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  • How long will you be on for? I'm in the middle of a breed, so it will probably take 10-15 minutes.
    Hey Scanda, I just finished breeding that Horsea. I'll try to be on for a couple hours, so we can try to trade again.
    Ok, thanks. I'd like the original + 2 of each if that's alright. You can keep a clone of either or both. I'll go on Wifi now.
    Still up for cloning? I finally got my Kingdra back, so I'll be able to breed that tomorrow probably.
    Hey Scanda, do you think you could clone something for me? I just need 2 clones and the original back of a Latias. I can't do it right now since I'm in the middle of an RNG project, but I should be able to trade in like 10 minutes.
    Pikachu would win until something attacked it...It dies to literally everything, haha.
    Hahaha I'm not sure how fair that would be. Especially with Pikachu on there!
    I played my steel team really badly too...I lead with Magnezone, which died the first turn to Earthquake. Then I put Heatran in, who hit enemy Mamoswine to its Focus Sash, but also died to Earthquake. I also wasted Registeel later on, for no reason. But then Lucario got a Swords Dance and swept, so it worked out alright.
    I might make a blue team, since blue has a lot of good pokemon. Kingdra, Heracross, Bronzong, Ludicolo, Lucario, and a few others. Green is pretty good too.
    I like mono teams, they're pretty fun. I beat my friend with my mono steel team a few days ago. Mono color teams are fun too, but you need some shinies usually.
    Oh, the EV trainers listed in my thread? Zachmac and Bats are just on there because they have some of my pokemon right now. It's so I can keep track of who's training which of my pokemon, haha. Sorry for such a long delay on breeding Kingdra, Zachmac still has my Horsea. I told him that I want it back next time he's online, whether it's done or not, so I should be able to breed Naughty Horsea by Tuesday afternoon.
    Hey Scanda, could you clone 2 things for me? You can keep a copy of both if you want.
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