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  • It worked and I got a nice Shiny Druddigon. I'm going to wait for breeding because OmegaDonut is saying they're working on a way to make chatot eliminate NPC interference so that will make things all the more cooler. Thanks again.
    That it will make it easier, but I still hate the each seed only gives you one encounter slot. Hope my ID/SID combo can give me similar physical or special spreads lol
    So if I check Synch Frames Only, and I get a spread that gives me Gentle but I want Modest, I can still choose Modest for synch nature in the main window?
    No worries. Synch Frames Only check box on time finder will make only spreads that can be synchronized appear in the results, and all the natures they show should be in bold.
    I don't really know what synch frames only means. I'm sorry if I seem like a dunce, but it's just not sinking in to me.
    Ok so I get that you input your ID/SID in the time reporter along with the IVs and choose Method 5 Standard Abuse. Now this is when it gets a little fuzzy for me in the main window, like for example if there is any way around the fact that every spread only gives one encounter slot.
    That kind of sucks. So I won't be able to synch for a preferred nature/ability because it's already laid out for me. They won't even let me search for my own nature/ability which limits the spreads I want.
    I hate to ask, but would you be able to explain getting them Shiny. If I'm correct, I put the ID and SID in and check Shiny Only before I search for IVs to RNG.
    Oh I'm good. I finally got my Druddigon. Now I'll go find my SID and get a Chatot. What I'm hoping that is making it so easy for people to RNG in such an NPC Dominant region is that they're simply using Chatot to advance the frame and then Sweet Scent without much interference.
    Correct that. I meant the Druddigon I'm looking for is on Encounter Slot 4 and that Golett was on Encounter Slot 5 lol. Also, I choose Ability 1, and Brave for both the Synch Nature and the Nature.
    This is wierd: Without saving I'm on Frame 47. The Frame I want is 54, so I do 7 saves (keep in mind that Druddigon's encounter slot is 3). I either get the Right Druddigon without the right IVs, or a Golet (encounter slot 4) with the right IVs. Then I thought about changing it to 6 saves because I got the math wrong, and then I finally got the Druddigon with the right IVs, but the Ability and Level don't match Encounter Slot 3's Druddigon. What is going on with me.
    Wierd I'm Hitting my PID, but I'm not getting the IVs anymore. Could it be because of the Synch?
    I was hoping you were going to say that I was going overboard and that I was thinking it too hard. I guess people work around NPCs because Breeding has to be horrible (darn kids and there playground)

    Anyway, I you were right because I was on 47, then 48, and 49. So now I can choose brave, ability 1, and look for something past 47. Now this will always be correct? Like the Ivs, I don't have to do anymore PIDRNG Calibration?
    Man I tell you I don't know how people PIDRNG with 1000's of NPC running around. That's why I thought it would be easy to RNG for IVs then just encounter random Pokemon.
    I looked at the encounter slots under the the PID Method. At, if for example Druddigon is the third Pokemon to the right, I look for 3 for sweet scenting in grass/cave.
    Oh Lol I almost thought I simply had to do my full seed under Method 5 PIDRNG, Choose the Nature and Ability, then look at the frame and land on that once I enter the game after hitting my seed.
    I guess Kaphotics didn't understand my question when he said yes before. Ok so I choose Method 5 PIDRNG, but that seems totally different from the IV RNG so where do I go from there? Like I'm not sure how to use a PIDRNG seed and use that when I'm already in the game with the desired IVs. Also, wouldn't I just be able to use the encounter slots or would that still be messing with PIDRNG?
    Yeah I'm in Dragonspiral Tower and I thought since I wasn't advancing any PID and was using a Synch, I would get Random Pokemon with a 50% of my synch, but I keep getting Mienfoo when I'm actually after Druddigon.
    Got it like that. Thanks again for all your help. I even found a nice seed on Frame 1 so I don't have to move (lazy much :d).
    So does that mean the actual second the second I was off by? Is that what reporter was trying to tell me?
    Ok so the seconds along with the date/time in the time finder is what I hit when I start the game? Oh and can you explain the key presses to me?
    Thanks a lot for all your help. Found my vcount, timer0, gxstat, and vframe pretty easily. Even though I got c78 3 out of 5 times for timer0, I guess I'll put that for min and c79 for max. Now I just have to figure out the time finder.
    Actually I'm going to use synchs as getting the right ability/nature was never a problem for me. Now when I start, do I want to have my clock aligned with an external clock?
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