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Nov 26, 2014
Apr 19, 2009
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Nov 26, 2014
    1. Kiebin
      Hey! I'm replying anyway, because the RNG does indeed stick sometimes, on White at least. I haven't done it on Black myself, but I will sometime. And the RNG Reporter stuff you mentioned is called Researcher. What it does is research your seed essentially, and the numbers and stuff at top right are calculations to make the results window show what you want to see, in this case it was natures and characteristics. And we had to use that because the main window still has a bugged characteristics checker.

      I'm glad to see you got it though! Good job
    2. pedrokabu
      No problem, WiFi acts weird sometimes. I hope you enjoy her! :)
    3. pedrokabu
      Thanks, and going with Black now.
    4. pedrokabu
      I'm avoiding to post on the topic, since it will be closed in this week. I'm going with Platinum.
    5. pedrokabu
      Hi, I'm ready to trade. You want to trade first in 4G, right? And about Eevee: it hasn't my OT/ID, but the OT/ID of a trustable friend of mine, and I hackchecked it, proving its legitimacy.
    6. pedrokabu
      Heh, I was waiting for your post (or a VM), I was seeing the crazyness the current suspect OU voters are doing now. Let me clone the Eevee first (it is quick), then I'll VM you again. Your FCs are those in your post in the thread, right?
    7. Miscellaneous
      Yes, i realised you agree on the releasing policy, just wanted to clarify the point for those who don't. I didn't mean to argue/ to bash your post. Sorry for the misunderstanding
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