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Feb 27, 2015 at 4:13 PM
Oct 18, 2008
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Sep 14, 1983 (Age: 31)
Long Island, New York


the pastor of disaster, 31, from Long Island, New York

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reachzero was last seen:
Viewing thread np: UU Stage 2.1 - You Are Invited, Feb 27, 2015 at 4:13 PM
    1. HaxBro.K
      hi o/
      we need to battle to ST#11, when you could play? i'm gmt -2
      1. HaxBro.K
        when could you play?
        Jan 21, 2015
      2. HaxBro.K
        hey :D
        Jan 23, 2015
    2. dekzeh
      We are teammates again :D
    3. Ununhexium
      CAP needs you
    4. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    5. Nas
    6. wh0sy0urpapa
      Why have you retired? Come back to CAP please!
    7. fatty
      hey what time can you play tomorrow
    8. Sweep
      when fite for uu, i am gmt -5 and can play all weekend and thursday evening my time.
      1. Sweep
        Does tonight work for you, or do you want to play after smogtourns tomorrow.
        Apr 26, 2014
    9. Reverb
      how ya doing, reach?
    10. BKC
      hi when battle uupl
      1. reachzero
        Today would be good. Tomorrow night should also be good.
        Apr 19, 2014
    11. Nas
      hey man come back i bought you in uupl :(
      1. reachzero
        When I've been on IRC, I haven't seen you on #burglars or #xyuu :(
        Apr 14, 2014
    12. Raseri
      Hi reachzero, we're matched up for the highlander tour. Im gmt -7 and free in the evenings my time, as well as this Saturday. When would you like to play?
    13. giara
      Sorry, just saw your VM. I'm GMT+2, you can find me on French Time PS server (here : http://frenchtime.psim.us/ ) almost anytime in the day.
      I should be there around tour time if you can't find me at another time.
    14. Anno nyme
      Anno nyme
      I'll be on PS as Anno-nyme today at 11 AM your time, so we'll play there if we receive teams before.
    15. Anno nyme
      Anno nyme
      We're paired for the reverse tour round 3.
      I'm GMT +2 and I can play from 10 AM until 7 PM my time.
      When can you play ?
    16. dcae
      hey whenever you want to play our highlander game just vm me, im generally on #pokemon during the day so you can find me there. otherwise we can schedule something.
    17. Fille
      Long time no see. Sorry for late response, but haven't been thinking about Smogon since I came back :/
    18. Nas
      hey, we're paired for UU open, I haven't seen you on irc for the past few days so can you tell me what day is good for you? I'm available pretty much any time till Wednesday
      1. reachzero
        Wednesday might be slightly tough, what about Thursday?
        Aug 5, 2013
      2. Nas
        Wednesday at midnight is the deadline, so how about tomorrow? I should be available after 4:00pm, GMT-7
        Aug 5, 2013
    19. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Yeah, that would work much, much better.
    20. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Hey, I'm pretty flexible, so anytime this weekend, next week or w/e is fine.
    21. Dallasboi1992
      Thank you. I posted the RMT in the UU RMT page under "QuickNasty Momentum". I don't know how to private message you in the new system so that's why I'm leaving a page comment to let you know. :P
    22. Dallasboi1992
      Your QuickNasty Porygon-Z is INCREDIBLE! I love it! I made a team using it and Froslass & I've pulled off a few 5-0s & 6-0s with it with a 20-5 record. I really want to make an RMT post on it. If you let me, I'll credit you with the set. Is that okay?
      1. reachzero
        Absolutely fine! That was the whole point of posting it, of course. :)
        Jul 21, 2013
    23. Ernesto
      Why didn't I think about Double Dance Porygon-Z. In the spikes stacking offense team I built to troll the ladder, I was looking for something to replace Darm with, since I found it gave me little in the defensive department. Porygon-Z would be perfect because (even if it has no resistances) it gives me a secondary Scarf Chandy check to disrupt teams with... I'm dissappointed at myself, lol.
    24. lokt
      Are you on now? Sorry I'm late, there was a lot of traffic. If you read this, I'll be on showdown under the username lokt.
    25. Chisposo
      Sup, we're paired for the Highlander Tournament. When can you play? I'm in GMT+1. Later :]
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    Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself.
    Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.

    (Proverbs 26:4-5)


    Sep 14, 1983 (Age: 31)
    Long Island, New York
    Real Name:
    David Herling


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