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May 18, 2012
Apr 25, 2011
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May 18, 2012
    1. tasbranded
      I pack sanitizer, bottled water, pieces of fruit, and have even been known to pack tas burberry speedy a sandwich on occasion. Nowadays, diapers, wipes and other changing supplies can also be found in my bag too. (It's about time since my little princess is almost two). Oh how I hated going out with two bags.
    2. tasbranded
      Later, they could always count on me for snacks, pain reliever, hand lotion tas set syal and the class textbook of course. I always believed in being prepared.
    3. BattleStar
      Responded to your simple question
    4. Limi
      we haven't even really talked much
      time to change that!
    5. Darkaxis
      Sadly no. I took it from Cartoon's art thread with his permission. Ask him. I heard he uses frames that are hand-drawn.
    6. Arcticblast
      100 for the lulz.
    7. Shamwohoo2
      5th gen sucks right?
    8. Tooned
      Hi! Thank you for your advice on the SQSR page. However, I am going to stick with Fast Jellicent. First off, yes those are speed EVs and they are very important as I need to Taunt Skamory so it is unable to set up more layers of Spikes/Taunt me. It would be very rare to have a Skarmory outspeed this Jellicent, as that means it would require at least 108 Speed EVs to outrun me (but then I can burn with Scald...). Against Milotic and (Rest-Talk) Gyarados, I can Taunt them before they Toxic/Rest/Recover and stall them out with burn. Even if I get phazed, they are stopped from restoring a significant amount of HP while if they switch they are punished with hazard damage. And yes, I am using this with Gliscor. Thank you for your input, I appreciate your thoughts!(:
    9. TheAwesome128
      3 is already taken in my giveaway, you have until tomorrow to repost your number.
    10. cjgamer
      ok thats kool
    11. uber effective
    12. uber effective
      uber effective
      I'll give you the grwolithe from the giveaway if we are both online at the time
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