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Last Activity:
Aug 23, 2016 at 8:03 PM
Nov 27, 2012
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August 29



S0L1D G0LD was last seen:
Aug 23, 2016 at 8:03 PM
    1. Toon
      good luck in quals o/
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Thank you \o. I'd be in better shape if I had posted that claim earlier than I did, but I think I'll do okay. Good luck to you, too.
        Aug 10, 2016
    2. Frosty
      FYI: I will wait for 4 extra days on top of your usual 2 days (total of 6-days). That is the standard for LoAs on AOT. So if you could post once until next saturday at least, we should be able to make through without much hassle.
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        It's a little bit late for me to post a reply, but I'll try my best to be timely for the rest of the fight.
        Aug 9, 2016
    3. Sken
      don't be shameful for shitposting, you should be proud of it if you did it properly :]
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        I wasn't, but I appreciate your sentiment :D.
        May 9, 2016
    4. Iron Caliber
      Iron Caliber
      I don't know if you saw, but I took your match against Gale. Be sure to send in.
    5. The Reptile
    6. Chinchou111
      but I really like tagging you
    7. Someoneelse
      Please reduce the size of your signature. I doubt you need all of those old quotes, and it takes a significant amount of time for threads to load if you have posted in them (not just for me, there are several of us with less fast internet). 56,000 characters is a bit excessive, don't you think?
    8. Geodude6
      just letting you know youre a (BAN ME PLEASE)
      1. Microchango
        Jan 16, 2016
    9. Frosty

      The wall of VMs from me make me feel unconfortable.

      Since you asked at IRC, I will answer here too: you can order vs zara as far as the committee goes. Just do it -_-.
    10. Frosty
      post on your gym vs zara for heaven's sake!
    11. Frosty
      I suggest you get to zara's gym battle asap. If you reach a month of wait, you will be removed fr the gym.
    12. Frosty
      thanks for the loa update. You should be fine.
    13. Frosty
      your subs seem fine vs zara
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Thank you.
        Oct 3, 2015
    14. deadfox081
      Do you intend to accept my gym challenge? Or you know, manage your gym at all?
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Oh, what a delightful comment -.-

        I don't have the time as of now, as I've said countless times, to do things quickly. But whatever; challenge is accepted. Enjoy.
        Oct 3, 2015
      2. deadfox081
        My challenge has been unaccepted for 2.5 weeks. Prior to that Elevator Music's challenge was unaccepted for 8 weeks. On top of this you are a cumulative total of 33 days over DQ in your battle with zarator a mere 2 rounds in. If you do not have time to act as a gym leader then relinquish the position, do not hold up the entire gym league for everybody else.
        Oct 4, 2015
    15. Frosty
      You need to send in vs Zarator on your gym.
    16. Mowtom
      I totally understand where you're coming from, and I don't disagree, but I'm curious: what other reason is there to run? As far as I see it, people run for these positions because they think they can make (in this case ASB) better.
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Alright, let me try to explain here. Although it may make me come off as a douche, I will use myself as an example. I "run" (air quotes because even though I historically neither vote nor expect to be elected) with an open mind, and the goal to better ASB whether I would like the collateral or not. I take the time to step back in the discussions I partake in to see them from all the presented viewpoints before weighing in with my final opinion.

        Saying things like "things haven't been going my way lately" implies that while you want to effect ASB as a whole, your own biases and preferences will spearhead your contributions. This will most likely result in an unhealthy decision being made at some point in time because the councilman cannot see past themselves, and because they think something would be good or neat will push for it even if it hurts the game (not a shot at you or anything, just a generalization).

        In summary, the syntax/phrasing is my main offender, as I assume you're not one to fall into the second category.
        Jul 24, 2015
      2. Mowtom
        Ohhhhhhh yeah that makes sense. Sorry, I definitely should have phrased it differently. I meant to say something more like "Decisions we've made as a community are seeming more and more nonsensical lately, such as the whole sub/cooldown thing."
        Jul 24, 2015
    17. FMD
      Could you send a team in for our battle?
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Oh, shoot, that does have a ref, doesn't it? Yea, I'll send in tonight.
        Jun 29, 2015
    18. Mowtom
      Send in vs ragnarokalex pls
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Man, the whole site was down for 12+ hours today. How was I supposed to?
        May 27, 2015
      2. Mowtom
        To be fair, I took your battle on Friday.
        May 27, 2015
      3. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        And I'm beyond busy in irl.
        May 28, 2015
    19. VirajVora
      Hi in your battle against YellowAdminSilver, both of his subs are illegal... Do u want to reorder ?

      You, Canis Majoris and Gale Wing Srock called this legal while dogfish44 called this illegal...

      Since dogfish44 > Canis Majoris + S0L1D G0LD + Gale Wing Srock, I'll go with it...

      So you can reorder and then inform me... If you have any issues with legality of sub, contact dogfish44...
      1. VirajVora
        Reason for illegal : The same sub can be read in 2 ways...

        1: If FOCUS PUNCH IN COMBO is used but not on me, i.e. a Wall, a brick, etc. And I am Burned, use Iron Defense... (Which I assume you, Canis Majoris and Gale Wing Srock read it as...)
        2: If Any move other than FOCUS PUNCH IN COMBO is used on me when I am burned, use Iron Defense, which is illegal (Which I and dogfish44 read it as...)
        May 23, 2015
      2. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Not to mention the priority differences. Yes, I will reorder.
        May 23, 2015
      Hi, can you add me as a friend please o(O_O)o? Because I have none in real life.. thanks o(^_^)o
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        I don't usually, but seeing as you've asked so nicely, sure.
        Mar 21, 2015
        Thanks ^_^
        Mar 21, 2015
    21. Ragnarokalex
      Hey, couple quick things about your last prize claim since I didn't want to make a new post about it, only a couple minor things off:
      1. Ragnarokalex
        You claimed 1 CC from 7 Different battles but only gave yourself 6 in the summary of your claim, make sure you get your last cc man!
        also Knock Off is actually a current gen Tutor for Heracross, so he still has an MC leftover
        Finally Giga Drain is actually also Current Gen Tutor for Grimer, so he also has an MC leftover

        Go ahead and just edit your Prize claim to reflect these and let me know and ill get ya approved.
        Mar 13, 2015
      2. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Stockpiled the excess MC. The 6 CC is on purpose, as I had claimed only the CC from the first match a while back.
        Mar 13, 2015
    22. Lukethehedgehog
    23. Redew
      Sorry about that. I'll be more careful next time.
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Nah, it's fine, no harm done.
        Mar 8, 2015
    24. Gale Wing Srock
      Gale Wing Srock
      I forgot pain split Gold. Sowwy. Please check the calcs, they should be fine now.
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Looks fine now as far as I can see; thanks.
        Mar 2, 2015
      2. Gale Wing Srock
        Gale Wing Srock
        Np Gold, I fixed the Zap Cannon and Ice Punch this round.
        Mar 3, 2015
    25. Gale Wing Srock
      Gale Wing Srock
      Hey Gold, You gym arena seems a bit weak to Discharge spam and Ludicolo. Have you covered for them?
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Well, it's not like a huge portion of my mons are actually weak to electric, despite being water types, as I have in training/available many water/electric types and water/ground types, a Ludicolo of my own, plus the infamous Greninja.

        As for opposing Ludicolo, Tentacruel handles it incredibly well, plus I can attempt stall wars with mine, harass it with Greninja, or pull out Lapras.

        Tl;dr, I plan to use the Pokemon at my disposal rather then modify my arena to deal with those threats you've mentioned.
        Feb 21, 2015
      2. Gale Wing Srock
        Gale Wing Srock
        Hmm makes a lot of sense Gold. I am sure you will handle them and I had no doubt of whether you taught about them.

        I just wanted to help out a friend if I could. Cheers ^_^
        Feb 21, 2015
      3. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Thanks :D

        I appreciate the thought, but you don't need to worry about me.
        Feb 21, 2015
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  • Signature

    Morgan Seaman:
    as of yesterday, all miltanks are free of herpes
    And here's my ASB profile, as I don't have time to look forever every time I want to find it.

    New One Here.

    16:33 elevator_music o man cdx rip
    16:33 elevator_music how will i make important life decisions without !choose
    16:33 GoId lol

    My sig is nearly entirely irc quotes and that's all there is from this point on. Enter at your own risk. (open)

    12:49Leethoofis there any way to make it moony outside
    12:49Leethoofin as
    12:49Leethoofi give up

    12:17*** CDXCIV quit (Ping timeout)

    16:04 Matezoide Ugh i wish people would stop thinking Superman is OP when compared to other characters in DC
    16:05 Matezoide This isnt the Silver Age anymore damn it
    16:05 Texas superman is fucking shit
    16:06 Matezoide You are fucking shit
    16:06 *** Matezoide was kicked by Texas (get fucked shit)
    16:08 *** Matezoide joined #capasb

    Me being stupid:

    Don't Ask (open)
    21:03FlameEmblemScatterbug(Bug), Pichu(Electic), Igglybuff(Normal), Zubat(Poison), Noibat/Pidgey(Flying), Cleffable(Fairy), Geodude(Ground)
    21:03FlameEmblemThere's not a lot of rock types
    21:03Geodudeyou mean cleffa for fairy
    21:03Goldlike zubat or geodude are that weak
    21:03Alakazam!data zubat
    21:03TIBotZubat - Poison/Flying | Inner Focus/Infiltrator (H) | 40/45/35/30/40/55 | 245 BST | LC | Low Kick/Grass Knot: 20 BP
    21:03Goldhe gets a lot of shit
    21:03FlameEmblemOh, Zubat's actually better than I thought
    21:03FlameEmblemOkay, Geodude for Rock, Barboach for Ground
    21:03AlakazamWeedle for Poison
    21:03SonRedi might be the son of red but i don't like having to do with a 4x weakness. a And mega blastoise has a sick ability
    21:03Goldthe fuck did you say about barboach?

    21:04FlameEmblemAnd Barboach can't run a decent set in my experience
    21:04Goldshut up
    21:04Goldbarboach is swag, son
    21:04Geodudesandshrew for ground
    21:04FlameEmblemWhat the devil can that thing run
    21:04Goldmuch better

    21:06akelaand you would also have to be able to RNG the potential mon for each type, meaning at least 2 pokemon of each type
    21:06FlameEmblemHow is that not steel
    21:06*** Its_A_Random joined #capasb
    21:06+++ ChanServ has given admin to Its_A_Random
    21:06+++ ChanServ has given op to Its_A_Random
    21:06Goldnow you people make we want to get a barboach

    21:26Gold turns slowly to tavok
    21:26SonRed needs action
    21:26tavok steps away from Gold
    21:26Matezoide yolols
    21:27Evasunclose enough
    21:27SonRed gets between gold and tavok
    21:27tavok runs
    21:27Gold mispronounces words

    *** P2X7 joined #capasb18:28AlakazamIs catching three Pokemon the limit for TLR?18:28*** P2X7 quit (Quit: P2X7)18:28*** P2X7 joined #capasb18:28GoldLol p2 Internet problems?

    besides what you did, I feel like my actions were solid enough19:51SubwayJI just thought I'd let you know I'm not a /complete/ idiot19:51Birkalif I had to force you into using a grass-type move [​IMG]19:51SubwayJ[​IMG]19:52Gold|BowlThank gosh19:52Gold|BowlMy name isn't solid anymore19:52*** Gold|Bowl is now known as Solid19:52Solid0o0

    Hey matezoide can you finish up my flash match?
    21:34Frostyhaha yeah
    21:34Frostyand I just move to rare candy
    21:34Frostyyou better do something entirely different
    21:34Its_A_Randomodds are if I get it my way
    21:34Its_A_Randomsnorlax will not be able to rare candy
    21:34CDXCIV[21:31:41] <&Its_A_Random> >Mr. Mime
    21:34CDXCIV[21:31:42] <&Its_A_Random> >Over 100 useful moves
    21:34CDXCIV[21:31:45] <&Its_A_Random> -___-
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:06] <SubwayJ> Okay yeah I guess that one isn't needed
    21:34Its_A_Randomor soothe bell
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:13] <Alakazam> Arguably nor is Snorlax's
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:14] <%Frosty> you should totally make Full Incense increase Snorlax's weight by like 3 or so haha.
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:14] <SubwayJ> But still, Snorlax gets almost as many useful moves
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:22] <SubwayJ> With much better stats
    21:34akelaor full incense
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:26] <SubwayJ> And then the Lagging Tail
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:27] <%Pwnemon> frosty: no.
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:37] <%Frosty> Snorlax has 0 supporting options
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:40] <%Frosty> none
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:43] <&Its_A_Random> "Oh but it gets decimated by Low Kick!"
    21:34CDXCIV[21:32:52] <&Its_A_Random> just use Iron Ball...
    21:34CDXCIV[21:33:11] <+akela> allow full incense to activate belch unhindered and do nothing else
    21:34MatezoideI did
    21:35Its_A_Randomit could still full incense
    21:35Frostyhe wants one pokemon one signature item
    21:35AlakazamYou're up Zoide
    21:35GoldBut mate, it needs one more round
    21:35MatezoideNo it doesnt lol
    21:35MatezoideI finished it
    21:35AlakazamDid you press post?
    21:36FrostyStill doesn't matter. Silk Scarf nets the exact same results if you know barely what you are doing
    21:36*** FlameEmblem joined #capasb

    Funny to Me (open)

    20:01Deck_KnightSOLID GOLD
    20:01Goldoh boy
    20:01CDXCIV[19:57:28] <tavok> that's the point
    20:01CDXCIV[19:57:31] <tavok> k [​IMG]
    20:01CDXCIV[19:57:31] <starwarsfan> also sane lol
    20:01CDXCIV[19:57:34] <starwarsfan> thats a good one
    20:01CDXCIV[19:58:11] <starwarsfan> !veekun pokemon granbull
    20:01CDXCIV[19:58:11] <AOPSUser> revelant: [​IMG]
    20:01CDXCIV[19:58:19] <Kingmidas> A power beam of electrified energy is launched at the opponent. Makes more than enough sense
    20:01CDXCIV[19:58:28] * Alakazam (Alakazam@look.no.feet) Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
    20:01CDXCIV[19:58:58] <tavok> gogogo swf
    20:01CDXCIV[19:58:58] <starwarsfan> ok
    20:01CDXCIV[19:59:20] <SubwayK> Posted geodude/p2x7
    20:01CDXCIV[19:59:42] <SubwayK> !calc (17*1.5)*2+(14*2.25+3)*1.5
    20:01CDXCIV[19:59:42] <CDXCIV> 102.75
    20:01CDXCIV[19:59:51] <SubwayK> Woo~
    20:01CDXCIV[19:59:53] <SubwayK> No misses <3
    20:01Deck_KnightHappy Valentine's Day.
    20:01Goldgood one, man
    20:01Deck_KnightMay all of your Valentine's Day Fucks Be Given!
    20:02starwarsfangeo u know ur up
    20:02Goldwhew, nearly got me that time
    20:02Deck_KnightEven if there are no fucks to give!
    20:02Goldnow i might have to sig that...
    20:02starwarsfanOH GOD THAT WAS SOOOO CLOSE

    20:57Pwnemonlol waterwarrior
    20:57Pwnemonwould you believe
    20:57Pwnemoni almost went LELE DIVE X 3 MACHAMP
    20:57Pwnemonthen i was like hm w8
    20:57waterwarriori saw your actions
    20:57waterwarriorand went "the fuck is he doing"
    20:57Onoin_BubsLELE DIVE should be a thing
    20:57waterwarriorthen i saw worry seed
    20:57Pwnemonworry seed is a really fun move
    20:58waterwarriorand went "holy fuck that's the first time in ever that was effective"

    20:59Texasim on the verge of telling gerard to stop being a bitch and he loses darm-z because it breaks his gym
    20:59Pwnemontexas i like that plan
    21:00Pwnemoni have a type matchup advantage and im ordering second
    21:00Pwnemonand i still dont think i can break even on the damage
    21:00waterwarriori like that too tex
    21:00Pwnemonthis is ridiculous
    21:00Goldtexas best plan i've heard today

    21:09AOPSUserヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Raise your honedge ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    21:09elevator_musicanyone wanna flash
    21:10waterwarriorIAR ill post
    21:10elevator_musicill ref a flash if someone refs me :>
    21:10Its_A_Randomnot yet ww
    21:10Its_A_Randomwait till we get a ref here
    21:10akelayou should order versus rediamond ww
    21:10Its_A_Randomᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ FLEX YOUR HONEDGES ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ

    13:11Goldhey anyone want another 1v1 lc?
    13:11UtePoison's always been a solid defensive type
    13:11Goldone more battle til proto evolves
    13:12Goldor until sub refs me vs geo
    13:12Uteoffensively though...
    13:12Evasunsure gold, ill do another lol
    13:12Goldand that one starts to end
    13:12Golddo you mind if we make it 2v2 doubs?
    13:12Goldand 3 hr dq
    13:12Evasunif lc then fine, yeah
    13:12starwarsfangold you have a match that needs subbing?
    13:12Goldlittle cup
    13:12Goldwhat swf?
    13:12Goldff7hero took that one
    13:12starwarsfan"or until sub refs me vs geo"
    13:13Goldbut thanks anyway
    13:13Goldsubj, i mean
    13:13*** waterwarrior is now known as awaywarrior
    13:13starwarsfani got that now

    22:03MatezoideI am a hero
    22:03MatezoideI am not the hero they deserve
    22:03MatezoideBut the one they need
    22:03waterwarriorDAMN RIGHT I DID UTE
    22:03MatezoideI am the night
    22:03MatezoideI am vengeance
    22:03MatezoideI am a dark night
    22:03MatezoideI am
    22:03Dummy007No parents
    22:03MatezoideThe Batman
    22:03waterwarrioroh my god lego movie batman is best batman
    22:03*** Matezoide is now known as Batman
    22:03Dummy007More darkness
    22:03waterwarriorit wasn't comic book batman
    22:03BatmanOh come on
    22:03Dummy007Black hole
    22:03waterwarrioror movie batman
    22:03waterwarrioror anything batman
    22:03BatmanWho the hell regged this
    22:03Dummy007In the basement
    22:03*** Batman is now known as The_Batman

    20:57*** Onion_Bubs quit (Quit: http://hrwiki.org/w/images/a/ae/Beeoo.ogg)
    20:58GoldNot the bubs!
    20:58GoldOh no!

    21:03CDXCIV[20:57:28] * +Onion_Bubs (news@10.with.magog.on.the.march.brought.to.you.by.scrab.cakes) Quit (Quit: http://hrwiki.org/w/images/a/ae/Beeoo.ogg)

    21:05Gemlong story short
    21:05Gembastiodon is anti-meta for steels
    21:05Gemi may need to pull a leethoof
    21:05GoldGo inactive for nine months?
    21:05UteGet six of them
    21:06GoldMakes more sense then mine

    13:51Dummy007ww so weak
    13:51Dummy007I could beat you
    13:51Dummy007in your sleep
    13:51GoldAnyone 1v1?
    13:51GoldNfe or FE?
    13:51waterwarriortell that to the two wins/ zero losses i have right no
    13:51Dummy007Were you sleeping through those?
    13:51waterwarriora little
    13:51Dummy007nvm then

    17:30Gemfuck you gold
    17:30Gemfuck you
    17:30*** Its_A_Random joined #capasb
    17:30+++ ChanServ has given admin to Its_A_Random
    17:30+++ ChanServ has given op to Its_A_Random
    17:30Gemi always forget soak
    17:30Gemand also
    17:30Gemwhy do you JUST realize
    17:30Gemthat it has taunt
    17:30Gemit's had it forever
    17:30Gemyet you never used it
    17:30Goldi just got it first match done
    17:30CelestialPhallusI think it's kind of funny that the only extra reward tavok got was an extra mc
    17:30Goldso almost forever
    17:31Kingmidassoak can be like the least productive move ever if you're in a doubles match and someone uses follow me on a mon with a huge water movepool
    17:31*** GeneralSpoon joined #capasb
    17:31Gemit pays off in a while
    17:31CelestialPhallusmakes sense
    17:31TexasFLASH ME
    17:31Gemsoak is a great move
    17:31Texas(hi gem)
    17:31Gemwhen fighting ghosts and stuff

    21:22Goldyep, eh, privatyke is coming along quit enicely now
    21:22Goldsoon he'll be fe and ready to go for water quals
    21:22MatezoideI challenge you and Privatyke
    21:22Goldyolol mate
    21:22MatezoideIt has the same name
    21:22MatezoideAs my Spinda
    21:22starwarsfani think so ala
    21:22Dummy007I am pleased with your ownership of Volcarona
    21:22Goldbut mine
    21:22MatezoideEvolve i
    21:22MatezoideThen faite me
    21:22Goldis named after Dizzy Walren of the Gears of War series
    21:23Dummy007Volc is best non-broken Bug y/y
    21:23Goldwhat is yours named after, an inner ear condition?
    21:23Matezoide.....I cant argue with that
    21:23CelestialPhallusnow I need to figure out who to lose to next
    21:23PsycoJoshoany of you guys flash with me?
    21:23MatezoideYes <:V
    21:23AlakazamVolc was one of my starters

    16:50CelestialPhallushow does hail work in asb?
    16:50tavokit hits you
    16:50tavokfor 2 DPA
    16:50Alakazamit hails
    16:50tavokand -- acc blizzard
    16:50Goldgem up
    16:50Alakazamhitler appears
    16:50akelahail hails
    16:50Alakazamwait no

    19:49tavoksomeone wanna ref a LC flash?
    19:50tavokEasy, tasty UC ~
    19:50SolidHis UC is made in a facility that produces cancer
    19:50SolidRef me vs gem instead
    19:51tavoklol solid
    19:51*** CDXCIV quit (Input/output error)

    20:54RediamondSurely there has to be something I can do to delay reffing
    20:54tavokoh, alright, thanks maxim
    20:54RediamondLike packing for the trip I go on tomorrow and haven't started preparing for
    20:55RediamondOr watching a season of breaking bad
    20:55RediamondMore probably the latter
    20:55RediamondOr just staying on this chat bitching about how I need distractions
    20:55RediamondThis would also waste a good deal of time
    20:55Texasimagine this
    20:55TexasHamburger patty
    20:55Texastopped with bacon
    20:55Texastopeed with carmelized onions
    20:55Texasthe buns are two grilled cheese sandwiches
    20:56tavokI don't like onion
    20:56Rediamondtavok: did I kick you over something inconsequential yesterday?
    20:56Maxim_6that's an interesting hamburger, I'd get it without onions though
    20:57RediamondI think so. Shouldn't do that twice in a row.
    20:57RediamondBut since Maxim just volunteered.
    20:57*** Maxim_6 was kicked by Rediamond (Does not like onions. Obvious bot.)
    20:57*** Maxim_6 joined #capasb
    20:57TexasOnions suck ass
    20:57Maxim_6stupid piece of...I mean nice gentle Rediamond
    20:57tavoktry kicking him
    20:57ZtYou guys just don't appreciate onions.
    20:57RediamondOne does not simply
    20:57Rediamondmess with Texas

    18:35*** Texas joined #capasb18:35+++ ChanServ has given admin to Texas18:35+++ ChanServ has given op to Texas18:35GoldHello Texas18:35*** Texas left #capasb18:35Gold[​IMG]

    14:52tavokgo avnomke14:52Avnomkekk14:53GoldGo ww14:55waterwarriorgo avnomke14:55Avnomkekk14:55SubwayJgo SubwayJ14:55SubwayJ(I felt left out)14:56GoldLol

    16:25*** Gold joined #capasb
    DAT: http://tinyurl.com/ASB-NDA | ASB Warstory Take Two: http://tinyurl.com/ASBWarstoryTT | Old DAT if you need it: http://tinyurl.com/o5fefrx | http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/3504022/ | Anyone interested in TLR Reffing contact IAR while DF44 is on LoA
    Topic set by Its_A_Random on Wed Apr 16 2014 06:21:37 GMT-0400 (EDT)
    16:25CDXCIV[16:23:43] <tavok> it's obv karma
    16:25CDXCIV[16:24:13] <+waterwarrior> you mean
    16:25CDXCIV[16:24:17] <tavok> nope
    16:25CDXCIV[16:24:19] * Texas (Mibbit@Texas.Smogon) has joined #capasb
    16:25CDXCIV[16:24:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +ao Texas Texas
    16:25CDXCIV[16:24:33] <tavok> not von karma
    16:25CDXCIV[16:24:33] <+waterwarrior> MANFRED VON KARMA?!!
    16:25CDXCIV[16:24:34] <+waterwarrior> yes you do
    16:25CDXCIV[16:24:38] <tavok> nope, I don't
    16:25CDXCIV[16:24:38] <+waterwarrior> go fuck yourself
    16:25CDXCIV[16:24:41] <tavok> lol

    20:20Deck_KnightEveryone here is always happy to help.
    20:20SteelEdgesI'll get her here, if that's okay
    20:20dogfish44sure, we appreciate new members [​IMG]
    20:20Alakazam hides akela

    17:39Birkalgold, you are becoming better
    17:39Zaratordo you remember Iron Sphere?
    17:39Goldbirkal ?
    17:39Birkaljust at battling
    17:39Birkalyou're playing well in this flash
    17:39Goldthank you [​IMG]

    14:17*** Birkal joined #capasb
    14:17+++ ChanServ has given halfop to Birkal
    14:18Birkalin the immortal words of gold

    13:44GaleWingSrockguys I need suggestions for getting my fourth
    13:44Kingmidasand separate them
    13:44dogfish44no luck
    13:44dogfish44most of them just remove duplicates
    13:46dogfish44normally I alphabetise the 2 lists together
    13:46WorkstrikeI thought I had found an online tool for it back home but I can't find it again
    13:46dogfish44then remove the pairs manually
    13:46WorkstrikeOh, that's a cool trick
    13:46Kingmidaswhy does maxim hate sableye
    13:46WorkstrikeI might do that
    13:46Kingmidasis it because it wrecks his gym lol
    13:46WorkstrikeI think he was somewhat joking
    13:46dogfish44it's a bit tedious, but it works.
    13:46WorkstrikeThat could be a possibility though XD
    13:46WorkstrikeGale you should get a Magby [​IMG]
    13:46dogfish44plus it handles annoying things like Hidden Power -.-
    13:46GaleWingSrocklol Workstrike, I want a serious option
    13:46GaleWingSrockhow about honedge?
    13:46WorkstrikeI am insulted
    13:46WorkstrikeAnd offended.
    13:46Kingmidasnot everyone loves fire types

    16:49*** Tortferngatr is now known as the_ghost_of_flashes_present
    16:49Kingmidashe just like subtracted the bap again
    16:49WorkstrikeKM Zekrom doesn't know how the damage formula works
    16:49WorkstrikeThis isn't news
    16:49Goldlol tort
    16:49Kingmidasbut I asked him
    16:49Kingmidasif he knew how to do this
    16:50elevator_musico zara you're up in our match
    16:50elevator_musicno rush
    16:50GoldI'll post
    16:50*** the_ghost_of_flashes_present is now known as Tortferngatr

    Topic set by Its_A_Random on Thu Aug 14 2014 17:21:16 GMT-0400 (EDT)
    18:57CDXCIV[18:55:14] <Gold> Eruption is by no means stupid, therefore avnomke must be
    18:57CDXCIV[18:55:16] <Gold> Tiebreaker
    18:57CDXCIV[18:55:23] <Gold> You can thank me later
    18:57CDXCIV[18:55:32] <Canis_Majoris> #rekt
    18:57CDXCIV[18:55:35] <Avnomke> I was joking [​IMG]
    18:57CDXCIV[18:55:36] <+Flamestrike> Maxim I put you in a pretty bad spot lol
    18:57CDXCIV[18:56:01] <&dogfish44> Maxim's left [​IMG]
    18:57CDXCIV[18:56:01] <Avnomke> also Water Spout>>>Eruption
    18:57CDXCIV[18:56:04] <+Flamestrike> Oh
    18:57CDXCIV[18:56:06] * ladysalamence (ls@worst.user.ever) Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
    18:57CDXCIV[18:56:07] <+Flamestrike> I feel kinda bad
    18:57CDXCIV[18:56:14] <+Flamestrike> Like I broke his confidence or something [​IMG]
    18:57CDXCIV[18:56:28] * ladysalamence (ls@worst.user.ever) has joined #capasb
    18:57CDXCIV[18:56:29] * Gold (Mibbit@synIRC-FEFC5E45.central.biz.rr.com) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
    18:57CDXCIV[18:56:31] <&dogfish44> nah, he'll bounce back :>
    18:57*** Its_A_Random joined #capasb

    19:47*** Matezoide is now known as Loch_Ness_Monster
    19:47Loch_Ness_MonsterI need your help man
    19:47Loch_Ness_MonsterPsYklk you there
    19:47PsYkIkyea, im here
    19:47PsYkIkwhats up?
    19:47Loch_Ness_MonsterThis is really important
    19:47Loch_Ness_MonsterI need something
    19:47Loch_Ness_MonsterVery serious
    19:47AvnomkeDon't do it
    19:47Loch_Ness_MonsterI need about
    19:47Loch_Ness_Monstertree fiddy
    19:47Avnomkehe's an 8-story tall crustacean from the Paleozoic era
    19:48PsYkIkget your own goddam tree fiddy
    19:48Galeakela is making my life very difficult in that battle
    19:48Loch_Ness_MonsterI will never understand why that dumb as shit meme is so funny
    19:48Loch_Ness_MonsterTree fiddy copy-pasta is hilarious
    19:48*** Loch_Ness_Monster is now known as Matezoide
    19:48Kingmidasit is
    19:48Galelol Mat
    19:48*** Pwnemon joined #capasb
    19:48+++ ChanServ has given admin to Pwnemon
    19:48+++ ChanServ has given op to Pwnemon
    19:49MatezoideHey Pwne
    19:49*** Pwnemon quit (Quit: Pwnemon)
    19:50dogfish44wow, you scared him off. Impressive.
    19:50MatezoideI didnt even try :[
    19:50*** Kingmidas is now known as Loch_Ness_Monster
    19:50Loch_Ness_MonsterFU matezoide, I NEED MY TREE FIDDY
    19:51*** Loch_Ness_Monster is now known as Kingmidas
    19:51Galelol Mat... Loch Ness
    19:51PsYkIk*aims RPG at loch ness* HERES YOUR GODDAM TREE FIDDY
    19:51MatezoideDamn you Lochness Monstah we work for our money in this house!
    19:51*** Spock joined #capasb
    19:51*** Matezoide is now known as Matezoide_wife
    19:52Matezoide_wifeI gave him tree fiddy last week
    19:52*** Matezoide_wife is now known as Matezoide
    19:52MatezoideYOU WHAT?!
    19:52MatezoideOoooh Spock
    19:52PsYkIk._. mate, talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity lol
    19:52Kingmidastalk togic to the monstah
    19:52MatezoidePlease tell me this is Starwarsfan
    19:52Kingmidasum matezoide is insane though
    19:52Kingmidaswe all know that
    19:52Kingmidasits why we love hikm
    19:53Kingmidashim* duh
    19:53MatezoideMostly on the internet~
    19:53SpockA quick analysis of the bank account of this Loch Ness Monster shows 3 million, 499 thousand, 996.5 Earth dollars present already.
    19:53*** Matezoide is now known as Lochness_Monster
    19:53Lochness_MonsterAnd thats why i need about tree fiddy
    19:54SpockIt appears that this Lochness_Monster somehow makes a living by repeatedly begging strangers on the internet for approximately 3 dollars and 50 cents.
    19:54Tortferngatr 's hand peeks out from beneath Spock puppet
    19:54*** Spock quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
    19:54*** Eternal_Drifter joined #capasb
    19:55Lochness_Monster10/10 best plot twist
    19:55Lochness_MonsterI cri evrytiem
    19:55Eternal_Drifter!recap19:55*** Lochness_Monster is now known as Matezoide

    20:01MatezoideOoooh Gold, wanna hear the story?
    20:01GoldSure, why not?
    20:01MatezoideYou probably wont get to see it with recap by now
    20:02MatezoideIt was a dream that i had
    20:02*** P2 joined #capasb
    20:02MatezoideOk, basically, i , for some reason, had a pet pig
    20:02MatezoideIt wasnt exactly a pig tho
    20:02Matezoidet was green and extremely small with an elephant's nose. It sorta looked like Treetrunks from Adventure Time
    20:02MatezoideCould even fit on my hand, but it was still a baby
    20:02MatezoideAnyway, it started to grow, but as it did, it became increasingly more like an insect
    20:02MatezoideGot wings, mantis-like arms, lost the nose
    20:02*** P2 quit (Quit: P2)
    20:02MatezoideEventually it became a giant Dragon/Insect mix, Named Randy
    20:02MatezoideThen it flew back to his island with the others of his species, but i could call him
    20:02MatezoideHe could talk too, was sort of a douche
    20:03Matezoide For some reason he also had incredible god-like telepathic powers
    20:03MatezoideThen something with a giant robot and Randy ducking out in the city with others of his species
    20:03MatezoideIt was the best thing ever
    20:03MatezoideOh, and he didnt actually have mantis' stab thingies. They were made of a purple energy he could create or something like that
    20:03MatezoideSince we arent talking about anything important anyway, might as well amuse you guys with my weird head [​IMG]
    20:03GoldThat's a pretty neat dream, though
    20:04Galelol Mat
    20:04MatezoideThanks [​IMG]
    20:04GoldAll mine are forgotten or unremarkable
    20:04MatezoideYa i rarely remind my dreams
    20:04MatezoideBut when i do, it is weird ass shit
    20:04MatezoideWish Randy was real tho :<
    20:05MatezoideHe was a douche, but a major bro

    21:15*** Deck_Knight joined #capasb21:15+++ ChanServ has given owner to Deck_Knight21:15+++ ChanServ has given op to Deck_Knight21:15*** imanalt is now known as imanalt|afk21:16GoIdHello deck21:17Deck_KnightHello Au21:17Texassup cock soldier21:18Deck_KnightDon't be jelly. He's a terrible user iirc.21:18GoId[​IMG]21:20Deck_KnightWhat's rustling your jimmies Texas?21:21*** smashlloydpi joined #capasb21:21Texasnada

    18:18*** Gerard joined #capasb
    18:20Leethoofdo you want to be my asbuddy
    18:25Gerardsorry, I have an assbuddy already

    20:04Avnomke!asbmove astonish
    20:04Avnomke!asbmove shadow sneak
    20:05Avnomkeno astonish+shadow sneak combo
    20:05GoIdYou might even say
    20:05GoIdIt's astonishing
    20:05AvnomkeI saw that coming
    20:05Avnomkethat was bad
    20:05Avnomkevery bad
    20:05GoIdI tried
    20:05GoIdI literally wanted to make
    20:05GoIdThe worst joke I could
    20:06GoIdI was going for so bad it's worth a chuckle
    20:06GoIdBut plain old straight up shit was not unexpected
    20:06*** GoId was kicked by Frosty (Frosty)
    20:06!!! You have been kicked from #capasb

    19:32Frosty!choose hitthesack hitthesack hitthesack refatlr19:32CDXCIVFrosty: refatlr19:32GoIdRofl19:32Frosty.........................................................................19:32Avnomkehahaha19:32Phoneman_LegendsLmfao19:32Frosty!choose emma gerard deadfox081 gerard ED19:32CDXCIVFrosty: ED19:32Frosty............................................................................................................................19:33Frostyfair enough19:33elevator_musiclol

    20:11GoIdsheer cold + explosion y/n
    20:11smashlloydI feel like I'm missing something
    20:11smashlloydBut 40 move kitsunoh
    20:11smashlloydJust isn't that good
    20:11GoId!asbmove sheer cold
    20:11ASBot_Sheer Cold - Ice | Special | Adjacent Target | 25 BAP | 30% Acc | 18 EN Cost | -- Eff% | Contact: No | 0 Prio | Combo Type: Set | Snatch: No | Magic Coat: No
    20:11ASBot_The user gathers energy, momentarily raising the ambient heat of the area even, before releasing it and dropping the temperature to critical levels. The immense shock from the abrupt change inflicts dramatic damage. The move cannot be used in places with powerful local heat sources like a volcanic tunnel or a power plant's turbine room.
    20:11GoId!asbmove explosion
    20:11ASBot_Explosion - Normal | Physical | All Adjacent Targets | 25 BAP | 100% Acc | 20 EN Cost | -- Eff% | Contact: Normal | 0 Prio | Combo Type: Set | Snatch: No | Magic Coat: No
    20:11ASBot_The user mechanically, through the mixing of noxious gases, or simply by release of pent up pressure, creates a massive explosion, fainting itself and causing massive damage to the opponent. This attack causes the user to faint. This move fails unless the user can pay the entire Energy Cost.
    20:12GoIdASBot_ The user gathers energy, momentarily raising the ambient heat of the area even, before releasing it and dropping the temperature to critical levels. The immense shock from the abrupt change inflicts dramatic damage. The move cannot be used in places with powerful local heat sources like a volcanic tunnel or a power plant's turbine room.
    20:12GoIdASBot_ The user mechanically, through the mixing of noxious gases, or simply by release of pent up pressure, creates a massive explosion, fainting itself and causing massive damage to the opponent. This attack causes the user to faint. This move fails unless the user can pay the entire Energy Cost.
    20:12GoIdsounds totally legal to me
    20:12GoIdbuild up cyrogenic energy
    20:12GoIdand do like cold fusion
    20:12AOPSUserbut that would decrease pressure not increase it
    20:12Phoneman_LegendsExplosion involves a big explosion using heat, sheer cold removes heat
    20:12ZtTemperature change, and *then* massive explosion
    20:12AOPSUserand cold fusion is at room temperature
    20:12AOPSUsernot actually cold temperatures
    20:12GoIdbad choice of words on my part [​IMG]
    20:13ZtWhich sounds two-part.
    20:13Phoneman_LegendsMeaning a no to that combo
    20:13AOPSUserwhat even gets both moves besides smeargle
    20:13Zt!asbmove bulk up.
    20:13Frosty!asbstats lapras
    20:13ZtBulk Up Explosion though, that looks funny.
    20:14Phoneman_Legends!search sheer cold, explosion
    20:14TIBotSmeargle, Glalie, Vanillite, Vanillish, Vanilluxe, Cryogonal
    20:14ZtYou asplode by overflexing your muscles.
    20:14AOPSUseractually for Mega Glalie I might be able to see it work. Maybe
    20:14elevator_musiclol exploding ice cream
    20:14Phoneman_LegendsVanilluxe and cryo obviously
    20:14AOPSUsersince fridgesposion
    20:14Its_A_Randomexploding snowflakes
    20:14*** Rediamond joined #capasb
    20:16*** Its_A_Random quit (Quit: BIAR!)
    20:18*** Rediamond is now known as poiuytrewq
    20:19Phoneman_Legends!asbmove mimic
    20:19Frosty!asbitem metronome
    20:20Deck_KnightSheer Cold + Explosion Mega Glalie? ALLOW
    20:20Phoneman_LegendsQuick question about mimic
    20:20Deck_KnightWho would even use such a move?
    20:21ZtRaids, and weird matches where it'd work.

    21:18Deck_KnightI'd probably end up doing something lame like Spikes / Gunk Shot / Hydro Pump, on the theory that Water / Dark is probably the safest type for Ninja A1, Gunk Shot punishes Grass Knot without being weak to Low Kick (and if you go second you completely avoid Extrasensory), and you might as well end with your own STAB since the opposing Ninja has probably changed type twice by now.
    21:18*** Maxim_6 joined #capasb
    21:18Deck_KnightWell, I guess every STAB is your own STAB, but Hydro Pump is both safe and poweful.
    21:19Avnomkegunk shot always goes after extrasensory on a speed tie
    21:19Avnomkeyeah hydro pump is ninja's favorite move imo
    21:19Deck_Knightah right, ties get decided by BAP.
    21:19Avnomkeen cost
    21:19ZtEN cost actually, Deck.
    21:19Phoneman_LegendsEN usage
    21:19Deck_KnightOh right
    21:19Deck_KnightFor the guy who invented this game I forget a lot of the nuances LOL

    22:17GoIdseriously, geo
    22:17GoIdref the flash
    22:17AOPSUserbut I like this one the most:
    22:17*** Geodude was kicked by Its_A_Random (no more irc till you ref gold's flash)
    22:17AOPSUser"The loudest one was Its_A_Random, who yelled 0% of the time!"
    22:17GoIdlol perfect
    22:17ZtOops sorry AOPS
    22:17*** Geodude joined #capasb
    22:17Matezoide10/10 would fap again
    22:17GoIdty iar
    22:17Its_A_RandomI am listed because I am the most active AOPSUser
    22:18GeodudeOK FINE
    22:18AOPSUsergeodude quit mikeing
    22:18GoIdnow to try to decide if iar kicked geo because he is tired of me and zt asking repeatedly...
    22:18Its_A_RandomI could have kickbanned
    22:19ZtHe just likes kicking.
    22:19Its_A_Randombut I kicked because I thought he would get it
    22:19GoIdi guess that settles that lol

    (This one is messed up to to dc'ing)

    19:14CDXCIV[19:13:30] <&Its_A_Random> ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RAISE UR SOLIDS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    19:14CDXCIV[19:13:47] <GoId> ...
    19:14CDXCIV[19:13:49] <GoId> ......

    19:14Canis_Majoriswhere's his medicine again?19:14GoId!recap19:14Geodudeon the top shelf19:14*** Geodude was kicked by Its_A_Random (fuck Geodude)19:14*** Geodude joined #capasb19:14Geodude...19:14*** Geodude was kicked by Its_A_Random (fuck Geodude)19:14*** Geodude joined #capasb19:14GoIdlol19:14CDXCIV[19:13:50] <GoId> ?19:14CDXCIV[19:14:13] <Canis_Majoris> i think iar's gone insane19:15CDXCIV[19:14:18] * GoId (Mibbit@synIRC-2634FB47.nycap.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)19:15CDXCIV[19:14:21] <afkdude> agreed19:15CDXCIV[19:14:34] * afkdude is now known as Geodude19:15GeodudeIAR is a meanie y/y19:15GoIdLooking to be kicked again?19:15GoIdMan, I wish I could sig that19:15GoIdBut fucking disconnecting chopped up the order of it19:16Its_A_Randomtoo bad no one can see it from the threads19:16Geodude?19:16GoIdDoesn't bother me

    16:30MatezoideI am crying
    16:30GoIdi was considering naming it muttley, but dhd won out in the end
    16:30GoIdfor now
    16:30GoIdbut thanks [​IMG]
    16:31dogfish44Duck Hunt?
    16:31GoIdwhy not?
    16:31dogfish44Muttley would be better imo :u
    16:31GoIdi have sprites for both
    16:31Zekrom2525Turn up the flavor please Matezoide [​IMG]
    16:31GoIdso i can waffle back and forth if i so wish

    16:31MatezoideIt is a flash i am just in for niceness :<
    16:31MatezoideNo time for flavor!
    16:32Texas!asbstats plasmanta
    16:32MatezoideOnly death for Snugglow
    16:32Texas!asbstats nidoking
    16:32MatezoideOk Muttley would be a great name too :u

    21:38Deck_KnightBOO!: http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/the-pay-thing-got-resolved-you-can-spam-brawls-again.3522210/21:38Birkaldeck wanna fight mewtwo?21:38akela>.>21:38akela<.<21:38Deck_KnightSure whatever.21:38waterwarriorGale up21:38akelait went the other way, ww21:38waterwarriorsorry not sorry for hax21:38waterwarrior[​IMG]21:38Gale;_;21:39Deck_KnightI'm gonna use one of my own Movie Pokemon.21:39Birkalanyone ref?21:39GaleWw, I changed to Metal Claw after seeing guts21:39GaleBut it won't matter much I guess21:40GoIdI can ref if you don't expect it done tonight21:40waterwarriorok ill fix21:40tavokI had to do something21:40tavokI think21:40tavokwhat was it... what was it...21:41Its_A_Randomwe did say21:41waterwarriordone21:41waterwarriorgo send out21:41Its_A_Randomthat the ban was temporary until policy resolution21:41Deck_KnightI thought you were LYING!21:41Deck_Knight rant*21:41Deck_KnightYou have already ruined ASB forever and it's been like 72 hours.21:41Rainman_Legendslmfao21:41Deck_KnightI am disappoint.21:41Its_A_Random>_>21:41waterwarriorAOPSUser up21:42GoIdlmao

    18:59Its_A_Randomwhoops18:59CDXCIVkum is not a Pokemon.18:59Its_A_Random!sprite muk18:59CDXCIV[​IMG]18:59GeodudeLOL18:59Frosty...18:59GoIdlolololol

    17:33Geodudebirkal please order in the 22v22 and in electric gym
    17:33*** waterwarrior quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
    17:34*** Pwnemon is now known as Pwnegone
    17:34Its_A_Randomdont worry zar it only pays like
    17:34Its_A_Random8 uc
    17:34*** TSRD joined #capasb
    17:34*** Geodude was kicked by Its_A_Random (the joke)
    17:34*** Geodude joined #capasb
    17:34*** Geodude was kicked by Its_A_Random (Its_A_Random)
    17:34ZaratorYes but, is it gonna end before we die?
    17:34*** Geodude joined #capasb
    17:34*** Geodude was kicked by Its_A_Random (Its_A_Random)
    17:35*** Geodude joined #capasb
    17:35dogfish44IAR: srsly, that's enough o_O

    16:25Canis_Majorisgold i love you
    16:25Canis_Majorisif you make honchkrow dick dastardly i will love you forever
    16:26GoIdYou read my mind [​IMG]
    16:26GoIdHonest to goodness, that was my plan
    16:26Canis_Majorisit's clearly the best mon for it too
    16:26Canis_Majorislong beak, smug as hell, it's got a hat

    16:06GoIdWhat the fuck is Mowtom talking about?
    16:06akelaoh hey, mowtom mysteriously stopped having problems with my reffing until it went 100% in his favor.
    16:07GoIdLast I played 4th gen, I got flinched and paralyzed by thunder fang
    16:07--- Ragnarokalex is away (Auto away)
    16:07GoIdThey wouldn't program it in to have both and then just make it do one or the other without telling the player
    16:07GoIdThat's Tri-attack's shit
    16:11GoIdAnyone flash?
    16:12--- SubwayJ is away (Auto away)
    16:13--- Ragnarokalex is back
    16:13Ragnarokalexi will
    16:15Frosty!profile subwayj
    16:15Ragnarokalexeither is fine for me
    16:15akelaand mowtom earned a rereffing thanks to goid
    16:16GoIdMowtom is full of shit
    16:17GoIdAnyone ref?
    16:17akelareffed that one round 4 times because mowtom wasn't happy with how I rolled for Fang effects, Then insisted that Fangs cannot flinch and have another effect, then goid reminded me that mowtom is a cheating sack of shit.
    16:18*** apt-get_ joined #capasb
    16:18+++ ChanServ has given voice to apt-get_
    16:18GoIdAlways glad to be of service ('.')7
    16:19akelamysteriously, he stopped complaining about the reffing once the rolls went no crit, no effect for ic; crit for mowtom; crit for mowtom; no crit, no effect for ic; no crit, no effect for ic; crit for mowtom.
    16:19akelasuspect he was scumming for good rolls
    16:20*** apt-get quit (Ping timeout)
    16:20*** Galeroosting quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
    16:22akelaFuture rounds will not be rereffed due to mechanic "misunderstandings" unless the battlers can actually prove their claims of it being reffed incorrectly. Attempts to point out mechanic "misunderstandings" while not providing legitimate proof will result in an automatic disqualification due to attempting to cheat and/or scum rng rolls.

    21:59WeatherOfChoicesomebaby photos
    21:59Kingmidaswhat is that
    21:59LadWhat is that, a fetal pig?
    21:59WeatherOfChoicedon't hate it was born that way
    21:59LadThat's one ugly piglet
    21:59WeatherOfChoiceit's dead
    21:59Kingmidaswas it born inside out
    22:00Kingmidasalso when was last time matezoide was here

    21:40 GoId DC check
    21:40 GoId What the fu--
    21:40 GoId Why is my text green?
    21:40 Gale Lol how to do that?
    21:40 GoId Test
    21:40 GoId Alright, it's fixed now lol
    21:40 Gale How to do that GoId ?
    21:40 GoId Must've hit the colors button and then the green by mistake
    21:40 Ragnarokalex whoa
    21:41 Gale Like this?
    21:41 Ragnarokalex i will do my best for flavor, but unfortunately im not the best at it
    21:41 GoId Yeah, like that
    21:41 Gale It is fun though
    21:41 Ragnarokalex lol
    21:41 GoId I agree
    21:41Ragnarokalex oh snap i see now
    21:41 Gale ^_^
    21:41 Ragnarokalex i want pretty colors @.@
    21:41 GoId Haha, this is neat
    21:41 GoId Stealth message ftw
    21:42 GoId White text is awesome [​IMG]
    21:42 Gale I know what Alex would choose
    21:42 Ragnarokalex huehue21:42Ragnarokalexlol proven wrong21:42GaleLol GoId 21:42GaleThat White message though21:42GoIdLol21:42GaleHa ha Ragnarokalex 21:42GaleI like this blue21:43GoIdI like this one lol21:43Ragnarokalexso do i, but thats what my default was set to anyway21:43GaleYeah Aqua suits you GoId 21:43Ragnarokalexso i think i like this oen more21:43Ragnarokalexone21:43GoIdTy Gale21:43GaleOh man turquoise makes me blind21:43GoIdLol, it sort of does21:43GaleIts too bright21:44GoIdNothing like a nice gray to strain your eyes21:44Ragnarokalexpshhhh im too bright21:44GaleHa ha21:44Ragnarokalexbah if only i could set other peoples text to different colors
    21:44Ragnarokalexbah if only i could set other peoples text to different colors
    21:44Ragnarokalexthat would be so neat
    21:47Ragnarokalexwoo, im excited for an actual serious battle for once
    21:47GoIdDC check
    21:47GaleWhich one Ragnarokalex ?
    21:48GaleYou are connected GoId
    21:48GaleOh lol, when was it serious?
    21:48GaleHa ha
    21:48*** Its_A_Random joined #capasb
    21:48+++ ChanServ has given owner to Its_A_Random
    21:48+++ ChanServ has given op to Its_A_Random
    21:49Ragnarokalexoh btw, explosion+explosion will fail cause you cant pay the full energy cost
    21:49GaleOh I forgot
    21:49Ragnarokalexwell its a match that isnt a flashy
    21:49Its_A_RandomOh are we abusing the crap out of colours now?
    21:49GoIdLmao IAR
    21:49Ragnarokalexshit yea
    21:50Its_A_Randomlol that does not work
    21:50Its_A_Randomyou mibbit nerdos cannot even background colours


    22:25Redewi get Gale and GoId mixed up all the time x.x
    22:25GaleIts cool man
    22:26Avnomketheir irc names both start with g and are 4 letters long
    22:26Redewyeah lol
    22:26Galeand have an L in between
    22:26*** GoId is now known as Gald
    22:26Redewomf no
    22:26*** Gald is now known as GoId
    22:26NickServThis nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
    22:26NickServnick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise,
    22:26NickServplease choose a different nick.
    22:26RedewWHO SAID WHAT
    22:27Redewok gotta ref aha

    11:35Zekrom2525how is my ( NEW & IMPROVED ) profile
    11:35*** Rainman_Legends joined #capasb
    11:35+++ ChanServ has given voice to Rainman_Legends
    11:35ZtNot new, not improved, but okay. Seen better, seen worse.
    11:38dogfish44Canis: Not sure
    11:38dogfish44wait, found it
    11:39Zekrom2525Learned moves & on the left -> (23/33) <- total moves on the right side
    11:40GoIdwhat is this, zek?
    11:40Rainman_Legends!profile zekrom2525
    11:41GoIdalso, I'd recommend speperating the previous battles, claim log, etc, into hide tags in your op
    11:41GoId...what did I say lol?
    11:41Zekrom2525Damn it [​IMG]
    11:42GoIdI'm so confused right now haha
    11:42Canis_MajorisProtip: You should keep your Pokemon profiles consistent (sp?) and readable

    22:07MastanvxWhen i battle you as a gym challenge are you gonna make water puns Gold?22:07AvnomkeI'm pretty sure I've used Greninja the most, though22:07GoIdBut, somehow, Tomohawk was rank 3 for a while >.>22:07GoIdNo, mastanvx22:07Avnomkewhen I challenge ww there will be so many bad puns22:07Avnomke*is rank 322:07Avnomkeiirc22:07MastanvxGood, because I will22:08KiesmanGrowlithe is rank 2? Gawd22:08GoIdBut I might use obnoxious flavor filled with hideously bad personalities22:08Avnomkegrowlithe is rank 2 btw22:08MastanvxI'll be all "You ready!? This up and coming newbie is about to make a SPLASH!"22:08Mastanvxand then I send out Magikarp22:08Mastanvxand use Splash22:08GoIdHA.22:08Mastanvxand then i lose22:08Avnomkelol22:08GoIdHa*22:08MastanvxBut it will be WORTH IT22:09KiesmanI feel like I'd get my ass handed to me in rank 322:09GoIdEverything will have gone swimmingly, eh mastanvx?22:09Avnomkeit's just pokemon of equal strength to onix22:09GoIdEqual strength22:09GoIdlol22:09MastanvxYeah, I learned to go with the flow, Gold.22:10Avnomkewe need a pun battle22:10*** ZtheYoutube is now known as Zt22:10GoIdWell watch out, because the tides of battle can shift quickly22:10ZtPun22:10KiesmanWhatever I'll try it. Even though I don't even have protect. 22:10ZtIntended22:10Mastanvx"Current" events have taught me this valuable lesson.22:10ZtI sea what you guys are doing there.22:11KiesmanOnix gonna die22:11Mastanvxhey Zt don't Rain on my parade22:11GoIdlol Kiesman22:11GoIdWhat's the matter, mastanvx, drained of your enthusiasm?22:12MastanvxHmm maybe after a couple more battles I'll get my feet wet with reffing22:12ZtWhy are we watering down our puns again?22:12MastanvxNah gold, my spirits have just been dampened22:12GoIdGo full steam ahead with the jokes. Water you waiting for?22:14MastanvxBut watch out, I may "drop" a sick rhyme22:14KiesmanThat was bad. 22:14Kiesman-3 Points. 22:14MastanvxDon't burst my bubble Kiesman ):22:14Kiesman+122:14Mastanvx<:22:14GoIdDC check22:14ASBotYou're still connected.22:14GoIdlol Kiesman22:14Mastanvxnow excuse me while I listen to new wave rock22:15GoIdRemember to pay your "dew"s22:15MastanvxStop it Gold, you're getting me all misty-eyed22:15GoIdChannel your emotions22:15ZtDon't mind me, I'm just surfing the Web.22:16GoIdAlright, that's enough for me. I have to head out.22:16MastanvxBut yeah, Snorlax has a great move pool22:16GoIdI sea what you did there22:16KiesmanCouldn't end it with a pun Gold? I'm disappointed. 22:16GoIdWell, what can I say?22:16waterwarrior!asbility Rough Skin22:17GaleHide of the savanna highman22:17MastanvxHey don't deluge him with insults!22:17KiesmanYou're all washed up, bro. 22:17MastanvxNow quiet down guys, you're drowning out my music22:17GoIdI'm not doing so "well" on the later end of this debate22:17waterwarriorUhh how does Rough Skin work with recoil moves22:18MastanvxIt hurts22:18GoIdBut now I'm serious, I few have to get out of here. I'm starting to repeat jokes, and that's no fun.22:18GoIdDew*
    22:18Mastanvxyeah you ran stagnant22:18GoIdI will sea you all another time

    21:17Leethoofinner focus is a bullshit ability
    21:17Gemonto your hall
    21:17Rainman_LegendsGoddam tomohawk's run alone took like 4 pages
    21:17Leethoof#1 worst ability
    21:18Gemhoney gater
    21:18Leethoofdown with inner focus
    21:18Gem*honey gather
    21:18GoIdHoney gather is the shit
    21:18GoIdDon't talk smack about it .-.
    21:18Leethoofremove all inner focus users from the game
    21:18Rainman_Legends!asbility honey gather
    21:18Gemand lets say that you have mons with it ;/
    21:18Rainman_Legends!search honey gather
    21:18TIBotTeddiursa, Combee
    21:18Leethoofdestroy all focus
    21:18Leethoofboth inside and outside
    21:18Leethoofbut mostly inside
    21:19Rainman_LegendsLeethoof, jealous of dragonite? Lmfao
    21:19Leethoofwho wants to join my angry mob
    21:19GoIdI know it's terrible, but you can't deny how freaking BEAST you look walking into battle with a FULL JAR OF HONEY in your hand
    21:19GoIdI'm joking, of course, but I do like honey gather.
    21:19Leethoofdragonite makes the metagame stale and overcentralized
    21:19Rainman_LegendsThen you get a mega beedril on your ass
    21:19Leethoofban it from asb
    21:19GoIdIt's a good flavor ability.

    21:01Rainman_LegendsMan I wish my claim is approved
    21:01Rainman_LegendsI want to try out delibird
    21:01*** Avnomke joined #capasb
    21:01GoIdOk, that reminds me
    21:01VirajVoraGale Goid Go...
    21:01GoIdI am going to claim a Mawile right freaking now
    21:01*** GoId is now known as GoId|Claiming_A_Mawile
    21:01VirajVoraGale can I battle your Lileep with Smearlge ? Its not strong at all...
    21:01GoId|Claiming_A_MawileNow whenever I look at my name, I'll be reminded
    21:01VirajVoraGoid can use any he wants and he knows it...
    21:01GoId|Claiming_A_MawileIt's the perfect plan
    21:01GaleHmm sure Viraj
    21:02GaleFor what GoId|Claiming_A_Mawile?
    21:02GoId|Claiming_A_MawileRemembering to claim a Mawile [​IMG]
    21:03VirajVoraGoid instead put a To do/Upcoming List in your profile...
    21:03VirajVoraI have a few mons pending so I remember them...
    21:03GoId|Claiming_A_MawileOr just claim in the bg of flash matches
    21:03GoId|Claiming_A_MawileAnd when I get tagged here, lo and behold, I see it
    21:04GaleWait Red just created a Tournament battle in ASB forum
    21:04GoId|Claiming_A_MawileThe sheer beauty of it will instantly restore to my mind what I had set out to do
    21:04GaleLol Goid
    21:04*** Avnomke quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
    21:04VirajVoraI vmed him Gale already...

    21:33--- imanalt is back
    21:33imanaltgold went full athenodoros mode
    21:33imanaltIf unsuspended d/e move and you move after Landorus and you are not under the effects of Smack Down and Fly is not Imprisoned and Gravity is not in effect, use Fly that action and push back.

    15:32*** GoId joined #capasbDAT: http://spo.ink/ASBNDA | ASB Reffing Calc (WIP): http://spo.ink/ASBCalc | Mentorship: http://spo.ink/mentor | ASBuddies R3: http://spo.ink/ASBUDR3 | ASB HLM10: http://spo.ink/ASBHLM10 Next HLM: TBA | LLAMA R3: http://spo.ink/LLAMAR3Topic set by Its_A_Random on Tue May 12 2015 06:21:07 GMT-0400 (EDT)15:32TheRoyalGuardhuh?15:32VirajVoraAre u white Rainman ?15:32TheRoyalGuardwho is the ref?15:32Rainman_Legendsme15:32Rainman_Legendsno15:32Rainman_Legendsasian15:32GoIdYo15:32GoIdYoyoyoyoyo15:32VirajVoraI meant white ref ?15:32GoIdWtf did I just walk into?15:32TheRoyalGuardoyoyoyoy15:33Rainman_Legendsi can self ref, yes15:33VirajVoraoh ok

    vv fails to see the obvious

    17:55VirajVoraDogfish44... I guess u didnt read... Can u not attack me so I can trick and we both get benefits from our items ?
    17:55shinyfairymon...I don't quite know what you were saying before I came on, and I'm not sure I want to.
    17:55dogfish44I refuse to fix a match :|
    17:55GoId17:54 Canis_Majoris I dunno, I feel a lot of the people who stick around are IRC goers
    17:55Canis_Majorishere you go.
    17:56VirajVora!asbmove clear smog
    17:56shinyfairymonOkay. So it wasn't an insult- that's a relief.
    17:56dogfish44Like, if you were dedicated to Trick there's probably a way to do it, but I refuse to just order chill x3
    17:56Canis_MajorisMore of a compliment if anything
    17:56Canis_MajorisGlad to see more people sticking with us in ASB
    17:57VirajVoraI have ways...
    17:57VirajVoraI will steal those...
    18:02*** TheRoyalGuard is now known as TheAFKGuard
    18:10GoIdyo virajvora anytime you want to order...
    18:10VirajVoraYes I am trying to trick...
    18:10VirajVoraAnd trying some ways
    18:11VirajVoraBut I cant do 15 HP to him in 1 shot which is most important...
    18:11*** P2 joined #capasb
    18:12VirajVora!asbmove substitute
    18:12VirajVora!asbmove trick
    18:13GoIdyour funeral
    18:13VirajVoraDoes Trick pass Substitute ?
    18:14Canis_MajorisExpand Sword
    18:14shinyfairymonI don't see why it would pass substitute.
    18:14Canis_Majorishttp://veekun.com/dex/moves/trick Read this.
    18:14GoIdif you have infiltrator
    18:14Canis_MajorisTrick does not ignore Substitute.
    18:15VirajVoraOk no other choice, I gotta use my trump card...
    18:15*** Canis_Majoris quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
    18:15VirajVoraGoid U forgot moody rolls...
    18:15VirajVoraAdd that...
    18:15VirajVoraI am in desparate need of 1 goood moody roll...
    18:15GoIdoh, alright. you want me to go back and reroll every round? fine
    18:16GoIdno, that's what that will entail
    18:16VirajVoraThat also wont be bad [​IMG]
    18:16VirajVoraOh come on goid...
    18:16dogfish44viraj, this round should be the most simply for you~
    18:17*** Texas joined #capasb
    18:17+++ ChanServ has given op to Texas
    18:17VirajVoraBut I need to trick...
    18:17GoIdno you don't
    18:17VirajVoraI need 2 KOC extra..
    18:17GoIdyou don't need it
    18:17dogfish44Yes, yes, you're not short on options for that.
    18:17GoIdyou want it
    18:18VirajVoraGimme some time... Its Smearlge... Ill find some way...
    18:18GoIdremind me not to ref again
    18:18GoIdespecially not when i'm /still/ on loa >.>
    18:19GoIdmoody is relaxed
    18:19GoIdbon appetit
    18:19VirajVora!asbnature relaxed
    18:19VirajVoraOh man...
    18:19*** P2 quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
    18:19GoIdnot useful
    18:19VirajVoraNow I am even Slower...
    18:19GoIdthat's all that's important
    18:19VirajVoraThat harmful...
    18:20GoIdyou're still faster
    18:20*** Luce joined #capasb
    18:20*** P2 joined #capasb
    18:20VirajVoraThats neutral then...
    18:20*** LightWolf quit (Ping timeout: 182 seconds)
    18:21VirajVoraI guess only a Crit can help me...
    18:21VirajVoraNot even confuse ray...
    18:21VirajVora!asbmove foresight
    18:23VirajVoraCome on... I cant do a thing...
    18:24Zekrom2525!learn iron tail charizard
    18:24VirajVoraDig does less than 2 damage to *4 times weak pokemon
    18:24Zekrom2525!learn irontail, charizard
    18:25VirajVora!asbmove clear smog
    18:25shinyfairymonVirajVora, you've taken half an hour to order in what's supposed to be a flashmatch.
    18:26Zekrom2525!learn Iron Tail, Charizard
    18:26VirajVoraI CANT FIND A WAY TO GET 2 KOC FOR FREE...
    18:26VirajVoraComeon On...
    18:26VirajVoraDog u will also get 1 MC...
    18:26*** GeneralSpoon joined #capasb
    18:27dogfish44My care for 1 MC is worth far less than the fun I'm having watching you miss the blatantly obvious [​IMG]
    18:27Zekrom2525!asbmove irontail
    18:27VirajVoraIs there a way to trick ?
    18:28VirajVoraSay is Dog...
    18:28VirajVoraIs there a way ?
    18:28VirajVoraDoes Trick pass substitute ?
    18:28dogfish44I've just added another way to my list, and no.
    18:29GoIdyes with infiltrator
    18:29GoIdbut although smeargle has upwards of 600 moves, it does not have the same for abilities
    18:29VirajVora" the blatantly obvious" what does this mean ?
    18:29GoIdincredibly obvious
    18:29GoIdright in front of your face obvious
    18:29GoIdunofficial synonyms made b yme, of course
    18:30P2Perhaps I am missing something here, but why do 2 KOC matter so much?
    18:30Rainman_LegendsLol just saw it
    18:30Rainman_LegendsP2 sorry for hax in quals [​IMG]
    18:30shinyfairymonBecause VirajVora really wants them.
    18:30dogfish44P2: I could have, in theory, gone chill x3
    18:30P2That's fine, Rain.
    18:30dogfish44Instead I'm playing the match properly
    18:30GoIdnever give up until it's ove,r eh?
    18:31GoIdi follow the same train of thought
    18:31VirajVoraWhat do people mean by incredibly obvious ? Is there a way ????????
    18:31P2Haha, Dogfish.
    18:31Rainman_LegendsMan if only smeargle was +speed
    18:31GoIdoh, oh, i foun done!
    18:31GoIdwin three gyms!
    18:31VirajVoraTrue Rainman...
    18:31GoIdtag me when i'm up
    18:31GoIdi have to step out atm
    18:31--- GoId is away (brb)
    18:31VirajVoraThen what are you telling about Obvious ???
    18:32VirajVoraWhat is obv ??
    18:32Rainman_LegendsFigure it out [​IMG]
    18:32shinyfairymonIt will be fun to eventually find out.
    18:32VirajVoraObvious is a way to Trick ?
    18:32dogfish44obvious is a word
    18:32dogfish44like "red" or "happy"
    18:32VirajVoraIS THERE A WAT TO TRICK ? YES/NO ?????
    18:32dogfish44or in your case... eh, I'll leave that one open :>
    18:32Rainman_LegendsAlso like please order
    18:33*** VirajVora was kicked by dogfish44 (Yes, don't CAPs spam.)
    18:33*** VirajVora joined #capasb
    18:33VirajVoraThen Why cant I find one ?
    18:34VirajVora!asbmove substitute
    18:34GoIdyou're putting us in an awkward place
    18:34dogfish44..... you don't want me to answer that one~
    18:34--- GoId is back
    18:34GoIdoh right i'm away
    18:34--- GoId is away (for real this time)
    18:34*** tavok joined #capasb
    18:34shinyfairymonYou missed the fun, tavok.
    18:34tavokthere you are Gale
    18:34tavokuh, afk
    18:34tavokjust here for a couple minutes
    18:35tavokI'm leaving very soon
    18:35Rainman_LegendsThis is so much fun
    18:35P2In the time it is taking you to order, could you not have gotten partly through an additional flash that would grant more counters than would be granted by the Heart Scale?
    18:35tavokdon't have time for ASB stuff rn, but I have to speak to Gale
    18:35shinyfairymonVirajVora wants 2 KOC. Its been hilarious, as summed up by P2 above.
    18:35VirajVoraAre u all saying that there is a way just so u can harass me... There isnt a way, right ?
    18:35GoIdthere 100% is
    18:35--- GoId is back
    18:35GoIdat least two
    18:35tavok... what are we talking about?
    18:35tavokanyway, Goid, I also have to speak with you
    18:36GoIdoh boy
    18:36shinyfairymonVirajVora is doing a flashmatch, and hasn't ordered in over half an hour because he's trying to figure out how to get 2 KOC from it. That's what we're talking about.
    18:36dogfish44I have 2 methods written down, one of which would net you +1 KOC, the latter would get you both.
    18:36tavokyeah, that's a long time
    18:37shinyfairymonI can only figure out the 1 KOC method.
    18:37tavok.... damn you all
    18:37tavoklink, please?
    18:37VirajVora1 KOC method ? That I already get anyways due to tie...
    18:37VirajVoraI need all 3 KOC...
    18:37GoIddo you understand "need"?
    18:38VirajVoraEven If I faint A1, I get 1 KOC...
    18:38GoIdi hate it when people mix it up with "want"
    18:38tavokhe needs them, otherwise he dies
    18:38VirajVoraI need need need 3 KOC...
    18:38shinyfairymonYou need food. You need water. You need clean air. You want KOC.
    18:38GoIdlol tavok
    18:38tavokit's a rare disease
    18:38tavokhe's KOC dependant
    18:38tavokoh however you write that

    18:38tavokit's a rare disease
    18:38tavokhe's KOC dependant

    17:16Saintwho fight
    17:16Saintwho fight
    17:16Saintwho fight
    17:16Saintwho fight
    17:16VirajVoraSaint dont spam... Do u want to fight a battle ?
    17:16*** apt-get_ joined #capasb
    17:16+++ ChanServ has given voice to apt-get_
    17:16SaintILL SPAM
    17:17Saintyes, fight
    17:17SaintRainman_Legends you ref
    17:17GoIdI'll fight
    17:17SaintFUCK u
    17:17VirajVoraSaint plz be good...
    17:17Sainthave there been
    17:17Saintany changes to kitsunoh's movepool
    17:17VirajVoraOr ull get a cooked up dog and fish...
    17:17Saintsince I last played
    17:17Saintdogfsh and iar always kick me
    17:17Saintbecause they are nazis
    17:18GoIdIt's a total bitch
    17:18Rainman_Legendsyes....thats why
    17:18Saintevil, british and australian nazis
    17:18VirajVoraHow would we know ? Check it out yourself Saint...
    17:18GoIdBecause someone gave it phantom force
    17:18Saintyeah Gold I have phantom force
    17:18Saintmy kit was full movepool last time I played
    17:18SaintI was just wondering if it got changed at all
    17:18GoIdI have no clue when that was
    17:18VirajVoraCheck its movepool... Compare em...
    17:18*** apt-get quit (Ping timeout: 183 seconds)
    17:18SaintVirajVora: the movepool in the dat is not in the same format as my movepol
    17:19VirajVoraWell... So what do u expect from us now ?
    17:20Saintbasic information that I figured would be common knowledge, and since no one knows it I can safely assume it never changed
    17:20Saintthank u friends
    17:23Rainman_Legendswho the fuck has a maxed movepool of kitsunoh memorized
    17:23Rainman_Legendsthats what the NDA is for
    17:23VirajVoraI think he is a brilliant scholar in one field like scientist or he is a mental patient... No offense...
    17:23*** apt-get_ quit (Client exited)
    17:23SaintNO offense
    17:23Saintbut I think u are a (BAN ME PLEASE)
    17:23Saintpls do not take offense
    17:23Saintfor I said no offense
    17:23Saint[17:20] <+Rainman_Legends> who the fuck has a maxed movepool of kitsunoh memorized
    17:23Saintwell that
    17:23Saintwasn't the question I asked
    17:23SaintI was just wondering if there were any changes
    17:23Rainman_Legendscheck the NDA
    17:23VirajVoraWho notices this things and remembers them all ? Check yourself out...
    17:23Rainman_Legendsor use a list comparer
    17:24VirajVoraRainman, how are UC rewards for refs distributed ?
    17:24Rainman_Legendscheck the handbook
    17:25VirajVoraOh sorry I forgot to add the main word...

    21:44*** Saint joined #capasb21:44phoenixhi saint/espy/anarchy21:44GoIdSant ref pls21:44*** Ullar|ipod_ quit (Connection reset by peer)21:45GoIdSaint*21:47tavokWe need a Santa.21:47tavokAlso phoenix, I will flash21:47phoenixanyone ref?21:48GoIdIs that what i sound like?21:48GoIdGeez21:48GoIdSorry everyone [​IMG]21:49tavok¿?21:49phoenix?21:49tavokWhat are you talking about?21:49phoenix^21:49Rainman_Legends6:47 PM <phoenix> anyone ref?21:49tavoklol21:49Rainman_Legendsgoids been saying that line for about21:49Rainman_Legends2 years21:49phoenixah21:49phoenixtavok fe/lc?21:49GoIdAnd I /literally/ just realized21:49tavokWith about a 15% success rate21:49GoIdGood god that's annoying21:49tavokFE, please21:49Rainman_Legendsrofl21:49phoenixk

    15:49GoIdFlash is done. That was a fucking headache15:49elevator_musichmm i'll see what i can do15:50GoId!recap15:50BlackHeart!asbitem enigma berry15:50BlackHeartCanis_Majoris now u can start me vs goid15:51GoIdNo15:51GoIdI'm re sending for that one15:51GoIdDC check15:51ASBotYou're still connected.15:53BlackHeartk15:53Birkalwe should just have a "bank" of stock mons15:53Birkallike, "here are the basic profiles for every single mon"15:53Birkalthen we wouldn't have to keep remaking them millions of times15:53BlackHearto.o15:53Canis_Majoris:|15:53Canis_Majorisgoid fuck's sakes15:53GoIdDC check15:53ASBotYou're still connected.15:54GoIdI sent in yesterday not knowing if I needed LC or FE. This is FE, so I'd prefer to have three capable FE Pokemon.15:55BlackHeartU said u would send gallade though...15:55BlackHeartwatever send any...15:55GoIdOut of my selection, yes15:56GoIdI could have decided on Smeargle and imprisoned sketch. Would that be better?15:57BlackHeart._.15:57Rainman_Legendsyes15:57Rainman_Legendsthat would be hilarious15:57BlackHeartGoid btw in prizes u forgot amulet coin which i tricked...15:57GoIdRainman legends I am seriously going to do that one day15:57GoIdAfter I snap15:57GoIdDC check15:57ASBotYou're still connected.15:57Rainman_Legendskek15:57Rainman_Legendsor be like IAR and just give the wrong moves15:57GoIdMark my words15:57GoIdBut that way you get no moves15:57GoIdNo consolation, nothing

    20:00Maxim_6It does get Play rough
    20:00tavokwe should not allow em in tourneys. He has too many legends imo
    20:00Rainman_Legends. that was a misplay on your part lol
    20:01Maxim_6not really
    20:01Maxim_6Wiggly had more hp, Dazzling Gleam, and Play rough, and still lost
    20:01Frostyhe is right
    20:01Frostythat was SEVERAL misplays on his part
    20:01Maxim_6glad you agree with me Frosty [​IMG]
    20:01Maxim_6oh darn
    20:02tavokI want to seeee

    lol this meta http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/seasonalsuperstaffbros-219885487


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