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Feb 10, 2013
Sep 12, 2009
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    1. Nexus
      same to you, Happy New Year
    2. KarlMee1234
      Hey Newts. I hope that you didn't catch that Rufflet because I found a new spread from the newest version of RNG Reporter with all 31's in everything but special attack and with a low PID of 179 so I caught it myself, sorry I was so tempted to catch one.
    3. KarlMee1234
      Ok, thanks mate :)
    4. KarlMee1234
      Hey Newts.
      Would you be able to do a CP with that shiny spread of yours? If so would you be able to catch a shiny Jolly Rufflet/Braviary in a great ball?
      I tried with my own shiny spread but the damn NPC advances me 2 PIDs to high, then I tried it again subtrating 2 PIDs and I was 2 PIDs to low lol :P.
    5. KarlMee1234
      Sometimes I have to disconnect my internet and reconnect it and then smgon is less laggy.

      Thanks for the trade :D. Let me know if you want something from my thread :P.
    6. KarlMee1234
      Nice :P.
      Ok my fc is 3525 1196 2417. Let me know when your ready to trade :P. Sorry if I do something wrong because I haven't traded on 5th gen wifi before :P
    7. KarlMee1234
      Hey Newts, I didn't want to bump your thread. I can trade all day to day because I don't have to go to work. Do you need the pokemon cloned?
    8. Nexus
      sorry mate I missed it :(
    9. Nexus
    10. KarlMee1234
      I didn't download them, my cousin did :P. I have one Monster Hunter Iso but I can't remember what one it was xD.

      I downloaded both Black and White and then I went to JB Hi-Fi last Thursday and bought them :P. The lady gave me 2 Pokemon Whites instead of 1 White and 1 Black, so I took them back and the other guy working there said to her "Why the hell did you give him the ones where you have to put the games in the cases, we have plenty of sealed ones under the desk." I was lucky I didn't go home before checking the games :P.
    11. KarlMee1234
      xD Modded PSPs ftw :P.
    12. KarlMee1234
      I've seen the Wii one at JB Hi-Fi a few times :P.
      Nice, I may have to download the PSP Iso's of it and play those xD. I have about 70gb worth of PSP games that my cousin downloaded and I could already have a few of them :P.
    13. KarlMee1234
      Nice videos man :). I've never seen the series but it looks like something that I could get into :P.
    14. KarlMee1234
      Nice :). I need to reorganise my treade thread when the new tiers are sorted, I have way to mant pokemon on my thread lol.

      Nice, I found a random shiny whiscash on my platinum rom back in January when I was looking for the feebas square so that I could RNG for a shiny feebas :P. Random shinies are always cool even though we probably could RNG for much better ones :P>
    15. KarlMee1234
      Lol xD. I stopped playing for about a month or so because I played HG/SS so much that it just got so boring and because my italian grandfather died. I also moved back to Victoria so I havent been trading a lot since January, most people trade redis junk these days which makes me not want to trade -___-'.
    16. KarlMee1234
      Hey Newts.
      Long time no chat/trade :P. How are you?
    17. Nexus
      yeah I saw....FINALLY
    18. Nexus
      evening mate
    19. Nexus
      g'day viejo
    20. Nexus
      yeah I can sign on but can't post for some reason, which is why i'm asking if we can take it to fb or another chat, perhaps I can post there
    21. Nexus
      my computer's having problems, for some reason it won't let me post in the chat, care to take this to fb or some other chat?
    22. Nexus
      hey, can't get on chat for some reason :/
    23. Nexus
      g'day mate :p
    24. KarlMee1234
      Hi. It seems that someone played my SS and got the Jirachi from the Mystery Gift dude >_>. Sorry but I can't do the Jirachi now because of that. If you want I can get the AR code for the TRU one and get the Jirachi like that.
    25. BardanSkirata
      Hey Newts, I was just checking in, trying to figure out why there's no response to any PMs...
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