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Oct 21, 2017 at 1:24 AM
Oct 12, 2008
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from Occupying a multi-dimensional existence.

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Oct 21, 2017 at 1:24 AM
    1. Riski
      Thank you again for the trade. :-)
    2. Riski
      There you are. Yes, I'll get a leftover on the Keldeo. :-)
    3. Riski
      Nope, still don't see you. I'm in the centre room this time. I'm using my White V1 game as before, FC 2667 0159 2949
    4. Riski
      Ok, I don't see you at all. I'm going to go out again.
    5. Riski
      No, sorry. You're not missing anything. I'm just being conversational.

      I have somewhere to be at 7:30, so I'll have to leave by around 7:20. Hopefully we'll be done trading well before then.
    6. Riski
      I can get the duskull up to my white game and add leftovers to it. I'm pretty sure I can trade around 6:30 pm tomorrow. I appreciate you getting back to me. I definitely want to give a Keldeo to my son. :-)

      He just asked me for a Mew for a friend. I think I'm going to have to make my event Mew from Gen 4 redis.
    7. Palu
      Thanks for the trade! Enjoy Keldeo!
    8. Palu
      I'm cloning now and will be back shortly.
    9. Palu
      Yes, good idea.
    10. Palu
      Alright, I'll be in the wifi room in a few minutes
    11. Palu
      Hello. I can trade now if you're free. How about it?
    12. Palu
      Yeah, I can send you the extra leftovers.
    13. Palu
      You can find my White FC in my signature or in my "about me" section, but feel free to send me yours at any time.
    14. Palu
      Alright, I'll be available late tonight, but if I don't see you online then I'll look for you around 10 pm EST on Monday. Also, I can clone for you if need be.
    15. Riski
      I can clone it for you, if you want. I would like a distributable myself, so I can give one to my son, who may trade it elsewhere at his discretion. If you'd like to trade it to me for something or for cloning services, I'd be happy to do so. I can always send you multiple copies of that or other pokes you need cloned for trade.
    16. Palu
      Hey, sorry I haven't replied sooner; I've been really bad about checking my trade thread this past week. Anyway, for Keldeo I'd be interested in that Reshiram you posted. Let me know if this works for you and what times you are available to trade.
    17. Riski
      Hi, I got one but it is non-redis from religiousjedi. He was very nice and let me have one. I hope you manage to get one soon too, but if I do come across a legit redistributable Keldeo, I will drop you a VM.
    18. Riski
      LOL. Ok, I'll let you know too if I manage to get one first. :-) Ttyl.
    19. Riski
      :-) Thanks for the trade. Let me know if you ever get the Keldeo. Maybe I'll have something else of interest by then. Currently doing a DW drilbur male.
    20. Riski
      Oh, well, you didn't answer, so I went back in. I put an enigma berry on the darkrai, though.
    21. Riski
      Did you want any items on the pokemon?
    22. Riski
      Ok, yeah. My bad. :(
    23. Riski
      Is it? Hrmm. Ok. I may be too used to playing on Japanese carts between two games at home. I'll switch rooms. Sorry about that.
    24. Riski
      No, go to the one on the left side. :-)
    25. Riski
      Don't forget to double check your friend code too.
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