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Pat Labor
Last Activity:
Oct 21, 2014 at 3:54 AM
Jun 6, 2013
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Talk to the hand !

Pat Labor

from Talk to the hand !

Pat Labor was last seen:
Oct 21, 2014 at 3:54 AM
    1. FinalFlash
      we play for team tour blah blah whats ur gmt times etc
    2. DontStealMyPenguin
      hi we're in the same group for that team tour. what timezone are u in, what room, and ur PS username? i'm under 'loughborough' normally in the ubers room ;)
    3. Conflict
      when do you have time for sinnoh cup r3? gmt+2 here free most of today evening/weekend
      1. Conflict
        Sep 13, 2014
      2. Conflict
        Sep 14, 2014
    4. BLINGAS ♥
      BLINGAS ♥
      yo dude we gotta play for ru slam. tell me when you can play, im' -8 and im usually always on.
    5. Lord Ninjax
      Lord Ninjax
      We're playing for Reverse Tournament, I'm GMT +5:30, available in the evening and I would prefer doing this in the evening. When can you play?
    6. ZoroarkForever
      We're matched-up for X&Y's Excellent Adventure. When can you play? I'm open for a while on Friday.
    7. Mean Mr Snorlax
      Mean Mr Snorlax
      we need to fite for the equal opportunity tour. when can u battle?
    8. Air
      HI, WE FORGOT ABOUT THE SUNSET COLISEUM TOURNEY. deadlines sunday so, when you wana play?
    9. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold

      im your captain for the RUPL, are you able to play for the team?
    10. Kirigakure
      we need play for homefield tour
      i can play when ure ready

      i'm on in smogtours.psim.us 19 to 00h
      -3 gmt
    11. Felony
      Hi when do you want to play for homefield adv?
    12. DittoCrow
      Hey when do you want to play for the RUPL? I can play almost anytime today.
    13. kingmidas
      We're opponents for ru minitour r1, I'm est -4 and will be available the week from 5PM to 9PM
    14. Nozzle
      Were paired for monotype. Im +1 gmt and have no school the entire week. Whens good for you?
      1. Lady Salamence
        Lady Salamence
        please respond, pat labor, or i will sub you out
        May 4, 2014
      2. Pat Labor
        Pat Labor
        I didn't even see it
        Tell me if you're fine to play Sunday or another day around 8pm in your GMT
        May 4, 2014
      3. Nozzle
        i cant play tonight anymore im sorry i have a bday of a friend
        i should be able to play tomorrow or if that doesnt work for you sometime next weekend
        May 4, 2014
    15. Seevea
      We're up for OST, I oughta be on every day from 3pm - 11pm EST and all day on the weekends. How about you?
    16. shartruce2
      hey we're opps for the unscrupulous tiering director tour r2, im gmt -8 and i can do all tomorrow or late sunday
    17. BASED
      we have to play for farm league im gmt-6 when do u want to play
    18. Heysup
      We got some bwuu to play. When are you free?
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      2. Heysup
        Throw me a bone here....lol.
        Jan 11, 2014
      3. Lady Salamence
        Lady Salamence
        are you guys interested in an extension, or are you not interested in that and just want me to coinflip/activity
        Jan 11, 2014
      4. Heysup
        I mean I guess that's up to Pat Labor, though I definitely don't want a coin flip.
        Jan 12, 2014
    19. redalert2020
      Hey, we're opponents in week two of the farm league. I'm in the Eastern US Timezone. When are you available to battle?
    20. Soulgazer
      I am on oriserver ir you are ready!
    21. Soulgazer
      Hi you are my new opp for the BW UU Tournament, I'm GMT-5 and can fight at any time after the 25th, when are you available?
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      2. Soulgazer
        Do you mean Thursday Dec 26th at 1am-4am? If yes I will be available around that time on both forums and IRC so it shouldn't be hard to find me
        Dec 24, 2013
      3. Soulgazer
        Same for 5-8pm my time!
        Dec 24, 2013
      4. Lady Salamence
        Lady Salamence
        deadline is in four days, please do your battle
        Dec 26, 2013
    22. Exeggutive
      Yo I'm your opponent for farm league bw ou. I'm EST I am able to play 7-11 pm on week days and most of the time week ends.
      Let me know
      1. Pat Labor
        Pat Labor
        Can you play Sunday at 5pm in your GMT.
        Dec 24, 2013
      2. Exeggutive
        If by "your GMT" you mean EST than ya sure. we can choose a server closer to the date
        Dec 24, 2013
    23. dragonuser
      Hi we need to play for flying blind

      I'm EST and can play from 5-11 pm on weekdays and make most times on weekends, let me know when you are free
    24. mikel
      yo, we're up for the lc/nu/ru tournament. i'm gmt +11 which might be kind of annoying for matchups but i'm happy to play at any time from like 10am to 2am my time unless i'm at work or something.
      1. Pat Labor
        Pat Labor
        Yeah, it's an aaamazing pairing with shitty timelines.

        Oh, and tell me if you're fine to play Sunday around 11pm in your GMT. I hope it's not an issue.
        Nov 27, 2013
      2. mikel
        i think that should be ok. i can probably confirm on saturday?
        Nov 27, 2013
    25. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      hello, you're my opponent for the Fsl, alright? With different nicknames :X When can you play?
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