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  • OK, thanks. Honestly, I'm just tired of people insulting hitmontop even though blastoise is just as bad.
    Sorry to bother you, but could you explain to me how blastoise is better than htmontop? I'm asking this because most expert UU players use Hitmontop over blastoise if they want to use a spinner.
    Hey there, wanna get our games done now? If not, I'm free after 11pm Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday and free all day Thursday and Saturday.
    Yeah, I heard Kokoloko call it "worse than ambipom" once.
    I feel that dusclops is one of those "decent if used well" type of pokemon. It is absolutely horrible when used by an inexperienced player, but somewhat decent when used by a good player.
    Yeah, its always been a jack of all trades pokemon, but this flaw is becoming worse and worse in nu, espicially with jynx and mandibuzz in the tier, though the latter beats most psychic pokemon anyways. And like you said, its pathetic physical bulk means that it can't stand up to things that musharna can.
    Would I be an idiot if I think Dusclops deserves C Rank?
    that'll have to wait a bit because of some weird image limit on the new forum getting in the way atm, but i'll make sure to put a lock on it when that's fixed
    Yahoo! We're paired of for the UU mini tour Round 3. When are you gonna be available? I'm gonna be available all day today and tomorrow. Up until 5pm GMT+1 and after 11pm GMT+1 (I think UK is +1 atm) on Thursday. All day Friday, up until 5pm and after 11pm Saturday, and after 11pm on Sunday. Take your pick!
    But xatu is the only hazard preventer that doesn't completely ruin your momentum. IMO, that should make xatu a B-Tier threat.
    Interesting. I personally think that its too slow to sweep, but I'll give it a shot.
    I'd go as far as saying armaldo is better than sandslash.
    Shame that cool pokemon like dusknoir are bad. :(
    *facepalm* I guess it would help if I looked back in the thread every now and then... lol
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