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Mar 1, 2015 at 5:39 PM
Mar 11, 2011
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    1. Moony
      Yo, we have to battle for ubers open, gmt -4 here, would prefer to battle on the weekends. What times are good for you?
      1. Santuga
        weekend should be fine, and i have practically all day to play, i am gmt+2. so just tell me what times work fine for you and i'll try to be there
        Sep 15, 2014
      2. Moony
        Does 3 PM on Saturday my time work for you?
        Sep 15, 2014
      3. Santuga
        i am actually gmt +1, my bad, and i think it should be fine, i am probably online most of the day anyway
        Sep 16, 2014
    2. Tricking
      We are oppo for the Ubers Open, when do you want to play?
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      2. Tricking
        yes, I can play now
        Sep 10, 2014
      3. Santuga
        what's your nickname on showdown?
        Sep 10, 2014
      4. Tricking
        Tricking, i'm in the Italian Room atm
        Sep 10, 2014
    3. Lowgock
      Hy when ru open
    4. FAJI
      wtf is that avatar, complete garbage.
    5. Enguarde
      hey any chance you wanna battle now? otherwise i'll sleep and be back in 10 hours lol
    6. EonX
      Hey, col49 mentioned some calcs you dug up with SS Omastar using a Meadow Plate / Miracle Seed. Could you shoot those to me in a VM / PM so I can look into it further as I give Omastar a BW2 Update? Thanks!
    7. Nas
      Hey, I need to know if you're going to be able to finish up the Speed Tiers, since there's other people who want to do it. If you're not going to be able to actively update it, then tell me so I can give it to Metal Sonic.
    8. Soulgazer
      Hey ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ I'm your opponent for RU STABmon. I'll be quite active for the next 3 days on IRC in #neverused or #rarelyused, so it should be easy to get this done! :)
    9. nykro
      Tell me when your ready for our battle
    10. Danilo
      tell me when u can play. ill be on all day
    11. Danilo
      No. I told you i can play sunday. I posted in the thread a week ago that i could play on sunday or monday. If i could play today, i would have told you.
    12. Danilo
    13. Danilo
      I cant play tomorrow ... Your fault check the thread more often and you would know
    14. Shining_Latios
      When can you battle for RU mini tour?
    15. Harsha
      yeah it's still a bit too big, a good benchmark is 600 px wide by 150 px height
    16. Harsha
      hi, could you please change your signature? it's far too large.
    17. SpareAacount
    18. SpareAacount
      Hey, we're paired up for the RU Mini-Tournament. When do you exactly wanna play? I'm GMT -7 btw.
    19. Blizzard
      Man, i don't like to say this, but are you doing this on purpose? You are online, but never respond to me. at least try and refresh the page before you leave.
    20. Blizzard
      Oh hey, why didnt you respond yesterday? Also lol you were VMing in your VM section instead of mine which is why i wasnt able to meet you on time. and how about try sending PMs now instead, coz we've got two more days only, and we need to know whether we can actually battle. So PMs from now on.
    21. Blizzard
      oh great! just giv me five mins to make the team :)
    22. Blizzard
      Oh, sorry for the late reply. But i also need to make the team. Tomorrow same time?
    23. Blizzard
      Hey :) we're supposed to battle each other in round one of the RU tourney. I'm GMT +5.5. When can we possibly battle? The deadline's 30th.
    24. bojangles
      You should access to post now.
    25. kokoloko
      Because you're not supposed to give checks out to incomplete skeletons.
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