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Aug 13, 2014
Dec 2, 2012
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seasidetrainer was last seen:
Aug 13, 2014
    1. -NLMRY-
    2. -NLMRY-
      Hey! Sorry I had this tab open but was busy in another tab and didn't see this until now. I can trade now if you want.
    3. -NLMRY-
      Not at all, I was just really surprised you were on at 3, lol. One more day is fine, no rush. Have a good night.
    4. -NLMRY-
      Hey! we're both on! lol. I fell asleep and just woke up but if you want to trade I am available (I do have to transfer that Celebi)
    5. -NLMRY-
      Hey! Quick question that I forgot to ask: did you want the Celebi on 5th gen? If so I'll have to transfer it over. I'll probably be up late so if you happen to log on tonight and feel like trading hit me up (I know you said you have plans, so if you can't that's cool).
    6. -NLMRY-
      That sounds good. I'm sorry I wasn't able to log on when I said I would but tomorrow I know I'll be able to at around 8:30 est. I'll definitely be on so if you can be on let me know.
    7. -NLMRY-
      I didn't notice as I read your post quickly that you wanted three pokemon. I'd be willing to part with a Celebi for Manaphy if you still want it.

      31/31/31/30/31/31(HP Electric)
      Obtained from RockinX
      We can distribute this pokemon, YOU CANNOT.

      What's the OT on this? I read through RockinX's thread and saw that he/she trades it as an egg so it can have the OT of whoever receives it. I'd prefer that option if you haven't hatched it yet/can't clone eggs (not sure as I've never tried).
    8. RockinX
      Thank you as well.
    9. RockinX
      Sure thing.
    10. RockinX
      Thank you very much!
    11. RockinX
      Ok, I'm back now.
    12. RockinX
      I forgot to clone the Tentacool. Give me a moment to do it.
    13. RockinX
      Pink P. would be better.
    14. RockinX
      Wondercards have a set ID. See you on.
    15. RockinX
      Wait, Genesect can be nicknamed?
    16. RockinX
      Oh yeah, Please nickname the Regirock Iwa Otoko and the Virizion Pink Panther.
    17. RockinX
      My White FC is: 4727-8034-9319
    18. RockinX
      I'm hosting now.
    19. RockinX
      Sure. Let me get on.
    20. RockinX
    21. RockinX
      Hold on, that's the wrong FC. It's in the other save, sorry, let me get the FC.
    22. RockinX
      Alright. Use this HG FC: 1720-6263-4146
    23. RockinX
      The Timid Mew I have in 5th gen is already at level 100. Do you mind or should we trade in 4th gen?
    24. RockinX
      Sure, just don't call a store credit, just a credit. It's not a store O_O When would you like to trade?
    25. RockinX
      I actually had other two pok├ęs that I wanted from your thread: The Timid Virizion and Regirock. Can you nicknamed them?
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