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Jun 12, 2010
Dec 22, 2009
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Jun 12, 2010
    1. andrea
      Moving this to VM so as not to spam that thread.

      If you've verified your frame and have been SRing for your egg and have found that you are "landing on frame 1," then doesn't that mean you are within a reasonable delay range? You wouldn't be getting strange delay results if your coins match up with something in RNG reporter. You don't need to find your seed by catching a poke when you get in once you're at the SR stage for the egg. You just flip the coin to see if you've landed on the correct seed.
    2. tr4q
      I have my target frame. I generate adjacent results (and put a stupidly large ammount of delays and stuff). I then do coin flips and it tells me where I landed...
      Or am I doing something wrong? Besides, I supposedly am on save frame 6 -.-

      Are you breeding? Taking this to VM's cause I don't wanna spam. =P
    3. Flora
      Whoops, sorry, got side-tracked. Okay, coming on soon.
    4. Flora
      I can give you one of the Dittos. Add my Diamond and I'll get on when you're ready.
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