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Nov 8, 2013
Mar 30, 2010
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from Illinois

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Nov 8, 2013
    1. DigGa
    2. Molk
      hi phirre :)

      hows that team we made doing? any problems so far that need to be fixed, if so, how do you think we should fix those problems?

      btw, where did you decide to battle?
    3. Captains
    4. Captains
      My bad Chansey was with another person!!! And YES!!! As long as I catch you soon, and you're happy to clone it, that'd be great! Thanks.
    5. Zari
      Heya, I got held up by irl stuff for a few days, but I'm available to trade all of today :)

      would you like any 3G/4G tutors on the togepi, and what generation would you like to trade in (I can do either 4th or 5th, up to you)?
    6. Captains
      Sorry for such a late reply, but will this provide me with the Baltoy without one of those peculiar ribbons? (holiday ribbon)

      Or on the other hand I could be an "ass" an ask if we could complete this trade (chansey nn'd Blissey <=> Baltoy) on saturday when I'll have the card most probably.
    7. Captains
      **by the way, are you able to clone? I'm currently with my grandparents, hence don't have access to a AR cart to clone with.
    8. Captains
      Hey! I'm free now. =)
    9. DigGa
      If you donĀ“t need them, i can give you a list of my DV Pokemon
    10. DigGa
      Shiney Whimsicott
      OT: Roarke ID NR: 23883
      Prankster | Bold
      252Hp / 64Def / 194Spd
      -Light Screen

      Timid Zappy HP [Ice] / Tailwind & Heat Wave
    11. JTrainer
      As long as it's female it doesn't matter much, but UT if possible.
    12. JTrainer
      Hi. Do you still wanna trade? My Gengar for your Liepard?
    13. religiousjedi
      4127 1458 6494 if you haven't registered it yet.
    14. Zelen
    15. Zelen
      Np, I'm bored atm. : D You can make it private again. This will take few minutes.
    16. Zelen
      well pokecheck link may be the best way unless you want to mail it to me. ^^
    17. Zelen
      Hi, I can help you with tutoring your Liepard. My Black 2 FC is 1807 8427 5857, if you can send me .pkm file /w Pokecheck that will do as well. I don't need anything in return unless you really eager to give me something. :p
    18. Molk
      swanna is a good pokemon, in fact, it doesnt need weather at all! a simple subroost set with surf/hurricane works perfectly fine without the weather :)
    19. Molk
      o god, i forgot to PM you while i was on, and fell asleep when i remembered

      when your on next, tell me if you have any idea of what pokemon/playstyle you want to build around
    20. Molk
      im usually online all day or close to that, what time would you like to meet?
    21. Molk
      nice :)

      ill send you a Pm when you log on
    22. Molk
      well, we could start by going on irc, theres a channel called #neverused where a lot of good NU players stay and chat about the metagame, or other things. because pokemon black 2 and white 2 came out just yesterday there are a lot of new things to try out like regenerator amoonguss and stealth rock carracosta!

      you can access #neverused directly from here :) http://cbe003.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.synirc.net&channel=%23neverused
    23. Molk
      hello! I would just like to let you know that im your tutor for Battling 101 this round! When you get this message plz respond so we can get started
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