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Last Activity:
Nov 8, 2010
Sep 6, 2010
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Shishio was last seen:
Nov 8, 2010
    1. Negator
    2. Enygma
      Check the battle thread. I accepted your battle request... AGAIN OMG.
    3. RevinTrevin
      Haha yeah gg to you
    4. geass1994
      Are you going on?
    5. Jasserious
      that was exactly what i was waiting for ;) i wouldve run after that, for the fair game.
    6. Renosaur
      Yeah, you are an exceptionally great player for someone relatively new!
    7. Renosaur
      THANK GOD that your Sycamore was of the Physical kind. It had nothing against my Leafeon. GG!
    8. TheeNOOB
      yeah that was a good battle. i knew ur sceptile wasnt the standard but it was a bad move i switched into arcanine shouldve switched into venusaur after the intimidate. yeah and only if ur blastoise didnt have protect. lol yeah its a custom set i made. tried the choice banded set as yours but it didnt work out very well.
    9. black_cotton
      ^^ thanks for that, i was thinking putting a ghost somewhere because a had problems with your lead lol. Anyways you totally predict me at the early game so i have to say you are also a great battler, i actually wasn't expecting that from a new member lol.
      All i have to say is Great Game!! Hope to battle you again some other time :D
    10. TheeNOOB
      thanks. i was afraid ur magmortar wouldve been scarfed.
    11. TheeNOOB
      good game. that choice band trick really messed me up
    12. peadawg14
      Thank you, you too. With all the switching you made me do, you should have a stealth rocker or spiker on your team.
    13. JSas
      yeah man gg. really close, i thought you had that one when i saw that magmortar.
    14. jcors
      Sure is! Its Christians, from the movie. With the new moveset it has access to, it really is almost a OU pokemon. But yea, great game I look forward to playing you again in the future.
    15. fspluver
      sorry i must have forgotten to delete it maybe some other time
    16. SunMan
      yes gg this was a hard job to get venusaur, milo and arcanine down but i was lucky with the crit on your vensaur
    17. SunMan
      if you are on please reconnect because i cant see you and im on now

      EDIT: forget it :D
    18. IllusionZ
      good game lol sorry about the crits
    19. SunMan
      gg guy but why you didnt run away earlier :D
      (before you attacked blastoise with aqua jet i mean)
    20. SCDL
      GG Man! I like your macargo.
    21. SCDL
      going on now..
    22. SCDL
      I will NU if you agree to my sig.
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    ->BW John
    ->4684 4355 6775
    ->RULES: Standard, No Miracle Shooter, No Ubers
    ->I pokesav. However, all Pokémon have legal stats, moves, etc.
    ->NO event moves.
    ->Good Luck and Have Fun =D
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