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Seven Deadly Sins
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Jun 17, 2016
May 29, 2008
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Aug 28, 1989 (Age: 28)

Seven Deadly Sins

~hallelujah~, Male, 28

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Seven Deadly Sins was last seen:
Jun 17, 2016
    1. Thund91
      Congrats on the 2k. :)

      Your thread was very entertaining to read lol.
    2. Zystral
    3. Chillarmy
      If you don't mind, could you take a look at this? It hasn't gotten much activity and it might be nice to get a rejection/approval from someone in QC. Thanks in advance ^.^
    4. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      I give up...
    5. Cipher Admin Lovrina
    6. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Are you going to take a chunk out of my pride too?
    7. Aldaron
      minato is on irc right now
    8. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Hi, I noticed you revamped the Milotic analysis to accompany her transition to UU, but I still enjoy using her in OU very much. Might you be able to steer me toward the best moveset for her in OU?
    9. Sy123
      Just a question, did you read my article that Jimbo sent (the one for the Smog)?
      The one titled Hyper Offense vs Defense?
    10. Timeneon
      Your lead is the best i ever used :D thanks anyways have u made any other sets i want to use them :D
    11. Silent Storm
      Silent Storm
      Um, are you busy or anything, cause I didn't receive a response on when we meet up.
    12. Silent Storm
      Silent Storm
      Hi, I am your new tutee, pleased to meet you.

      When do you want to meet up?
    13. MegaKick
      that sprite was horrible! everyone knows he never sat on a rapidash! he woulda burned his pants right off! silly SDS
    14. killadav2007
      When ever you are rdy to Tutor me, Just message me Here im here almost everyday.
    15. jumpluff
      Remember the Empoleon I named SDS in my Platinum?

      Well, today, while at the con, you spawned four fine sons and a lovely daughter. Unfortunately, I am raising your daughter to have sex 24/7 with a Sneasel (to get Agility babies); your grandchildren will constantly be sleeping with Ditto. Sorry about that!
    16. MegaKick
      Just a question, is the smogcast going to be bi-monthly or tri-monthly? How far are you guys? You gonna try for an extra speciel early release to discuss latias, or wait a little so you can discuss the suspect ladder when it comes up.
    17. Badal
      posted a new version of the smogcast stuff.
    18. cantab
      Do I have permission to distribute the smogcast by bittorrent, and is this the correct md5sum for the file:
      0aa8023619fea0e310e377a5b0ecf42e smogcast_1.mp3
    19. Zystral
      You keep your dolls close to your heart!
      You won't find any gaps in a fairy like that!
    20. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Dude, awesome avatar. Vega FTW
    21. Seven Deadly Sins
      Seven Deadly Sins
      hell yeah i love the fact that the logo is nearly the perfect size for my avatar =D
    22. jumpluff
      I love that site. x3
    23. Yehom
      Hi, I understand if you do want to give me a second chance, but I was wondering if I could please write an analysis for the Little Cup. I've played Little Cup for a while and I noticed that a lot of Pokemon that can be useful, didn't have an analysis yet
    24. Ramblin Wreck
      Ramblin Wreck
      I noticed the other day that the Metagross Rest-Talk set is poorly written (not too poorly, but not well either). Do I need to post somewhere saying I'm doing a rewrite of it, or can I just go ahead and do it? I won't be changing any content, just the grammar/sentence structure.
    25. little gk
      little gk
      your <=> is now a <==>!
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    Aug 28, 1989 (Age: 28)
    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
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