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Ninja Dewott
Last Activity:
Feb 16, 2013
Dec 21, 2011
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Ninja Dewott

Ninja Dewott was last seen:
Feb 16, 2013
    1. FLCL
      there isnt really any reason to run 84 speed on golurk because it loses to alomomola anyways. you should aim for golem (176 evs) or 0 evs
    2. Komodo
      Thanks for being so respectful over the whole situation. I hope that doesn't put you off contributing in the future, that skeleton looked good.
    3. Komodo
      The only problem with that statement is that most of the time the opponent will switch in a Fire-, Flying-, or Bug-type. Sceptile won't survive a STAB hit from any of these types. If you use the Gem, Sceptile can receive a boost after KOing something.
    4. ReshiramBlitz
      Hello Ninja.

      It be IR.
    5. Psycho Cut
      Psycho Cut
      I do :)

    6. Eranu
      Hey ninja, so you have a smog on account too?
      Greets Pimm94.
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    RU: #54 | NU: #15
    Ninjas With Guitars?
    I always use one as my team's Stealth Rocker.
    Ice Cold Fire
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