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Nov 17, 2016
Dec 22, 2009
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    1. EJ190
      Read your "buff to existing abilities" thread. Maybe you could make it other metagame instead? You could make it a discussion and ask a coder to apply it?
    2. sophies
      do you still need the junk pooch? let me know
    3. sophies
      ya i may have a spare on one of my carts ill check
    4. sophies
      Ohh I am just getting used to the tournment stuff myself I just started attending them about a year ago. I really enjoy seeing the people whom battle they aren't as sketchy as one would think :P I am alrite when it comes to standard singles but double battling I am pretty terrible. I plan to really start practicing after my midterms next month... xD
      I remember when we were new smogones' this site was busy like a beehive It died down a bit I find. The community is still strong but not so busy. I am sure that will change a month before April though ;) Feel free to drop a line sometime I always try to chat with the people whom are on my friends list from time to time if school isn't dragging me down !
      Goodluck on your dex I gave up on that after that crappy certificate you got it pokemon yellow for getting 151
    5. sophies
      Ya if you go to pokemon's offical site they have listing they start up around April. They are always held all over america and europe but for the first time they're in Canada so I am pumped :)
    6. sophies
      oh the video game championships the offical pokemon doubbles battles :P We can trade back but that shaymin you want doesnt come ut its lvl 100 evd if youre fine with that ill put my ar back in
    7. sophies
      thank you too ill be using these at vgcs a ton ;)
    8. sophies
      i see you :)
    9. sophies
      i addded this one 0562 1220 7052
    10. sophies
      if my ar ever broke id have to go on hiatus. I cannot afford to get a new one :P
    11. sophies
      :3 I wouldnt suspect you too
    12. sophies
      I am sure you already saw :P but uxie is non redi the other two are fully. I am in wifi now I added your new plat fc
    13. sophies
      okay ill let you know :P Ill head on my ss fc its the one listed in about me ill be in wifi as soon as i clone
    14. sophies
      okay iam heading into wifi then
    15. sophies
      okay did you want them in gen four uxie and shaymin?
    16. sophies
      lol its no problem I am just watching TCGO online stuff. Ive been trying to get into it but I never played the orginal pkmn card game I was just a collector when I was little. The stragey is totaly different then battling via wifi. :o
    17. sophies
      correct :)
    18. sophies
      no problem *note: Shaymins are in fourth gen but I can transfer it in fifth gen if you rather have it there
    19. sophies
      ya thats fine i can clone em for you after we trade i cant have the ar and trade at the same time :P be sure to tell me specifics I have a few natures of each.
    20. sophies
      ya three credits for whatever you want
    21. sophies
      heading in wifi
    22. sophies
      oh? my first offer? what do you mean
    23. sophies
      just catching some junk
    24. sophies
      i am going to head on my black file ^^ fc in sig
    25. sophies
      awesome :)
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