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Dec 30, 2012
Sep 19, 2011
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Dec 30, 2012
    1. pokebasket
      Hi, we have to battle for the HomeField Tourney

      Tell me when can you battle

      I am GMT +1
    2. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      Hello SethZiBritannia,

      We're due as opponents in the Home Field Advantage in Group K Week 1

      Could you please VM me your Timezone and Preferred Tier to play for that round?

      Thank you! :)
    3. TheEpicFly
      I live in the eastern Time zone in Canada. I don't know if you live in the same timezone because i don't understand GMT lingo. It's 7:00 pm here now, so i can't play today now. Although i'll be able to battle you tomorrow, most likely.
    4. TheEpicFly
      Hey we got paired up for the smogon offical touranment 9; message me back when you wnat to battle. This is a standard BW2 OU tournament so make your team. And get ready to lose. I'll befriend you.
    5. SoulWind
      lets get finished the damn liars lule done, ill try to be online today since 7 pm gmt +1, please appear at that time if possible
    6. FireMage
      Hey Seth~ The Tourney has been approved. Before the time can be confirmed could you hit me up on IRC. I'm free anytime during the next few days, it'll take 10-20 mins easy; I know you're busy but you need to be briefed before I'm comfortable enough to want to let you loose hosting this with us
    7. dice
      We have to battle for the OU Minitour. When are you avaliable? Im EST~
    8. aim
      hey when do you want to play for the dpp 4gotten tour r2
    9. Woodchuck
      can you please respond
    10. Blackhawk11
      Hey, please respond to my PMs about the Stat Specialization Tournament. The deadline is in 5 days.
    11. Woodchuck
      Hey, we're opponents for offstat. I'm PST (west coast of america) and i'm a battle server mod so I'm on quite a bit, but please let me know your timezone, times you are available, and username on Pokemon Showdown!
    12. FireMage
      Seth >:||
    13. SubakSupreme
      hey, were opponents for pass the trash. message me times you would available.
    14. Kojes
      Hey, we are against at 3-mon tour. When are you available for the battle?

      I'm in GMT-5
    15. SoulWind
      hey we got paired for liar's rule, im gmt +1 and i prefer playing in the weekend, which times are you available?
    16. HANTSUKI
      Hey. If you wanna play this week for the Uber Tourney, we have to play until tomorrow because I'm going to travel on thursday and I'll only can play when I come back. From Monday onwards I'll be free most part of the time anyway, so it'll not be a problem to get this done

      I'm GMT-3 and always on #pokemon anyway. Just contact me whenever you wanna play n_n
    17. Earthworm
      Good job with your tournament, I enjoyed checking up on it
    18. FireMage
      Yup, definitely on thursday. I'll be on IRC most of the day, so you can try to get a hold of me. when you can :D
    19. FireMage
      I'm in the same timezone as cicada, too!
    20. FireMage
      Hey Sethy, if you can meet me on IRC on Thursday (gotta confirm w/ work schedule) vitally need some discussion. I'll be poking Django on the matter too :)~
    21. Cicada
      Sure, I'll be waiting on Grotto !
    22. Cicada
      Yup, let's do this same time today :)
    23. Cicada
      I prefer to play at 4pm or 5pm GMT-4
    24. Cicada
      Yup that works for me, seeya then !
    25. Cicada
      Hey man, we're paired for clear sky clear hazards tourney. I'm gmt+1, vm me to fix a schedule and stuff
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