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Rhys DeAnno
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May 17, 2013
Dec 1, 2009
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The Ladder

Rhys DeAnno

Slacking Off, from The Ladder

Rhys DeAnno was last seen:
May 17, 2013
    1. Rhys DeAnno
      Rhys DeAnno
      Rhys is a sound I like. It's actually pronounced like "Rh-ice" [r̥aɪs], not the sissy french way. Anno is a Kingdom in Utopia that I was involved with when I first started using that as my nick in around 2004, so the "DeAnno" comes from that.
    2. V4Victini
      "jesus fuck you have no vms"

      Where does your name come from? First time I saw it mentioned I figured someone was off-handedly mentioning a celebrity.
    3. Rhys DeAnno
      Rhys DeAnno
      Thanks everyone!
    4. zapzap29
      Congrats on the badge Rhys, it's been a long time coming
    5. Jukain
      jesus fuck you have no vms

      and the badge!
    6. Super Mario Bro
    7. Arcticblast
      Just saw your post in the suspect thread... If you ran into me using Swadloon, I'm sorry.

      But I enjoy using things that aren't necessarily viable.
    8. Iconic
      hey rhys, how have you been?
    9. Forte.EXE
      I was reading through your Ninetales (Gen V) analysis, and I was wondering if there was a possibility of adding a Choice Scarf set, as either its own set or as a mention in Other Options.
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    PS! Alts: Rhys DeAnno, Insane Rhys, Rhys DA
    PS! Challenges Completed: Randbats, Ubers
    Suspect Votes: BW OU Round 1, 2, 9, 10


    The Ladder
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    Often lost in thought
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