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Seven Deadly Sins
Last Activity:
Jun 17, 2016
May 29, 2008
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Aug 28, 1989 (Age: 28)

Seven Deadly Sins

~hallelujah~, Male, 28

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Seven Deadly Sins was last seen:
Jun 17, 2016
    1. Mazz
      Yo SDS. What's up.
    2. soulless shadow
      soulless shadow
      you gonna start with me or maz first?
    3. Mazz
      So when would you like to begin? And with what?
    4. soulless shadow
      soulless shadow
      hello mr. sins. professor deadly? i dunno, point is, you're my tutor.
    5. Leethoof
      Well, I think 2v2 Doubles would be better than 1v1 Singles for a couple of reasons: There's more potential KO counters, we aren't in dire need of CC (I think), and it will refine our doubles' skills. So, I'll go ahead and post two identical challenges (I accidently jumped in a melee) in the Battle Tower.
    6. Leethoof
      Hey SDS! I have three open battle slots, and I'm assuming you do as well (you always do :p), so I was wondering if we could spam training matches against eachother to train up our gym mons.
    7. Kaxtar
      Have you made a decision yet about my Gym? Sorry for being pushy, but I'm interested in getting some gym battles ASAP.
    8. Kaxtar
      I fixed my Gym arena. I agree with you that it was too much, so I scaled back my ghost SR to 4/6/8 damage (fair considering that sandstorm or hail deal more damage and considering that a few of my Pokemon are hit SE by Ghost SR). I also axed the "GL always orders second," reduced the Psychic attack BAP reduction to just -1, and applied the STAB innate ability boost to six other types (waters get the +1 Acc/+4 Speed Stat boosts in the moat). Do you think this is good enough?
    9. Harsha
      Lol: I... uh... I... no.
      QC REJECTED (5/3)
    10. Sayonara
    11. Sayonara
    12. Scoopapa
      I wanted to pass a smog article idea by you. I was thinking of writing an introduction to the "balanced hackmons" metagame on Pokemon Showdown. It's a really interesting format, and is actually pretty balanced and strategic. Sweeping takes a lot of effort due to stuff like imposter Blissey, Sturdy Shedinja, and Prankster Spore. It really challenges your initial assumptions about what would be good in such a format, which would make an article both interesting and helpful to those who want to get into it. It also would hopefully bring traffic to PS.
    13. commi$$ioner
      Can I write smog articles about VGC?
    14. November Blue
      November Blue
      Hi! I heard that, as it's my first time writing a Smog article, I need to have it approved. I'm new to the Smog, so do I just ask you? I'm planning to do the featured RU Pokemon, and will choose Honchkrow. Any other help/tips/advice you could give me would be awesome too. :)

    15. comatthew6
      Hey, so can I have approval on my idea for an article for the smog that we kinda discussed earlier?
    16. Charizard92
      Hey, did you and Rey get my proposal for The Smog?
    17. SOMALIA
    18. TheMexican
      Hello, I think I was supposed to be your tutee the last round, but due to inactiveness and all that I didnt get to contact you. I just wanted to say that Im really sorry if I kept you waiting :C.
    19. zarator
      Still waiting for your WFP HM team
    20. wilson46
      hey, when do you want to play for SPL? I should be available most afternoons / nights this week (gmt -8).
    21. Komodo
      Is the Rotom-W I PM'd you 'not good enough' for The Smog? I don't really mind, but hearing back would be nice.
    22. waterwarrior
      Hey SDS, when going over Status Orb Conk, you said to delete Spiritomb from Checks and counters (which I did) then never went back. Can you give a final glance and (hopefully) stamp it? Thanks :)
    23. Tomahawk
      are you still able to write the forgotten stars article ontime?
    24. Tomahawk
      could you post in the forgotten stars thread please?
    25. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      K your post bit + avatar combo is the best on this site.
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    Aug 28, 1989 (Age: 28)
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    Loves to eat
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