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Mar 13, 2017
Nov 15, 2011
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Mar 13, 2017
    1. TheMantyke
      I participated in the first day of the tournament, but I got caught up spending time with the family since everyone's home and haven't battled much. I think I only have ~18 battles.
    2. HagridTwin
      Sorry, I've stepped away from VGC since Nats. What can I do for ya?
    3. HagridTwin
      Yes, I haven't gotten a chance to read the latest. The last I read was Chapter 4.
    4. soul_survivor
      haha I didn't need much luck at all. Instead my opponents did. I finished 6-1 with 1 lose to the most ugh hax. I was going to win easily as I did all my matches and boom a rockslide flinch on zapdos and it was over. That would've gotten me top4 but meh theres still nats. How'd you do.
    5. soul_survivor
      Well Goodluck. VGC is now officially right around the corner haha.
    6. Cassie
      yep i see you now.
    7. Cassie
      connecting now, it had to do with not having the right fc from you
    8. Cassie
      3095 7294 5807

      Can i get yours again just in case i put it in wrong?
    9. Cassie
      That's weird. I don't see you.
    10. soul_survivor
      rated and close. The team is bulky offense that utilizes paralysis. I use tr as a back up plan. Though my only troomer is metagross haha. No one expects tr metagross. I lead scarf haxxy and thunder for paralysis spread, or backup plan scarf haxxy and tr metagross. Outrage+twave does some cool things haha.
    11. soul_survivor
      k going to check it after I take a shower.

      I have a question. What playstyle would you think at team preview if you saw:

      Haxorus,thunderus,Scrafty,metagross,jellicent, and heatran?
    12. soul_survivor
      1st time i posted 5x in 1 day in awhile. Is your thread still up 4 rating?
    13. Cybertron
      Nice, good to hear that you have a team you like! Thanks for the good words about my thread :)
    14. soul_survivor
      sorry haven't been on. I'll check it when I have time,
    15. Drifblim
      "VGC 2012 Goodstuff" It doesnt have a centralized startegy so thats relatively fitting
    16. Drifblim
      at this point yeh, Just because you have a pretty standard Chandelure set that uses Trick Room doesn't mean you whole team is based on that tho
    17. soul_survivor
      dem heatwave misses suck. That was actually the team I used at RhodeIsland last season. Nice team and all three of em were amazing. too bad I cant save more than 1 bv. Though my possible Philly team might be coming by next week. Good luck at nats. Definitely want to see ya there.
    18. soul_survivor
      wen u wake up ill sucker punch n spore. now thats conservation
    19. soul_survivor
      k going in inna few minutes. I have a 80% chance of going to nats but most likely if i gt top 4 at philky it'll be a 100%
    20. soul_survivor
      k tell me when ur online and ill hop on
    21. soul_survivor
      uhh sure. I just gtta make a quick team. single match or best 2 out of 3
    22. soul_survivor
      aah I see. Your putting your counter measure to
      potential counters. I drifted off smogon as im almost at 100 winstreak on Battlesubway super doubles.

      The only bad part to tornadus counter and tailwind is again protect(but luckily most people don't know they can use that with a tailwinder)

      Also follow me can be a pain as it has same priority as fakeout.

      ->Follow me togekiss lure fakeout and spore while other pokemon freely picks you off or try to do damage.
      ->Ludicolo carrying icebeam. Can FO breloom. Next turn Icebeam.

      More will come to my head, but thats what I remembered for nao.
    23. Drifblim
      Ok reviewed the team. A bit harsh! :]
    24. soul_survivor
      ->tornadus can easily setup sub and ohko both ama, and breloo,
      ->Safeguard can force breloom out wasting a turn
      ->Tailwind can outspeed ya making it a downhill battles
      ->Lum and chesto(though their rare)
      ->Cresselia:Walls Ama to death and doesn't mind sleeping 1-3 turns, and can ko loom with psychic.
      ->I had quite a few others but I went blank as soon as I typed tailwind. Theres also protect too. So prediction gtta be sharp.
    25. soul_survivor
      Ways to improve on the sporing combo or ways to counter ot?
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