live in israel but i'm willing to stay up late for a match if necessary.
    4. Wepwnemon
      ainsley era has ended. compwete gwabage
    5. Ciele
      even if you deny the accusations they still exist and are being looked into
    6. Ciele
      probably best to wait until things are cleared up before agreeing on anything
    7. Ciele
    8. ThunderBlunder
      fuk u noob
      1. New Breed
        New Breed
        who are u
        Oct 24, 2013
    9. Ciele
      no problems with that
    10. Ciele
      weekend is fine, although saturday is preferable to sunday.

      est (edt?) night is fine as long as it's not close to midnight or something (I am gmt +1 dst)
    11. DC.
      hey, ill be on irc and on oriserver so pm in one of these places when youre ready.
    12. ThunderBlunder
      1. New Breed
        New Breed
        garbdix user
        Oct 10, 2013
    13. ThunderBlunder
    14. Raseri
      when fite for ru minitour?
      1. Raseri
        find me on #neverused, im ready to go whenever
        Oct 7, 2013
      2. New Breed
        New Breed
        im ready whenever ill be on irc arvo/night EST
        Oct 8, 2013
    15. ThunderBlunder
    16. ThunderBlunder
    17. Soulgazer
      Yeah I think playing Saturday will be the best, as I'll be studying for midterms friday. I'll try too be on IRC as much as possible so we don't miss eachother!
    18. Soulgazer
      Hey, I'm your opp for r3 RU Minitour. I'm GMT-4 and really REALLY active during weekends on IRC, mainly #neverused but I also lurk in #rarelyused, so hopefully it will be easy for us to get this done!
    19. Fuzznip
      What is your availability for our NU Open match? I'm good for any day from 7pm EST - 10pm EST mostly.
    20. Malekith
      Hi Nig Breed, we're paired for the Ubers Open. I'm GMT+2, I can't battle this weekend. I'll be able to play this night if you want. Next week I'll be able to battle most of my nights and the whole weekend. Greetings!
    21. kael
      Hey man i am on in mirc #grotto or #baril
    22. Silvershadow234
      sup based breed we're opps in ru minitour. Imma be on irc p much all day 2day and from 4-8 weekdays gmt. If necessary I guess I could also come on at 6 am gmt.
    23. Bloo
      Let's aim for next weekend...way too much battling for me this week already in the slam, haha. Need a break...I often see you on IRC so I don't think we'll have any issues bwoi. If you need to play earlier (i.e. during the weekday) I'll try to do so, but I am starting med school this coming week, so it'll be hard for me.
    24. kael
      i always can to play 11pm in my time you to do this
    25. kael
      hey bro i am on every day in mirc if you on go to talk with me in mirc #baril #barca #grotto
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