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Jul 21, 2009
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South Australia


from South Australia

And ever thus, shall it be. Jul 6, 2014

    1. Sheshi
      And ever thus, shall it be.
    2. Darkmalice
    3. Darkmalice
      I blame Tommo for this not working out

      Dam Germens

      Fuck Tommo
    4. Darkmalice
      yes i did. then ravenclaw and slytherin had to find the house of gryffindor
    5. Darkmalice
    6. Darkmalice
      2nd of April is good. 30th is Jazz Night, which I will definitely be attending
    7. Darkmalice
      In all honesty, I think you'll have more experience than anyone one else entering that tournament, who I'm fairly sure all have 0 experience.
    8. Darkmalice
      One more thing I should point that. That guy's the same guy who nearly beat me in the VGC semi-finals. (Admittedly, the match was much easier at AVcon). Thought you should know. I am disappointed in him for not realising Magnet Pull's potential in singles.
    9. Darkmalice
      Hosting our own tourney to form direct competition with someone else when we can only attract a very limited number of people isn't a good idea.

      A better idea would be to expose loopholes in his rulings and dominate his tournies. A hint for his next tourny (which I won't be attending, as he gave us barely enough time to respond and I can't do 21st; 1 day is FAR too small), use Drought Vulpix. Allowed as it's base stat total is <400 (which bans some Pokes that need to be banned, but not all of them). Unless the same Drought terror that I unleashed on Avcon. Also use Meditite and Yanma.

      EDIT: ESPECIALLY use 1 Pokemon with Moody
    10. Darkmalice
      He ignored my reasoning in the group. Apparently SA people who host tournies don't like feedback about their rules. Even stupider than making stupid rules is the inability to accept criticism about them.

      Tbh I think 1 Moody rule is ok in doubles. Definitely not in singles though. 1 pseudo-legendary rule can be best described as defining strength based on base stats alone, which is stupid.
    11. Tommo
      That SA pokemon group is bad based on the fact Adelaide pokemon players are noobs. Both you and Borgasm managed to win in your very first tournament you entered meaning that you two are currently the best in Adelaide.
    12. Darkmalice
      There was a particular reason behind my hi's. To post 'hi' and get your attention. In short, it was a social hi.

      I don't think the '1 Moody per team' rule had anything to do with the 0 attendance. I attribute that to the lack of awareness about the event. One fb post isn't enough for a new and informal event; a proper fb event page should have been made. And more importantly, the group needs more than 29 members. You're not going to get many people to a tourny when posting about it to only that many people, especially considering that most of them won't come, myself included. i rather do other stuff like go to your place :).
    13. Darkmalice
    14. Darkmalice
    15. Tommo
      Even I can read the text. It is very readable. And just in case you can't read it, here is a simplified version of what it says:

      THE GAME!
    16. Darkmalice
      The text in that picture is readable. That text, coupled with the post you made before I posted that picture, should give you a good idea of what that picture means.
    17. Darkmalice
      Dear Sheshi,


      Have a nice day.
    18. Darkmalice
      So you finally learnt to change your Smogon email settings. It appears that I have taught you well. But has Tommo learnt this as well? Well, there's only one way to find out.
    19. Darkmalice
      On a less important note, we need to catch up next week
    20. Darkmalice
      I've got some important news for you


      I hope you enjoy your email
    21. Darkmalice
      Someone gives you a kind gesture of saying hello, and you decide to question how he went about it? That's like a man giving a woman a bunch flowers, and the woman asking how come he didn't get her chocolate instead.
    22. Darkmalice
    23. mite b cool
      mite b cool
      hey bro, it's ryuzumarill, we should battle again some time
    24. Darkmalice
      You know you have more stress than both me and Tommo. If me and Tommo are renting a room together, you're joining us too! And you'll be on the receiving end!
    25. Tommo
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