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Aug 22, 2014 at 7:41 PM
Oct 29, 2011
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Aug 22, 2014 at 7:41 PM
    1. Darkhound
      hey bro will you please add my FC and give me yours to add, 2337-4159-9569
      I'm trying to build up my friend Safari and could use all the help i can get, Once I have a large repertoire of Perfect IV poks I will start doing give away's especially to my first FC friends who helped made it possible.
    2. LucaroarkZ
      No problem. My PSN name is epic37.

      What games do you play on the PS3?
    3. LucaroarkZ
      Actually I do have a PSN, I just don't play my PS3 much at the moment (actually can't play it at all right now because my parents are remodeling our house)
    4. LucaroarkZ
      I have a 3DS, a DS, a GBA, a Wii, and a PS3. My brother has an Xbox 360 but I don't get to play it much (especially since he's hooked on Halo 4 right now)
    5. LucaroarkZ
      Yeah, though I do need more games for my 3DS (I have a grand total of.... 1 3DS game.) Out of cash from buying too much crap, so maybe I'll get up off my lazy ass and make a christmas list.
    6. LucaroarkZ
      Yeah, OU's a mess. Rain, Genesect, etc.

      I'm still thinking of what I want for Christmas too, kind of a difficult decision for me since I have way too much stuff already.
    7. LucaroarkZ
      Not really, been working on some OU teams but not much else.
    8. LucaroarkZ
      Didn't plan on it.
    9. LucaroarkZ
      Ubers is fun. If you do return, beware of Kyurem-W (hail is actually viable in Ubers now because of it). Protip: Use Scizor in BW2 Ubers. It can Bullet Punch vs. Kyurem-W and also trap Soul Dew Lati@s with Pursuit
    10. LucaroarkZ
      Just been up to building me some teams. I'm working on my ADV OU team building skills (which aren't that great at the moment)
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