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Jan 28, 2017
Jul 19, 2010
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    1. Delta 2777
      Delta 2777
      Hey man we were scheduled to play today, you on?
    2. Nunchuck
      shit sorry man, I have been really sick. i took today off of work though. some time today?
    3. Nunchuck
      I don't think so. I was on at 2200 GMT-8 but didnt see you. I hung out for a half an hour. I work all sat and sun, so monday will be our next best bet. When works for you?
    4. Nunchuck
      hi im online. My name is Nunchuck
    5. Chieliee
      I gave you a coinflip and you won it in the 3-mon tour, but Darkloic actually deserved an activity win. So.. you're out. Sorry, but that's what you get when you're not active!
    6. Nunchuck
      Hi Roie, this is your 1st round tournament competitor Nunchuck. I am PST. weekdays after after 6 my time is the best for me, but can work a lot of other times.
    7. badabing
      im on now can u go to po
    8. badabing
      Yea I can play in like 30 min
    9. FireMage
      Hey Roie, I'm giving you and badabing an additional 24 hours from now to get your match done, I can see you and badabing have set up a potential time - let me know once you've finished and post the results in the thread or on my vm wall, thanks!
    10. badabing
      K let's do that
    11. badabing
      2am - 6am GMT tmrw y/n
    12. FireMage
      Hey, Roie I know you might be having problems, but you need to get your match done for Team Tour (w/badabing) asap. I'm happy to give a slight extension if needed. I only ask 'cause it's your match that decided whether your team wins/loses
    13. Alf'
      Hey, we're paired for 3-mon tourney. When do you want to play? I'm gmt +1
    14. Gary
      Hey can you do me a favor and go on the OU tournament thread and post that you confirm the lost against me? Joey told me he wanted you to say it just to make sure.
    15. Gary
      Really GG dude! That's a really nice sun team you have. That Dugtrio killing off my Heatran almost lost me the battle. Anyways, props on the nice team, and I hope to battle you in the future. GG again bro!
    16. Gary
      Alright I'm ready, what's your showdown user name?
    17. Gary
      Hold on dude give me 15 min im playin nazi zombies lol
    18. Gary
      Yeah I can play at 9:00 your time today.
    19. Gary
      Where were you dude? Sorry if I'm being annoying, but the deadline for this battle is very soon, and it would be nice if I could battle you.
    20. Gary
      Alright dude 7 it is
    21. Gary
      Ok so your an hour behind me. Can you battle at 7:00 PM your time today? It will be 8:00 PM for me.
    22. Gary
      What's up dude! You and I are opponents for the first round in the OU mini tournament. Hell yeah. What time and day is best for you this week? I can't do it today, but I can most likely do it the rest of the week in between 3:00 PM and 10:00 PM Eastern time (I live in Ohio). Tell me what's best for you in a VM.
    23. badabing
      ugh fsr i thought that meant midnight friday instead of thursday. anyways holla at me with another time i guess
    24. Vinc2612
      I'm ready, find me on Showdown when you are
    25. Vinc2612
      Fine, tomorrow 11am GMT
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