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Sep 4, 2010
Jun 10, 2010
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Sep 4, 2010
    1. Snorlaxe
      I won't be able to today, but I'll definitely make an effort to rate it tomorrow ^_^
    2. TheAmazingFlygon
      I could do it right now, however it won't be as ''proper'' as if I do it when I actually have time to spare on my hands -- I will review your team tomorrow, just send me a VM or PM to remind me to rate your team. =p
    3. Setrack
      AEST. usually on most of the weekend after 4 pm on weekdays as well. sometimes i'm doing other stuff but i'll get back to you when i can
    4. Setrack
      if you need any help with anything you can contact me on irc. just pm me (Setrack).
    5. Jimbo
      Hi, I'm the head of the tutoring program. You said in your thread that you had a few questions about it -- ask away.
    6. VKCA
      Haha ya your right about the overwhelming bit, I lurked for five months before even making an account and I still didn't get the forum. guess it's one of those things that just comes with time.
    7. VKCA
      Tsunami has it right.
      If you look at the description of the each subform, they generally do a pretty good job of explaining what that subform is about. For example if I look at the "pokemon" section, I could see that
      Stark mountain would probably be the best place to lurk if you want to find about pokemon related stuff due to the fact it's description is: "Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heart Gold/Soul Silver discussion."
      Similarly I could see that I should not post in Firebot Development Lab
      you could always play it safe and lurk everywhere.
    8. Tsunami
      lurk the forums. and maybe read the rules?
    9. Deschain
      welcome to Smogon.

      ask away!
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